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Psilogos Vol.4 Nº1 (Jun 2007)

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  1. Sessão de abertura do Workshop “Return to Kraepelin” World Psychiatric Association International Congress, Julho 2006, Istambul

    Cardoso, G

  2. Psychotherapies in acute and transient psychoses

    Chávez, M
    From a comprehensive and global view -psychological, biological and social- acute and transient psychoses could be considered identity breakdowns with fragmentation of its structure, paranoid mechanism and cognitive regression. Psychotherapies favour evolution of psychotic identity through disorder awareness and knowledge of aspects of patients that make them more vulnerable to psychotic experiences. We underline the key role of group psychotherapy to improve therapeutic relationships and best use of patient’s coping strategies in the chronology of therapeutic interventions and recovery process of these patients.

  3. Reactive or psychogenic psychoses: the scandinavian concept

    Bertelsen, A
    The concept of reactive or psychogenic psychosis through most of the 20th century has been widely used in the Scandinavian countries for a major group of the so-called functional psychoses, separate from manicdepressive psychosis and schizophrenia. Psychogenic psychoses are etiologically defined as psychoses apparently caused by a mental trauma in predisposed individuals. The traumatic stress determines the content and the course of the psychotic reaction, which tend to remit in days to weeks. Since the introduction of ICD-10, the reactive psychoses have been reallocated under various diagnostic categories, mainly as acute and transient psychotic disorders with associated acute stress F23.x1, which, however, seems to be sparsely used.

  4. Cycloid psychoses: clinical symptomatology, prognosis, and heredity1

    Jabs, B; Stober, G; Stöber, G
    The development of the concept of cycloid psychoses goes back to the problem of “atypical psychoses” which arose from Kraepelin’s dichotomy of endogenous psychoses1. It concerned those forms of psychoses which could be assigned neither to dementia praecox nor to manic-depressive illness. One strategy for a solution of this problem was the broadening of the concept of schizophrenia as inaugurated by Bleuler (1911)2. Schizophrenia was then thought to include lots of clinical conditions with entirely different cross-sectional symptomatology, long-term course and outcome, thus considerably reducing the heuristic value of the diagnosis. Furthermore, reliable prognoses became impossible according to Bleuler’s concepts (table 1). Inevitably, the idea was generated that there might be...

  5. Abertura do II Simpósio do Serviço de Psiquiatria do Hospital Fernando Fonseca

    Cardoso, G

  6. Editorial

    Cardoso, G

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