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Este servicio se brinda en el marco del Proyecto de Enlace de Bibliotecas (PrEBi) y significa una novedosa iniciativa en pos de la difusión a través de Internet, dentro y fuera del ámbito de la Universidad, de los conocimientos que en ella se generan para servir como vehículo de promoción y jerarquización. Los objetivos que se han planteados para SeDiCI son sumamente ambiciosos e incluyen la difusion electrónica de tesis, tesinas y disertaciones pero también de otros tipos de creaciones intelectuales, pretendiendo abarcar la ciencia, la tecnología y el arte buscando modos de presentación no solo de objetos en forma de documentos de texto sino también otros medios multimediales aptos para creaciones no documentales.

vol. 09, no. 01

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  1. Software network analyzer for computer network performance measurement planning over heterogeneous services in higher educational institutes

    Ismail, Mohd Nazri
    In 21st century, convergences of technologies and services in heterogeneous environment have contributed multi-traffic. This scenario will affect computer network on learning system in higher educational Institutes. Implementation of various services can produce different types of content and quality. Higher educational institutes should have a good computer network infrastructure to support usage of various services. The ability of computer network should consist of i) higher bandwidth; ii) proper network design; and iii) higher performance of communication devices/servers. Thus, presently there is no software to plan and help network administrator in determine ability of network services during introduce a new service....

  2. Constraint-Handling in Evolutionary Optimization; Efrén Mezura-Montes (Editor)

    Mezura-Montes, Efrén
    The use of evolutionary and swarm intelligence algorithms, has become a very popular option to solve complex real-world optimization problems. However, in their original versions, these algorithms lack a mechanism to handle the constraints of the problem i.e. they were designed to deal with unconstrained search spaces. Therefore, the design of constraint-handling mechanism is nowadays considered a research area within natureinspired computation for optimization.

  3. Measuring the component of a divide and conquer skeleton

    Printista, Alicia Marcela; Saez, Fernando
    Current performance prediction analytical models try to characterize the performance behavior of actual machines through a small set of parameters. Due to different factors, the predicted times suffer substantial deviations. A natural approach is to associate a different proportionality constant with each basic block of computation. In particular, the paper deals with a skeleton designed for parallel divide and conquer algorithms that provide hypercubical communications among processes. Our proposal is to introduce different kinds of components to the analytical model by associating a performance constant for each conceptual block of a skeleton. The trace files obtained from the execution of...

  4. Optimized cost effective approach for selection of materialized views in data warehousing

    Ashadevi, B.; Balasubramanian, R.
    A data warehouse efficiently processes a given set of queries by utilizing the multiple materialized views. Owing to the constraint on space and maintenance cost, the materialization of all views is unfeasible. One of the critical decisions involved in the process of designing a data warehouse for optimal efficiency, is the materialized views selection. The primary goal of data warehousing is to select a suitable set of views that minimizes the total cost associated with the materialized views. In this paper, we have presented a framework, an optimized version of our previous work, for the selection of views to materialize,...

  5. Two fuzziness indexes proposed by Kaufmann: observations about them

    Sierra Duque, Carlos M.; Álvarez, Hernán
    Professor Arnold Kaufmann did propose at least two types of indexes for estimating fuzziness in finite standard fuzzy sets. First one has an analogue formulation to that stated by Claude Shannon for measuring uncertainty in a given system. Shannon formulation estimates one type of uncertainty classified as conflict. The present paper will reveal the inconvenience of such an index for measuring fuzziness phenomena. In addition, it is proved algebraic equivalence between another index posed by Kaufmann and a fuzziness index proposed by Ronald Yager.

  6. E711 - A public emergency wireless phone system

    Matos, Victor; Blake, Ben
    This paper introduces the conceptual design of a new information technology integrating wireless telephony and Internet services to assist in locating lost or displaced people in a moment of crisis. This public safety service is based on a novel text messaging mobile-phone emergency service called "E711" which informs that the caller is safe and well. The proposed E711 messages are delivered as guaranteed SMS packets to a centralized web emergency registry operated by a public safety organization. Finding the whereabouts of a victim could be done by consulting the entries of this registry. The public could access the emergency database...

  7. An economic view of indirect reputation management for grids

    Echaiz, Javier; Ardenghi, Jorge Raúl
    Scientific collaboration are becoming interdisciplinary, and scientists are working in informal collaboration to solve complex problems that require multiple types of large resources. An option is a computational grid. A computational grid is a distributed infrastructure that appears to the end user as one large computing resource across organization boundaries. Grid technologies enable large-scale sharing of resources within formal or informal consortia of individuals and/or institutions, usually called virtual organizations. In these settings, the discovery, characterization, management, and monitoring of resources, services, and computations can be challenging due to the considerable diversity, large numbers, dynamic behavior, and geographical distribution of...

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