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ORBi Open Repository and Bibliography (187,141 recursos)
In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

Life sciences

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1. Efficiency of haplotype-based methods to fine-map QTLs and embryonic lethal variants affecting fertility: Illustration with a deletion segregating in Nordic Red cattle - Kadri, Naveen Kumar; Sahana, Goutam; Guldbrandtsen, Bernt; Lund, Mogens Sand; Druet, Tom
Peer reviewed

2. Effects of two PBDE congeners on the moulting enzymes of the freshwater amphipod Gammarus pulex. - Gismondi, Eric; Thomé, Jean-Pierre
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) constitute a class of chemical compounds included to the composition of usual products such as plastics, textiles or electrical equipment, due to their flame retardants properties. Since 2004, PBDEs were banned in Europe and listed as Priority Substances within the European Union Water Frame Work Directive. Unfortunately, the release of PBDEs always occurs in ecosystems due to their presence in products currently in use and new products manufactured using recycled PBDE-containing material. However, only few studies have investigated their impacts on freshwater invertebrates. This work aimed to study the effects of BDE-47 and BDE-99 congeners on...

3. Effects of concentrate level on milk production and traffic of grazing cows milked by a mobile automatic milking system on pasture - Lessire, Françoise; Hornick, Jean-Luc; Dufrasne, Isabelle
Peer reviewed

4. Effects of mild heat stress periods on milk production, milking frequency and rumination time of grazing cows milked by an automatic milking system - Lessire, Françoise; Hornick, Jean-Luc; Dufrasne, Isabelle
Peer reviewed

5. Antimicrobial Activity of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens ANT1 Toward Pathogenic Bacteria and Mold: Effects on Biofilm Formation - Arguelles Arias, Anthony(*); Nastro, Rosa Anna(*); Ongena, Marc; Di Constanzo, Amelia; Trifuoggi, Marco; Guida, Marco; Fickers, Patrick
Peer reviewed

6. ISOLATION OF THE ANTIMICROBIAL CYCLIC PEPTIDE SUBTILOSIN A FROM A GUT-ASSOCIATED BACILLUS SUBTILIS STRAIN - Schyns, Ghislain; Serra, Claudia; Henriques, Adriano; Arguelles Arias, Anthony; Joris, Bernard; Fickers, Patrick
Peer reviewed

7. Bacillus amyloliquefaciens GA1 as a source of potent antibiotics and other secondary metabolites for biocontrol of plant pathogens - Arguelles Arias, Anthony; Ongena, Marc; Halimi, Badre; Lara, Yannick; Brans, Alain; Joris, Bernard; Fickers, Patrick
Peer reviewed

8. Is wild boar heading towards movement ecology? A review of trends and gaps - Morelle, Kevin; Lehaire, François; Lejeune, Philippe
Peer reviewed

9. Dual Mode of Action of Amylolysin, a Type-B Lantibiotic Produced by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens GA1 - Arguelles Arias, Anthony; Joris, Bernard; Fickers, Patrick
Peer reviewed

10. Study and conservation of Antarctic cyanobacterial diversity in the BCCM/ULC collection - Wilmotte, Annick; Renard, Marine; Ould Amer, Yasmine; Lara, Yannick; Laughinghouse, Haywood Dail; Calusinksa, Magdalena; Silva-Stenico, Maria Estella; Genuario, Diego; Fiore, Marli; Waleron, Malgorzata; Waleron, Kzryztof
The BCCM/ULC public collection presently includes 72 Antarctic cyanobacterial strains and its catalogue is available on An ISO9001 certificate was obtained for the public deposition and distribution of strains. The purpose of this collection is to gather a representative sample of Antarctic cyanobacterial diversity from different biotopes (limnetic microbial mats, soil crusts, cryoconites, endoliths, etc.) and make it available for researchers to study the diversity, evolution, physiology, and genomic make-up. This is particularly important in view of the emerging use of metagenomic approaches on environmental samples, where the comparison with well-defined strain genome sequences can be very useful.

11. Restoration of threatened metallophyte populations in Katanga (D.R. Congo): lessons learnt. - Le Stradic, Soizig; Seleck, Maxime; Le Brun, Julie; Boisson, Sylvain; Handjila, Guylain; Mahy, Grégory
Peer reviewed

Peer reviewed

13. Matrix ‐ assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry and Raman spectroscopy: An interesting complementary approach for lipid detection in biological tissues - Jadoul, Laure(*); Malherbe, Cédric(*); calligaris, David; Longuespée, Rémi; Gilbert, Bernard; Eppe, Gauthier; De Pauw, Edwin
Peer reviewed

14. Production cotonnière et agriculture familiale en Afrique de l'Ouest - Berti, Fabio; Lebailly, Philippe; Burny, Philippe

15. Problématique foncière chez les exploitants agricoles de la Province de Kirundo au nord du Burundi - Minani, Bonaventure; Rurema, Déo-Guide; Burny, Philippe; Lebailly, Philippe

16. Amélioration des moyens d'existence durables. Une voie pour la durabilité des exploitations agricoles familiales de coton au Bénin - Assogba, Claude Gervais; Tossou, C. R.; Lebailly, Philippe; Burny, Philippe

17. Aspects économiques de la filière du vermicelle de tolomane au Vietnam - Le Thi Long, Vy; Vu Dinh, Ton; Lebailly, Philippe; Burny, Philippe

18. The effects of a Global Agricultural Policy on the smallholder farmers in ending hunger - Paveliuc-Olariu, Codrin; Burny, Philippe

19. L'agriculture de subsistance et de semi-subsistance en Roumanie - Dona, Ion; Burny, Philippe

20. Operational identification of fallback fruit species for a western lowland gorilla population in southeast Cameroon - Petre, Charles-Albert; Tagg, Nikki; Haurez, Barbara; Beudels-Jamar, Roseline; Doucet, Jean-Louis
Peer reviewed

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