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Polata Knigopisnaia: Volume 12 (February 1985)

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  1. The Protopaterikon Scaligeri: Text in Transcription

    Nowak, Richard; Veder, William R.
    This edition of the "Protopaterikon Scaligeri" is not homogeneous. 60% of its text (units 1-2 and 212-480) are attested in the sole Cod. Leiden, UB, Scal. 74 (13th century); they are presented here from Volume 2 of the microfiche edition, with resolved abbreviations, emendation of presumed mechanical corruptions and modern interpunction. The remaining 40% of the text (title and units 3-211) are paralleled in Cod. Moskva, CGADA, MGAMID 603/II (15th/16th century); they are presented here from Volume 4 of the microfiche edition, in an attempted reconstruction of the hyparchetypal text. The division into lines in the latter part corresponds to...
    - 07-jun-2012

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