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  1. The adolescent towards knowledge

    Compagnucci, Elsa Rosa; Cardós, Paula Daniela; Denegri, Adriana; Barboza, Cecilia
    The following article deals with knowledge, relationships, representations and values that pupils together with teachers perform daily at school. It includes our research project called “Adolescence and School” which has been implemented since 1995 in our Institution, subject called “Psychological Foundation on education”. Throughout its development, we have tried to get to know about in what positions teachers and students are towards knowledge. Our purpose is to make a critic- reflexive perspective possible on the part of university students who are to become teachers, as regards their knowledge on how students are formed on the E.G.B and Polimodal school levels. (1)...

  2. Work instability versus mental health

    Gavilán de Labourdette, Mirta Graciela; Ferrer, Karina; Ibarra, Rosana
    This contribution is part of a research on guidance and employment in La Plata, province of Buenos Aires (Argentina) undertaken jointly by the Chairs of Preventive Psychology and Vocational Guidance, both pertaining to the course of studies for Psychology at the National University of La Plata. This research is based on four axes, namely, education-work-social policies-health. This paper shall focus around the health axis, which is not provided with placement and employment services. Some unsystematical guidance experiences from the services of Adolescence and Mental Health are currently under way in the area. Research points to the existence of new demands...

  3. Evaluation of study competence in pupils between 12-14 years old

    Rial Sánchez, Raquel; Couce Santalla, Ana I.; Sobrado Fernández, Luis M.
    There are three main study areas of guidance needs for pupils in Compulsory Secondary Education (CSE) which are academic development, personal and social development and the area of professional career. The area of academic development is where the knowledge to be acquired by the pupils, attitudes towards efficient learning in schools and the skills of efficient study are inculcated, the latter being the objective of our study. The research was taken from a sample of 80 school children between twelve and sixteen years old in a Secondary School in Santiago of Compostela (Spain). After analysing the results obtained we can...

  4. Feminine identity and vocational-occupational role

    Semidober, Isabel
    This essay is based on an investigation carried out while serving an apprenticeship for teachers, during the Women Study Seminar, at Cadiz University, Spain, in 1997. It could be made due to a fellowship granted by Kennedy University of Argentine Republic headed, at that time, by Dra. Inmaculada Díaz Narbona. It contains cases related to Vocational and Occupational Orientation, collected by myself and by colleagues who were supervised, and pertaining to the private as well as to the institutional ambit in Argentina. Whenever we become aware of the changes occurred all over the world in relation to study and work...

  5. Raven's progressive matrices test: scale construction and verification of "Flynn effect"

    Lopetegui, María Susana; Neer, Rosa Haydée; Rossi Casé, Lilia Elba
    In this paper, the scales of Raven's Progressive Matrices Test, General Scale and Advanced Scale, Series II, for the student population (third cycle of EGB and Polimodal) in the city of La Plata are presented. Considerations are made as regards both the increase in scores (Flynn effect) observed in relation to the previous scale (1964) and the different mean scores according to two age groups (13-16 and 17-18 years of age) and education mode. The findings enabled inferences related to the significance of the increase, particularly in the case of the higher scores in the population attending a special kind...

  6. Profile in occupational counselling and placement and employment services: social policies axis

    Roncoroni, Matilde
    This paper presents the gestation of a new model of Occupational Counselling, centred in the joint action of State, Third Sector and Private Organizations. Different programmes are identified which involve the treatment of issues related to Labour, Employment and Education within the framework of objectives of social development, community participation and respect for diversity. The data of the investigation make it possible to establish connections between the tasks, professional profiles and professional training of the counsellors who participate in the different programmes.

  7. Cross-cultural counseling: problems and prospects

    Repetto, Elvira
    This work tries to assess the contributions made to educational counseling in recent years by theoretical and applied research and practical actions in the area of cross-cultural counseling. So, it offers a synthesis of the main contributions made from the theoretical and practical viewpoints within this specific scientific field.

  8. Vocational and occupational counseling: a strategy of preventive intervention directed to young men and women from the interior of the province of Buenos Aires

    Chá, Rita Teresita; Quiles, Cristina Haydée
    This work belongs to one of the activities that are carried out in the Vocational and Occupational Guidance Center (VOGC) of the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences at the LPNU. In the year 1994 the Vocational/Occupational Guidance Programme for Municipalities was created, destined for work with adolescents who are attending their last year at secondary schools in the interior of the Province of Buenos Aires. The Programme aims at fostering the development of spaces for reflection related to the educational/working projects of the adolescents who are close to entering university. The proposal is based on the methodology of work...

  9. The dynamic evaluation of the learning potential: a procedure

    Villar, Claudia Mariela; Malbrán, María del Carmen
    The interest in the cognitive processes and the possibility of its evaluation and intervention for improvement have stimulated the development of theoretical and methodological perspectives related to their nature, measurement and modifiability. The construct of the Proximal Development Zone (PDZ, Vygotsky, 1979) and research concerning the evaluation of learning potential, have established the basis of strategies relating to amplitude. One way to estimate the amplitude of the PDZ consists of recording the number of incitations or cues required in order for the child to solve a specific problem. An ample PDZ would be characterized as having a low amount of...

  10. A intervenção psicológica em orientação da carreira como medida preventiva de comportamentos adaptativos: dados de um estudo com estudantes universitários

    Lima, Maria do Rosário
    Numa perspectiva de desenvolvimento pessoal, a intervenção psicológica em orientação não só posiciona o indivíduo nos vários papéis que desempenha, como faz apelo à vivência do passado e procura aumentar a orientação para o futuro através do planeamento e exploração da carreira. É com ênfase neste tipo de abordagem que se procura intervir junto de várias faixas etárias em diferentes fases e subfases do desenvolvimento da carreira. Apresentam-se dados obtidos numa investigação levada a cabo com estudantes dos primeiros anos de diferentes cursos e estabelecimentos do ensino superior.

  11. The quintuple way: cognitive strategies-transformation strategies

    Labourdette, Sergio
    In this work five different ways of intervention, strategically articulated, on the social world, are established. And it includes two approaches regarding the realm of knowledge and that of social change. In the second approach, five basic categories are proposed: society, State, economy, poverty and power, which work as basic a framework understand society and to serve as an orientation to carry out the necessary change. This approach to fundamental problems in our society can be applied both to world order conflicts as well as to regional and local ones. The five-fold way embodies the set of strategic packages that...

  12. Editorial

    Gavilán de Labourdette, Mirta Graciela
    The third issue of the international magazine Orientación y Sociedad (Guidance and Society), is published in the midst of turmoil. The socio-economic and cultural crisis has deteriorated each and every form of life and production, especially those related to the condition of poverty and indigence. As a result of the economic measures taken, the crisis has been made extensive to most of the population as well as to the activities depending on imported materials, such is the case of printing supplies. Various had to be the strategies implemented in order to make this issue a real thing, after having had...

  13. School counsellor's roles in minimising adolescents' attrition from schools

    Ikechukwu, Bridget N. Q.; Aluede, Oyaziwo
    Counselling ways (rendering financial advice, providing encouragement, reassurances and support), which the school counselllors could adopt to help the school system minimize the increasing incidence of school dropout, were advanced.

  14. Editorial

    Gavilán de Labourdette, Mirta Graciela
    La revista internacional Orientación y Sociedad, edición Nº 3, se edita en un mar de dificultades. La crisis económico-social y cultural ha deteriorado todas las formas de vida y de producción, especialmente aquellas relacionadas con la situación de pobreza e indigencia. También, como resultado de medidas económicas se ha hecho extensiva la crisis a gran parte de la población y a las actividades que especialmente dependen de insumos importados, como es el caso de las ediciones gráficas. Hemos tenido que implementar diferentes estrategias para concretar su publicación, luego de haber superado todas las instancias académicas de la elaboración de la...

  15. La orientación vocacional ocupacional: una estrategia de intervención preventiva para los jóvenes del interior de la provincia de Buenos Aires

    Quiles, Cristina Haydée; Chá, Rita Teresita
    El presente trabajo corresponde a una de las actividades que se llevan a cabo en el Centro de Orientación Vocacional Ocupacional de la Facultad de Humanidades de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata. En el año 1994 se crea el Programa de Orientación Vocacional Ocupacional para Municipios, destinado a trabajar con jóvenes que cursan el último año en escuelas secundarias del interior de la Pcia. de Buenos Aires.El objetivo de este Programa es promover la apertura de un espacio de reflexión acerca del proyecto educativo-laboral de los jóvenes próximos a ingresar al ámbito universitario.La propuesta se lleva a cabo a...

  16. Identidad femenina y rol ocupacional

    Semidober, Isabel
    Al tomar conciencia del cambio operado en el mundo en relación con la oferta estudiantil y laboral, en especial en el ámbito de Occidente, nos preguntamos sobre las posibilidades actuales de elección de las mujeres consultantes en relación con el armado de un proyecto de vida. Esta investigación se plantea detectar aquellas variables que inciden en el "ajuste" o "conflicto" de la identidad femenina, y el rol ocupacional en jóvenes mujeres estudiantes universitaria.

  17. Test de matrices progresivas de Raven: construcción de baremos y constatación del "efecto Flynn"

    Rossi Casé, Lilia Elba; Neer, Rosa Haydée; Lopetegui, María Susana
    En este trabajo se presentan los baremos del Test de Matrices Progresivas de Raven, Escala General y Escala Avanzada, Serie II, para la población estudiantil (Tercer ciclo EGB y Polimodal) de la ciudad de La Plata. Se hacen consideraciones sobre el incremento de puntajes (efecto Flynn)que se observa respecto del baremo anterior (1964); sobre las diferencias de las puntuaciones medias según dos grupos etareos (13-16 y 17-18 años) y según modalidad educativa. Los resultados encontrados permiten hacer inferencias respecto de la significación del incremento, especialmente en el caso de las puntuaciones de mayor magnitud en la población que concurre a...

  18. Perfil de la orientación vocacional y servicios de orientación y empleo: eje políticas sociales

    Roncoroni, Matilde
    El trabajo presenta la gestación de un nuevo modelo de Orientación Vocacional Ocupacional, centrado en la acción conjunta de Organismos Estatales, del Tercer Sector y Privados. Se identifican diferentes programas que incluyen el tratamiento de cuestiones de Trabajo, Empleo, y Educación en el marco de objetivos de desarrollo social, participación comunitaria y respeto por la diversidad. Los datos de la investigación permiten establecer relaciones entre las tareas, perfiles profesionales y formación profesional de los orientadores que participan en los diferentes programas.

  19. La evaluación del potencial de aprendizaje: un procedimiento

    Malbrán, María del Carmen; Villar, Claudia Mariela
    El proyecto de investigación, una síntesis de cuyos resultados se presenta, adopta los modelos dinámicos del potencial intelectual. El marco teórico se basa en el constructo de la zona de desarrollo próximo (ZDP) de Vygotsky y en las investigaciones acerca de la amplitud de la ZDP realizadas por Campione, Brown y Ferrara (1987,1992). Como resultado del proyecto se ha elaborado un set destinado a la exploración dinámica del potencial de aprendizaje. Los materiales fueron aplicados a niños de 6-7 años del partido de La Plata. El análisis de los datos permite identificar progresos en el rendimiento de los examinados tras...

  20. La intervención psicológica en orientación de carrera como medida preventiva de comportamientos adaptativos: datos de un estudio con estudiantes universitarios

    Lima, Maria do Rosário
    En una perspectiva de desarrollo personal, la intervención psicológica en orientación no solo posiciona al individuo en los varios roles que desempeña, sino que apela a la vivencia del pasado e intenta aumentar la orientación para el futuro a través del planeamiento y exploración de la carrera. Con énfasis en este tipo de abordaje, se procura intervenir junto a varios grupos etarios en diferentes fases y subfases del desarrollo de la carrera. Se presentan datos obtenidos en una investigación llevada a cabo con estudiantes de los primeros años de diferentes cursos y establecimientos de la enseñanza superior.

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