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Cardiovascular Center

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1. Influence of the MCAT on the Premedical Curricula - Markel, Howard; O'Neill, Robert; Vander, Arthur J; Noah, Terry; Zweifler, Andrew; Hornback, Bert G

2. Potentially Inappropriate Medication Utilization in the Emergency Department Visits by Older Adults: Analysis From a Nationally Representative Sample - Meurer, William J.; Potti, Tommy A.; Kerber, Kevin A.; Sasson, Comilla; Macy, Michelle L.; West, Brady T.; Losman, Eve D.
The objectives were to determine the frequency of administration of potentially inappropriate medications (PIMs) to older emergency department (ED) patients and to examine recent trends in the rates of PIM usage.The data examined during the study were obtained from the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NHAMCS). This study utilized the nationally representative ED data from 2000–2006 NHAMCS surveys. Our sample included older adults (age 65 years and greater) who were treated in the ED and discharged home. Estimated frequencies of PIM-associated ED visits were calculated. A multivariable logistic regression model was created to assess demographic, clinical, and hospital factors associated...

3. Heart Retransplantation - Johnson, M. R.; Aaronson, Keith D.; Canter, C. E.; Kirklin, J. K.; Mancini, D. M.; Mehra, M. R.; Radovancevic, B.; Taylor, D. O.; Webber, S. A.

4. Applied environmental stresses to enhance the levels of polyphenolics in leaves of hawthorn plants - Kirakosyan, Ara; Kaufman, Peter; Warber, Sara; Zick, Suzanna; Aaronson, Keith D.; Bolling, Steven; Chul Chang, Soo

5. CRT-D Therapy in Heart Failure: How Much Do NYHA Class IV Patients Benefit? - Lehmann, Michael E.; Aaronson, Keith D.

6. Circulatory Assist Devices 2000: An Update - Dyke, David B. S.; Pagani, Francis D.; Aaronson, Keith D.

7. A Restrictive Inflow Pattern Does Not Predict Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Therapy in Primary Prevention - Dorosz, Jennifer L.; Aaronson, Keith D.; Good, Eric D.; Kolias, Theodore J.
Background Current guidelines for the use of implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) are broad and significantly increase the cost of caring for patients with heart failure. In an effort to identify the specific subset of patients who benefit from this therapy, the predictive value of numerous echocardiographic parameters have been studied. Severe diastolic dysfunction has been shown to predict adverse events in a group of patients who received an ICD for secondary prevention, but has not been tested in those who receive ICDs for primary prevention. Hypothesis We tested the hypothesis that a restrictive mitral inflow pattern on echocardiography will predict the...


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