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In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

Life sciences

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  1. Do changes in atmospheric CO2 concentration affect aphid alarm signaling?

    Boullis, Antoine; Francis, Frédéric; Lognay, Georges; Fassotte, Bérénice; Sarles, Landry; Heuskin, Stéphanie; Verheggen, François
    Peer reviewed

  2. Climate change: atmospheric CO2 concentration affect aphid alarm signaling

    Boullis, Antoine; Francis, Frédéric; Lognay, Georges; Fassotte, Bérénice; Sarles, Landry; Heuskin, Stéphanie; Verheggen, François
    Peer reviewed

  3. Assessment of Pollution in Sidi M'Hamed Benali Lake (Algeria) Based on Bioindicators and Physicochemical Parameters

    El Badaoui, Naïma; Amar, Youcef; Joaquim-Justo, Célia; Djahed, B; Ammar, H; Benosman, R; Thomé, Jean-Pierre
    Peer reviewed


    Sabuhungu, Emery Gaspard
    The objective of this study is to evaluate the demand for charcoal by urban households in Bujumbura in order to make recommendations ensuring the security of household energy and environmental protection. To achieve this objective, the analysis of the related documentation and collection of secondary data were carried out in order to formulate specific objectives, hypotheses and the methodology used in the course of this study. The specific objectives are: to analyze the structure, operation and market performance of the charcoal market in the city of Bujumbura and to compare this market to the cities of Lubumbashi and Kigali; to...

  5. Development of a LC-MS/MS analytical method for the simultaneous measurement of aldehydes coming from polyunsaturated fatty acids degradation in animal feed

    Douny, Caroline; Bayram, Pinar; Brose, François; Degand, Guy; Scippo, Marie-Louise
    Peer reviewed

  6. Endocrine activity of mycotoxins and mycotoxin mixtures

    Demaegdt; Daminet; Evrard; Scippo, Marie-Louise; Muller, Marc; Pussemier; Callebaut; Vandermeiren
    Peer reviewed

  7. Prognostic value of echocardiographic and Doppler parameters in horses admitted for colic complicated by systemic inflammatory response syndrome

    Borde, L.; Amory, Hélène; Grulke, Sigrid; Leroux, Aurélia; HOUBEN, Rachel; Detilleux, Johann; Sandersen, Charlotte
    Peer reviewed

  8. Identifying wheat varieties with low acrylamide potential

    Lecart, Brieuc
    Maillard reactions are responsible for the formation of many compounds in food that have been baked at temperatures above 120°C1. Some of these compounds are sought for their contribution to the organoleptic qualities of food but others, such as acrylamide, have been identified since 1986 as reprotoxic, genotoxic and carcinogenic in animals2. Synthesized from a chain reaction between free sugars and free asparagine, acrylamide has been found in many food such as products prepared from wheat flour1,3,4. The correlation between the amount of free sugars and free asparagine in raw food with the acrylamide content in the baked food has been well...

  9. Assaying asparagine content in a complex matrix using a spectrophotometric method

    Lecart, Brieuc
    In this study we show, on 15 wheat varieties, the ability to assay the asparagine content in a complex matrix such as wheat flour by a simple spectrophotometric assay. This method is easier, faster and cheaper than conventional chromatography analysis and allow to discriminate quickly which materials has high or low level of this amino acid. Asparagine is an amino acid present in free form in the food biomass and has the property of reacting with the free sugars during the Maillard reactions that occur during baking at temperatures above 120°C. The Acrylamide resulting from this reaction chain has been...

  10. Measurements of reference ISO nozzles by high-speed imaging

    De Cock, Nicolas; Massinon, Mathieu; Nuyttens, David; Dekeyser, Donald; Lebeau, Frédéric
    Peer reviewed

  11. Quantification of nitrogen stress on winter wheat by multispectral vision based on reflectance measurements and textural descriptors

    Marlier, Guillaume; Gritten, Fanny; Fraipont, Guillaume; Leemans, Vincent; Dumont, Benjamin; Destain, Marie-France; Mercatoris, Benoît
    Hand-held sensors (SPAD meter, N-Tester, …) are used for detecting the leaves nitrogen concentration (Nc) on the basis of an optical detection of the chlorophyll concentration. These devices are active sensors: an internal radiation source emits light and transmission through a leaf is measured in the red (650 nm) and in the near-infrared (920 nm) spectral regions. These devices present several drawbacks. The nitrogen concentration is gained by an indirect way through the chlorophyll concentration and the leaves have to be fixed in a defined position for the measurements. These drawbacks could be overcome by an imaging device that measures...

  12. A supplement of bovine colostrum and probiotics increased protein digestibility in dogs but dit not influence microbiome

    Dequenne, Marjorie; Robaye, Vincent; Dotreppe, Olivier; Neizer, Carine; Delhalle, Laurent; Thonart, Philippe; Bertrand, Christelle; Robert, Béatrice; Moinet, Bertrand; Diez, Marianne

  13. Effects of obesity and weight loss on plasma ghrelin concentrations in dogs

    Jeusette, Isabelle; Shibata, H; Saito, M; Honjoh, T; Delobel, A; Detilleux, Johann; Istasse, Louis; Diez, Marianne
    Peer reviewed

  14. Photosynthetic apparatus response of the Lolium perenne L. to environmental stresses

    Digrado, Anthony; Bachy, Aurélie; Mozaffar, Ahsan; schoon, Niels; Amelynck, Crist; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Aubinet, Marc; Heinesch, Bernard; du Jardin, Patrick; Delaplace, Pierre

  15. Familial hypercholesterolaemia in Collies

    Jeusette, Isabelle; Grauwels, Magda; Tonglet, C; Istasse, Louis; Diez, Marianne

  16. Nutritional evaluation and support in the surgery unit : retrospective study at the veterinary school of Liège.

    Lhoest, Estelle; Jeusette, Isabelle; Claeys, Stéphanie; Van Wetter, E; Balligand, Marc; Diez, Marianne

  17. How to manage obesity in growing giant dogs ?

    Lhoest, Estelle; Jeusette, Isabelle; Claeys, Stéphanie; Balligand, Marc; Istasse, Louis; Diez, Marianne

  18. Study of the Potential Zoonotic Transmission of Clostridium difficile in Belgian Cattle Farms.

    Rodriguez Diaz, Cristina; Hakimi, Djalal-Eddine; Daube, Georges; Korsak Koulagenko, Nicolas
    Peer reviewed

  19. Contribution au monitoring de populations d'hippopotame commun (Hippopotamus amphibius L.) par l'utilisation de la technologie drone (Parc National de la Garamba, République Démocratique du Congo)

    Lhoest, Simon; Vermeulen, Cédric; Linchant, Julie

  20. Contribution au monitoring de populations d'hippopotame commun (Hippopotamus amphibius L.) par l'utilisation de la technologie drone (Parc National de la Garamba, République Démocratique du Congo)

    Lhoest, Simon

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