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ORBi Open Repository and Bibliography (203,595 recursos)
In may 2007, the ULg's Administrative Board (joined in June 2007 by the FUSAGx) decided to create an institutional repository and defined a strong institutional self-archiving policy to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the University's publications (Board's decision). This decision led to the official launch, in November 2008, of the ORBi platform including both the Academic Bibliography and the Institutional Repository of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy.

Engineering, computing & technology

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1. A feature-based approach for best arm identification in the case of the Monte Carlo search algorithm discovery for one-player games - Taralla, David
The field of reinforcement learning recently received the contribution by Ernst et al. (2013) "Monte carlo search algorithm discovery for one player games" who introduced a new way to conceive completely new algorithms. Moreover, it brought an automatic method to find the best algorithm to use in a particular situation using a multi-arm bandit approach. We address here the problem of best arm identification. The main problem is that the generated algorithm space (ie. the arm space) can be quite large as the depth of the generated algorithms increases, so we just can't sample each algorithm the right number of...

2. FEM study of metal sheets with a texture based, local description of the yield locus - Duchene, Laurent
Résumé de l’ouvrage La thèse déposée par L. Duchêne comporte cinq chapitres dont une introduction et des conclusions et perspectives et totalise 183 pages. La bibliographie compte 94 références. L’ouvrage a pour objet la modélisation du comportement mécanique des tôles métalliques (principalement des tôles d’acier obtenues par laminage) lors des processus de mise à forme. L’anisotropie de la tôle découle de la mesure de la texture du matériau. Les processus de mise à forme étudiés sont principalement l’emboutissage des tôles. Le mémoire propose le développement de deux méthodes locales d’interpolation de la surface de plasticité. Ensuite, ces modèles sont implémentés dans le code...

3. Identification des dommages aux portes de l'écluse de Havré : Canal du Centre - Pire, Timothée

4. Analytical Derivation of Single-Impulse Maneuvers Guaranteeing Bounded Relative Motion Under J2 - Martinusi, Vladimir; Gurfil, Pini
Peer reviewed

5. Learning of Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Modal Features for Robotic Grasping - Detry, Renaud
While robots are extensively used in factories, our industry hasn't yet been able to prepare them for working in human environments - for instance in houses or in human-operated factories. The main obstacle to these applications lies in the amplitude of the uncertainty inherent to the environments humans are used to work in, and in the difficulty in programming robots to cope with it. For instance, in robot-oriented environments, robots can expect to find specific tools and objects in specific places. In a human environment, obstacles may force one to find a new way of holding a tool, and new...

6. Predicting Winter Wheat Biomass And Grain Protein Content - Mansouri, Majdi; Dumont, Benjamin; Destain, Marie-France
Peer reviewed

7. Optimisation par éléments finis d'une couronne d'éolienne - Saadi, Ismaïl; Collette, Jean-Paul
Peer reviewed

8. Biodegradable polyester-based microcarriers with modified surface tailored for tissue engineering - Grandfils, Christian; Privalova, A.; Sevrin, Chantal; Drozdova, M.; Kottgen, C.; Gilbert, Bernard; Markvicheva, Elena

9. Simulation of 5 fire tests on reinforced concrete columns using SAFIR - Gernay, Thomas; Franssen, Jean-Marc
This report presents the results of numerical simulations on five tests conducted on reinforced concrete columns in fire. The data for the studied RC columns have been provided by the CERIB in the document “CEN-TC250-SC2-WG1-TG5_N0043_Annex_C_examples_Jesper_Jensen”. This study is part of the research project CEN-TC250-SC2-WG1-TG5 on the revision of EN1992-1-2, which focuses on the columns. The numerical software that is used for the simulations is the non-linear finite element software SAFIR, version 2013a0.

10. Cellular regulation mechanisms : case study of up and down states in the Purkinje cell - Wehenkel, Marie
In 1963, Hodgkin and Huxley obtained the Nobel Prize to have shown that the electrical activity of a neuron could be modelled by an electrical RC circuit containing non-linear conductances. This discovery made it possible to reproduce the electrical behaviour of neurons with a level of detail that has steadily increased over the last fifty years as new quantitative knowledge became available about the specific ionic currents that regulate the activity of a given neuron. But models with too many details are often non-robust and too complex for analysis. As control engineers need simplified models for control design, experimental neurophysiologists...

11. Loadbearing capacity criteria in fire resistance testing - Dumont, Fabien; Wellens, Eric; Franssen, Jean-Marc
Experimental testing may be used to demonstrate the fire resistance of building construction elements. In order to allow comparing the results of tests made in different laboratories on various types of elements, the tests have to be performed under well-defined standardised conditions. Such standards define the heating and loading conditions, but also the performance criteria that have to be applied to measure the fire resistance duration. In Europe, the procedure that leads to the classification of building construction elements with regards to fire resistance involves a two level process. In the first stage, one or several tests are performed by a...

12. Three-node zero-thickness hydro-mechanical interface finite element for geotechnical applications - Cerfontaine, Benjamin

13. L'arme de la transition énergétique pour combattre les djihadistes - Ernst, Damien; Hermans, Michel

14. The Coordinated Climate-Crop Modeling Project - McDermid, Sonali; Ruane, Alex; Hudson, Nick; Rosenzweig, Cynthia; ...; Dumont, Benjamin; et al.
Peer reviewed

15. The Coordinated Climate-Crop Modeling Project (C3MP) - Ruane, Alex; McDermid, Sonali; Hudson, Nicholas; Rosenzweig, Cynthia; ...; Dumont, Benjamin; et al.
Peer reviewed

16. Wheat yield sensitivity to climate change across a European transect for a large ensemble of crop models - Pirttioja, Nina; Carter, Timothy; Fronzek, Stefan; Bindi, Marco; ...; Dumont, Benjamin; Destain, Marie-France; et al.
Peer reviewed

17. Adapting Nitrogen management to the increasing climatic uncertainty - Dumont, Benjamin; Basso, Bruno; Bodson, Bernard; Destain, Jean-Pierre; Destain, Marie-France
Peer reviewed

18. Examining wheat yield sensitivity to temperature and precipitation changes for a large ensemble of crop models using impact response surfaces - Pirttioja, Nina; Fronzek, Stefan; Bindi, Marco; Carter, Tim; ...; Dumont, Benjamin; Destain, Marie-France; et al.
Peer reviewed

19. Analyzing Access, Egress, and Main Transport Mode of Public Transit Journeys: Evidence from the Flemish National Household Travel Survey - Creemers, Lieve; Bellemans, Tom; Janssens, Davy; Wets, Geert; Cools, Mario
Peer reviewed

20. Uncertainty quantification of the aerodynamic force of a convex-shaped spacecraft in free-flow regime - Dell'Elce, Lamberto; Kerschen, Gaëtan
Non-spherical gravitational effects and aerodynamic force are the dominant perturbations for low-Earth-orbiting spacecraft. If the former can be modeled with arbitrary accuracy for most applications, it is not possible for the latter. Uncertainties in the aerodynamic force invalidate any attempt to perform deterministic propagations of the position of the spacecraft, regardless the duration of the simulation. However, the effect of drag, which is largely the main component of the force, is a monotonic decrease of the semi-major axis of the orbit, so that these uncertainties are a major concern for long-term predictions. The purpose of this study is the characterization,...

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