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vol. 03, no. 09-12

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  1. Transformación económica argentina

    Spinelli, Armando P.
    We are facing the difficult task of the political and juridical reorganization in order to adjust it to the new economic criteria, the most important changes being connected with the competition. We are endeavouring to adjust it, soften it or eliminate it. To this effect two ways are open: planning or control with their different varieties in accordance with the causing impulses: social, political or essentially economic, with their various shades in the different countries, but all of them having the same general characteristics, but of rectifying or over throwing the liberal principles. The author refers particularly to the "agricultural...

  2. Intervencionismo económico y tecnológico

    Spinelli, Armando P.
    Each great economic transformation produces in the national economic equally great changes in its juridical and political elements. The evolution of the economic transformation can be influenced by means to intervention systems. The direction and extent of the intervention should not be determined by foreign models but must be consistent with the national reality. As for he eventual international effects of interventions, it should be remembered that both the theory and practice of free trade were the product of given historical circumstances. The international desequilibrium of 1929-32 has caused a break in the free trade mechanism and makes its re...

  3. Trazos de economía nueva

    Spinelli, Armando P.
    Economic policy as a systematization of economic activity creates an antinomy if confronted with economic theory whose object is scarcity. An historical study of the evolution of economic theory reveals that cultural sciences, among which also economics, were first included in the methodology of natural sciences during the culmination of rational positivism, which created a mecanistic and organistic conception both of society and its institutions. Thus, as natural sciences are evolving, the particular and most improved methodology is applied to economics. Its classical position always was causal and not teleologic. Any other fundamentation is considered heterodox. Pareto, Cassel and Robbins...

  4. Trazos de economía nueva

    Spinelli, Armando P.
    To assure its stability the western World requires a doctrinarian and historical reconsideration of its socio-economic institutions. A possibility would be to amplify the power of administration to direct economic life within a democratic institutional framework. The realization of this possibility is hindered by the class struggles and the capitalistic forces. The first obstacle could be neutralized by means of doctrinarian and constitutional State interventions. As for the second, a transformation can be observed both in its ideological aspects and its material structure, caused by internal and external impulses. The profit principle is being replaced by the security idea and...

  5. Derecho procesal obrero

    Spinelli, Armando P.
    The author analyses the situation created by the law for the Organization of the Department of Labour for the control and settlement of accidents which, instead of creating new institutions to deal with labour matters, increases the authority of already existing bodies, augments their influence and gives them more guarantees. In the views of the author this was the only possible solution, as the laws referring to labour have their own requirements. The body which has to apply its dispositions cannot be other than the public administration with, naturally, the right to appeal to Courts, which can revise the decision...

  6. Criterios generales para influir sobre los precios internos de los artículos de consumo

    Spinelli, Armando P.
    The economic policy of the country lacks the necessary norms to protect the local consumption. While it is true that the government has to continue its efforts to sell the country's products on the international market at the highest possible prices, it is not less true that it has the duty to create a mechanism able to intervene and neutralize the pernicious effects which its economic policy could have on the internal prices, as the local consumer has to pay the same high prices our crops and meat could obtain on the international market. Analysing the special case of the...

  7. Regulación jurídica de la actividad económica

    Spinelli, Armando P.
    There is a tendency to consider more and more the private economic situation as a public problem and of public concern, which results in the necessity for the State to change substantially its aims and concerns. This movement, called economic rationalization, concertation or concentration, by which the State, surpassing the classical limits of intervention, directs the private activities in accordance with a conscient plan, presents itself in two typical forms: that of a country which, for economic or political reasons has already an ample and total organization, and that of others which have to create firstly the conditions which make...

  8. Nuestra legislación represiva de los monopolios y las nuevas formas de organización de la producción

    Spinelli, Armando P.
    Analysing thoroughly the economic and juridical situation both in Argentina and abroad, as well as the ideas which suggested the necessity of establishing rules for the agreements in order to soften the competition, the author considers that Argentine must adjust itself to the new forms of production organization. For an industry which is no longer in its initial phases and will continue to grow, our laws are no suitable instruments and a legislation should be created which not only allows the industrial organization but also furthers it, giving the State the necessary power the repress any excess which could be...

  9. El progreso y los espacios de tiempo

    Spinelli, Armando P.
    The aim of man to lengthen the duration of life is about to be achieved although not directly by increasing the number of years, but indirectly by intensifying the annual rhythm of life. Although it is true that such an increase in the volume of life shortens its length, it must be taken into consideration that whilst the shortening takes phase in an arithmetic progression, the rhythm of life increases in geometric progression. Consequently the final result is positive: life today is longer than before. This consideration leads to the obvious conclusion that our calendar units, day and year, are...

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