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Este servicio se brinda en el marco del Proyecto de Enlace de Bibliotecas (PrEBi) y significa una novedosa iniciativa en pos de la difusión a través de Internet, dentro y fuera del ámbito de la Universidad, de los conocimientos que en ella se generan para servir como vehículo de promoción y jerarquización. Los objetivos que se han planteados para SeDiCI son sumamente ambiciosos e incluyen la difusion electrónica de tesis, tesinas y disertaciones pero también de otros tipos de creaciones intelectuales, pretendiendo abarcar la ciencia, la tecnología y el arte buscando modos de presentación no solo de objetos en forma de documentos de texto sino también otros medios multimediales aptos para creaciones no documentales.

vol. 10, no. 02

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  1. Aerial image acquisition and processing for remote sensing

    Manera, José F.; Rodríguez, Lucas; Delrieux, Claudio; Coppo, Ricardo
    UAV (Unmanned Airborne Vehicle) high resolution digital image acquisition systems based on small format cameras provide a versatile alternative to the solution of environmental monitoring and remote sensing problems. Through digital image processing these small format optical and multi-spectral camera images can obtain orthomosaics that meet quality standards at a fraction of the cost of traditional heavier manned vehicle equipment. They also have higher availability, resolution and flexibility can also be obtained when compared to satellite images. This paper presents research and development undertaken to produce a computational system that can automatically process optical and multi-spectral images obtained from digital...

  2. Dynamic generation of test cases with metaheuristics

    Lanzarini, Laura Cristina; Battaiotto, Pedro Eduardo
    The resolution of optimization problems is of great interest nowadays and has encouraged the development of various information technology methods to attempt solving them. There are several problems related to Software Engineering that can be solved by using this approach. In this paper, a new alternative based on the combination of population metaheuristics with a Tabu List to solve the problem of test cases generation when testing software is presented. This problem is of great importance for the development of software with a high computational cost and which is generally hard to solve. The performance of the solution proposed has...

  3. 4-(N2-1) puzzle: parallelization and performance on clusters

    Sanz, Victoria María; De Giusti, Armando Eduardo; Naiouf, Marcelo
    In this paper, an analysis of the 4-(N2-1) Puzzle, which is a generalization of the (N2-1) Puzzle, is presented. This problem is of interest due to its algorithmic and computational complexity and its applications to robot movements with several objectives. Taking the formal definition as a starting point, 4 heuristics that can be used to predict the best achievable objective and to estimate the number of steps required to reach a solution state from a given configuration are analyzed. By selecting the objective, a sequential and parallel solution over a cluster is presented for the (N2-1) Puzzle, based on the...

  4. MultiMice Air Hockey

    Flores Choque, Damián; Castro, Silvia Mabel; Martig, Sergio R.
    Interaction between user and computer is gradually going beyond the traditional mouse and keyboard. New ways of interaction are emerging, which use new and different means for data acquisition. Virtual or augmented reality, haptic, tangible or camerabased user interfaces are all examples of this. Computer games take advantage of these new facilities, as they obtain the benefit of providing new user (player) experience with every new interface developed. In this article, we present a nonconventional user interface for the popular Air Hockey game. This interface is based on a table-like surface with support for multiple users. Additionally, it does not...

  5. A defeasible logic programming approach to the integration of rules and ontologies

    Gómez, Sergio Alejandro; Chesñevar, Carlos Iván; Simari, Guillermo Ricardo
    The Semantic Web is a vision of the current Web where resources have exact meaning assigned in terms of ontologies, thus enabling agents to reason about them. As inconsistencies cannot be treated by standard reasoning approaches, we use Defeasible Logic Programming (DeLP) to reason with possibly inconsistent ontologies. In this article we show how to integrate rules and ontologies in the Semantic Web. We present an approach that can be used to suitably extend the SWRL standard by incorporating classical and default negated literals in SemanticWeb rules in the presence of incomplete and possibly inconsistent information. The rules and ontologies...

  6. A Quantitative Framework for the Evaluation of Agile Methodologies

    Mendes Calo, Karla; Estévez, Elsa Clara; Fillottrani, Pablo Rubén
    The methodologies for agile software development are fundamentally based on the collaboration with software users during the entire development process, the simplicity to adapt the product to changes in requirements, and on the incremental product delivery. Based on the Agile Manifesto, they have been accepted and are successfully used in projects where the detailed requirements are unknown at first and are identified during the development process from the interactions with the users and the feedback thus obtained. In this paper, we propose an evaluation framework for the methodologies for agile software development. This framework is applied in detail to two...

  7. Discovering geographic services from textual use cases

    Saldaño, Viviana E.; Buccella, Agustina; Cechich, Alejandra
    Component Based Software Development (CBSD) relies upon utilization of previously developed software components OTS (Off-The-Shelf), which are appropriately merged to satisfy particular system requirements. However, wide acceptance of this paradigm at industry requires efficient component identification and selection, aspects which are being investigated until now. In this context, this paper further explores the use of a geographic services taxonomy, which facilitates component identification, and is used by analysts in charge of developing a Geographic Information System (GIS) employing a CBSD approach. In this article, different knowledge extraction techniques are evaluated and a methodology is proposed to standardize resultant vocabulary in order to...

  8. Metric-temporal access methods

    De Battista, Anabella; Herrera, Norma Edith; Gutiérrez Retamal, Gilberto A.; Pascal, Andrés
    Metric-temporal databases are a new database model that combines metric spaces with temporal databases to process similarity queries within a time interval or snapshot. The Historical FHQT is a metric-temporal index which has shown to be competitive answering this type of queries. This index store a list of valid snapshots where each one contains an Fixed Height Queries Tree that indexes all objects existing at that instant. In this paper we present an improvement to this access method that consists in using different sets of pivots for the Fixed Height Queries Tree that correspond to consecutive time instants. The experimental...

  9. Globally optimal triangulations of minimum weight using Ant Colony Optimization metaheuristic

    Dorzán, María Gisela; Gagliardi, Edilma Olinda; Leguizamón, Mario Guillermo; Hernández Peñalver, Gregorio
    Globally optimal triangulations are difficult to be found by deterministic methods as, for most type of criteria, no polynomial algorithm is known. In this work, we consider the Minimum Weight Triangulation (MWT) problem of a given set of n points in the plane. Our aim is to show how the Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) metaheuristic can be used to search for globally optimal triangulations of minimum weight. We present an experimental study for a set of instances for MWT problem. We create these instances since no reference to benchmarks for this problem were found in the literature. We assess through...

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