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  1. Paintings and their implicit presuppositions : a preliminary report

    Jones, William Thomas; Faust, William L.; Jones, M. M.; Faust, M. S.
    In a series of earlier papers (Social Science Working Papers 350, 355. 357) we have studied the ways in which differences in "implicit presupposi tions" (i. e •• differences in world views) cause scientists and historians to reach differing conclusions from a consideration of the same evidence. In this paper we show that paintings are characterized by implicit presuppositions similar to those that characterize the written materials -- essays, letters, scientific papers -- we have already studied.
    (application/pdf) - 10-oct-2017

  2. Modes of rationality and irrationality

    Cain, Bruce E.; Jones, William Thomas
    (application/pdf) - 28-oct-2017

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