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  1. A Theory of the Role of Magnetic Activity During Star Formation

    Schatzman, Evry
    Under the assumption that magnetic activity is due to the action of a magnetic field in a rotating star with a convective zone, it is possible to draw the following picture of a sequence of events in the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram. The H-R diagram is divided into two regions by an almost vertical line. Stars of later type have a hydrogen convective zone of great extension (region C); stars of earlier type have no hydrogen convective zone or a convective zone of small extension (region D). Stars in region C show stellar activity of electrodynamic origin like solar activity; stars in region D show little or no stellar activity. When matter...
    (application/pdf) - 26-ago-2015

  2. List of Lantern Slides and Photographs

    A catalog of astronomical photographs and slides available for purchase from the Mount Wilson Observatory in 1932.
    (application/pdf; image/png) - 27-dic-2012

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