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John H. Glenn Archives Audio and Video

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  1. Celebrating John Glenn and the 50th Anniversary of his historic journey into space

    Video produced by the Bartha Company, Columbus, Ohio, for showing at The Ohio State University's celebration dinner for the 50th anniversary of John Glenn's Friendship 7 space flight held at the Ohio Union on February 20, 2012.
    (Video duration: 00:11:08) - 09-dic-2016

  2. Onboard camera footage of John Glenn filmed during the Friendship 7 space flight

    United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    Launch through insertion into orbit (00:00:00-00:07:21) -- Eating xylose tablet (00:07:22-00:08:01) -- Night over Muchea (00:08:02-00:08:54) -- Yaw thruster problem (00:08:55-00:09:36) -- Night orbit star observation (00:09:37-00:10:30) -- Retrosequences and retrofire (note strap movements as deceleration occurs) (00:10:31-00:11:51) -- Recommendation to retain retropack (00:11:52-00:12:46) -- Cape contact (00:12:47-00:13:28) -- Retropack strap detachment (00:13:29-00:13:57) -- Fireball (very slight change in color) (00:13:58-00:14:44) -- Through peak G (Light changes due to capsule roll and contrails) (00:14:45-00:16:16) -- Drogue deployment (note body motions before, during and after) (00:16:17-00:17:16) -- Main chute (00:17:17-00:18:17)
    (Video duration: 00:18:17) - 09-dic-2016

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