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Hong Kong University Theses Online (2,715 recursos)
Theses and dissertations from Hong Kong University. The collection is primarily in English, with some in English and Chinese, and others in Chinese only.

HKU Theses

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81. The impact of deposit rates deregulation : a case study in HongKong - See, Yiu-chuen, James

82. The impact of China's new marriage law on Hong Kong couples - Ma, Oi-nuen, Velentina

83. The impact of building design on environmental performance of property management company - Chang, Hsu-huan, Sharon; 張舒環
(Uncorrected OCR) ABSTRACT The introduction of environmental protection activities in the industry of property management has become popular in the recent years. It is widely believed that property management could enhance its competitive advantage by providing value-added environmental services and at the same time improve the overall corporate image by being environmental responsible and generating cost saving measures by reducing material and energy consumption. While the issue of environmental protection has become increasingly important, more and more organizations and literatures have linked its ultimate goals with the concept of 'sustainable development'. It is widely believed that the impact of the...

84. Impact of blasting vibrations in an urban environment - Charlesworth, Cathy
(Uncorrected OCR) MSc in Applied Geosciences Impact of blasting vibrations in an urban environment 1. Introduction Urban environments are subject to many effects from the activities of carrying on everyday life, one of which is construction. An often under appreciated element of construction is the large quantity of blasting that is undertaken for rock excavation. Blasting within an urban setting presents a unique set of problems for the blast designer, quite unlike that faced in open cast mining with similar geological conditions. Due to their concentrated nature, cities contain many receivers that may potentially be affected by adverse environmental effects of blasting....

85. The impact of anti-corruption work on government efficiency - Tso, Wai-yan; 曹渭仁
(Uncorrected OCR) Abstract Corruption is defined as abusing one's position for his or other's benefit, and such an act calls for public condemnation. It is a social problem which distorts decision; defeats equity; destroys trust in government and individual; denigrates social status of an organization and people; undermines law and order; denies fair competition; rotten the fabric of society or an organization; hinders growth and development and deters investments. Corruption is functional when a society is in a developing stage as it allows access to public services and goods or any regulations or red tapes. It also sweeps aside traditional ways and...

86. The impact of a headteacher : a case study of a newly established primary school - Yue, Yun-fai

87. The immunomodulatory effects of Chinese medicinal products Yun Zhi and Danshen : flow cytometric studies - Fu, Hoi-man, Kelvin; 傅凱文

88. Immature development of green residences in Hong Kong - Law, Wai-yan; 羅偉欣

89. Illness trajectory of patients suffering from nasopharyngeal carcinoma - Cheng, Yuk-yi, Josephine

90. Identity, part and whole : Toni Morrison's Beloved and The Bluest Eye - Leung, Chuen-lik, Rachel

91. Identities and bodies between life and death : an exploration of techno-presence - Tam, Man-yee, County; 譚敏義

92. Identification of thermo-tolerant campylobacter fetus by 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencing - Teng, Lee-lee, Jade

93. Identification of fault zones using gravity survey and subsurface exploration : a case study - Leung, Alfreda; 梁樂怡
(Uncorrected OCR) Abstract The proposed Landmark Tower of the Kowloon Station is located within the West Kowloon reclamation adjacent to the Mass Transit Railway Kowloon Station and its southern approach tunnel. Preliminary drillhole investigations at Kowloon Station implied the presence of a linear northwest-southeast depression in rockhead, which appeared to persist across the northern half of the site. The linear zone of depressed rockhead may be attributed to a weathered geological fault or fractured zone. A gravity survey was designed to define the location, extent and form of the rockhead depression as guidance for a subsequent planning of additional drillholes. The main purpose...

94. Implementation of whole school approach to guidance in a primary school : a case study - Chan, Shuk-mei, Pearl

95. Implementation of total quality management in view of recentchanges : a case study of Urban 21st Century Integrated TQM Model in the Hong Kong private property management sector - Leung, Yun-chuen, Jeff; 梁潤全
(Uncorrected OCR) Abstract This paper is to study a quality management model in Hong Kong. In order to be easier to compare quality management model, total quality management model is thus selected. In fact, recent changes in the economy of Hong Kong and the government step-by-step intervention of the industry have caused the property management companies to strive for quality. Many organizations have demonstrated that significant improvements in business can be achieved through TQM. These organizations use a traditional TQM model which applies criteria of Malcolm Baldrige National Award in U.S. Only few properties management companies folly implemented TQM in Hong...

96. Implementation of task-based learning in a junior secondary school : concept and practice of English teachers - Mak, Tsui-ying, Grace

97. The implementation of school-based management in Hong Kong : issues, processes and politics - Sit, Siu-chi, Simon

98. Implementation of ISO9000 (version 2000) in property management : a case study of Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices - Ng, Bik-yan, Betty

99. The implementation of enhanced productivity programmes in the Hospital Authority - Yeung, Sau-ling, Stephanie

100. The implementation of a classroom guidance programme in a Hong Kong secondary school - Tong, Lai-ching, Charmy

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