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  1. A Virtual Data Grid for LIGO

    Deelman, Ewa; Kesselman, Carl; Williams, Roy; Lazzarini, Albert; Prince, Thomas A.; Romano, Joe; Allen, Bruce
    GriPhyN (Grid Physics Network) is a large US collaboration to build grid services for large physics experiments, one of which is LIGO, a gravitational-wave observatory. This paper explains the physics and comput-ing challenges of LIGO, and the tools that GriPhyN will build to address them. A key component needed to implement the data pipeline is a virtual data service; a system to dynamically create data products requested during the various stages. The data could possibly be already processed in a certain way, it may be in a file on a storage system, it may be cached, or it may need to be created through computation. The full elaboration...
    (application/pdf) - 24-nov-2017

  2. Multi-Wavelength Image Space: Another Grid-Enabled Science

    Williams, Roy; Berriman, Bruce; Deelman, Ewa; Good, John; Jacob, Joseph; Kesselman, Carl; Lonsdale, Carol; Oliver, Seb; Prince, Thomas A.
    We describe how the Grid enables new research possibilities in astronomy through multi-wavelength images. To see sky images in the same pixel space, they must be projected to that space, a computer-intensive process. There is thus a virtual data space induced that is defined by an image and the applied projection. This virtual data can be created and replicated with Planners and Replica catalog technology developed under the GriPhyN project. We plan to deploy our system (MONTAGE) on the U.S. Teragrid. Grid computing is also needed for ingesting data—computing background correction on each image—which forms a separate virtual data space....
    (application/pdf) - 24-nov-2017

  3. FAST TCP: From Theory to Experiments

    Jin, C.; Wei, D.; Low, S. H.; Buhrmaster, G.; Bunn, J.; Choe, H. D.; Cottrell, R. L. A.; Doyle, J. C.; Feng, W.; Martin, O.; Newman, H.; Paganini, F.; Ravot, S.; Singh, S.
    We describe a variant of TCP, called FAST, that can sustain high throughput and utilization at multi-Gbps over large distance. We present the motivation, review the background theory, summarize key features of FAST TCP, and report our first experimental results.
    (application/pdf) - 14-mar-2018

  4. XSIL: Extensible Scientific Interchange Language

    Blackburn, Kent; Lazzarini, Albert; Prince, Thomas A.; Williams, Roy
    We motivate and define the XSIL language as a flexible, hierarchical, extensible transport language for scientific data objects. The entire object may be represented in the file, or there may be metadata in the XSIL file, with a powerful, fault-tolerant linking mechanism to external data. The language is based on XML, and is designed not only for parsing and processing by machines, but also for presentation to humans through web browsers and web-database technology. There is a natural mapping between the elements of the XSIL language and the object model into which they are translated by the parser. As well...
    (application/pdf) - 24-nov-2017

  5. A Variational r-Adaption and Shape-Optimization Method for Finite-Deformation Elasticity

    Thoutireddy, P.; Ortiz, M.
    This paper is concerned with the formulation of a variational r-adaption method for finite-deformation elastostatic problems. The distinguishing characteristic of the method is that the variational principle simultaneously supplies the solution, the optimal mesh and, in problems of shape optimization, the equilibrium shapes of the system. This is accomplished by minimizing the energy functional with respect to the nodal field values as well as with respect to the triangulation of the domain of analysis. Energy minimization with respect to the referential nodal positions has the effect of equilibrating the energetic or configurational forces acting on the nodes. We derive general...
    (application/pdf) - 29-nov-2017

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