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ORBi Open Repository and Bibliography (186,204 recursos)
In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

Engineering, computing & technology

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1. Modeling of Dendritic Cell-based vaccination Immunotherapy using Artificial Neural Networks - Mehrian, Mohammad; Arabameri, Abazar; Sedghi, Alireza; Asemani, Davud

2. Modeling of tumor growth in dendritic cell-based immunotherapy using artificial neural networks. - Mehrian, Mohammad; Asemani, Davud; Arabameri, Abazar; Pourgholaminejad, Arash; Hadjati, Jamshid
Peer reviewed

3. Minimization of THD and Transmission Losses Using GA SVC controller - Mehrian, Mohammad

4. Modeling of Antitumor Drug Pharmacodynamics Using Genetic algorithm - Mehrian, Mohammad

5. Description du contexte hydrogéologique au droit du lieu-dit Champs des Oiseaux - Heusy - Orban, Philippe; Dassargues, Alain

6. An AC OPF-based Heuristic Algorithm for Optimal Transmission Switching - Capitanescu, Florin; Wehenkel, Louis
Peer reviewed

7. Advanced optimization methods for power systems - Panciatici, Patrick; Campi, M.C.; Garatti, S.; Low, S.H.; Molzahn, D.K.; Sun, A.X.; Wehenkel, Louis
Power system planning and operation offers multitudinous opportunities for optimization methods. In practice, these problems are generally large-scale, non-linear, subject to uncertainties, and combine both continuous and discrete variables. In the recent years, a number of complementary theoretical advances in addressing such problems have been obtained in the field of applied mathematics. The paper introduces a selection of these advances in the fields of non-convex optimization, in mixedinteger programming, and in optimization under uncertainty. The practical relevance of these developments for power systems planning and operation are discussed, and the opportunities for combining them, together with high-performance computing and big data infrastructures, as well as novel machine learning and randomized algorithms, are highlighted.

8. Mapping French terms in a Belgian guideline on heart failure to international classifications and nomenclatures: the devil is in the detail. - Jamoulle, Marc; Vander Stichele, Robert; Cardillo, Elena; Roumier, Jospeh; Warnier, Maxime
Peer reviewed

9. Magnetic shielding properties of a bulk Bi-2223 superconducting hollow cylinder subjected to an inhomogeneous magnetic field - Hogan, Kevin; Wera, Laurent; Fagnard, Jean-François; Vanderheyden, Benoît; Vanderbemden, Philippe
Bulk superconducting materials are well suited for magnetic shielding applications. At low frequencies, the performances of superconductors are higher than those of conventional ferromagnetic materials. In shielding applications, two situations may be encountered. The first one corresponds to the case where the screen has to shield a volume from the magnetic field in its environment; this corresponds to an “immunity” problem. In the second situation, the screen has to prevent the magnetic field generated by an electronic device from perturbing its environment; this is an “emission” problem. So far, superconducting screens have been extensively studied in “immunity” and were subjected to uniform...

10. Experimental investigation and phenomenological modeling of the quasi-static mechanical behavior of TA6V titanium alloy - Gilles, Gaëtan; Habraken, Anne; Duchene, Laurent
Peer reviewed

11. Study of residual stresses in bimetallic work rolls - Neira Torres, Ingrid; Gilles, Gaëtan; Tchuindjang, Jérôme Tchoufack; Lecomte-Beckers, Jacqueline; sinnaeve, mario; Habraken, Anne
Peer reviewed

12. Comparison and impact of waste heat recovery technologies on passenger car fuel consumption on a normalized driving cycle - Legros, Arnaud; Guillaume, Ludovic; Diny, Mouad; Zaïdi, Hamid; Lemort, Vincent
Peer reviewed

13. An inverse modelling approach to estimate the hygric parameters of clay-based masonry during a Moisture Buffer Value test - Dubois, Samuel; McGregor, Fionn; Evrard, Arnaud; Heath, Andrew; Lebeau, Frédéric
Peer reviewed

14. Publishing a Multilingual Medical Terminology According to Terminology Standards and Linked Data Principles. - Warnier, Maxime; Roumier, Joseph; Jamoulle, Marc; Cardillo, Elena; Vander Stichele, Robert; Romary, Laurent
Peer reviewed

15. Towards a terminologies support system in Primary Care (Letter to the editor). - Roumier, Joseph; Jamoulle, Marc; Vander Stichele, Robert; Romary, Laurent; Cardilllo, Elena
Peer reviewed

16. Sensitivity analysis of oscillator models in the space of phase response curves: Oscillators as open systems - Sacré, Pierre; Sepulchre, Rodolphe
Peer reviewed

17. Sensitivity analysis of circadian entrainment in the space of phase response curves - Sacré, Pierre; Sepulchre, Rodolphe
Peer reviewed

18. Using ISO and Semantic Web standards for creating a Multilingual Medical Interface Terminology : A use case for Hearth Failure. - Cardillo, Elena; Warnier, maxime; Roumier, Josepph; Jamoulle, Marc; Vander Stichele, Robert
Peer reviewed

19. Nonlinear Computational Homogenization Method for the Evaluation of Eddy Currents in Soft Magnetic Composites - Niyonzima, Innocent; Sabariego, Ruth Vazquez; Dular, Patrick; Geuzaine, Christophe
Peer reviewed

20. Synthesis of degradable polyphosphoester copolymers for templating calcium carbonate drug delivery carriers - Ergül, Zeynep; Debuigne, Antoine; Calvignac, Brice; Boury, Frank; Jérôme, Christine
Degradable acid bearing polyphosphoester (PPE) copolymers were prepared by combination of organocatalyzed ring opening polymerization and click chemistry. Their solution behavior and ability to complex calcium ions were studied as well as their capacity to template CaCO3 particles dedicated to drug delivery.

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