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Polata Knigopisnaia: Volume 16 (August 1987)

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  1. Reformation or Reformatio: The Case of Muscovite Russia

    Howlett, Jana R
    The history of early European Protestantism is inseparable from the history of the Catholic Church. The movement "reformatio" or reform within the existing framework, preceded the Reformation when Protestant churches finally split away from the church of Rome. In the lands controlled by the grand princes of Moscow anti-Catholicism ‒ and later anti-Protestantism ‒ was part of the official ideology of both church and state. Yet, judging from histories of Russian thought in this period, the Reformation did not pass Russia by. According to a theory first argued in the works of la. S. Lur'e and expanded by A. I....

  2. Afanasii Nikitin’s Weltanschaung

    Lur'e, Ia. S. [Iakov Solomonovich]; Лурье, Я. С. [Яков Соломонович]
    This is a translation of the article by Ia. S. Lur'e, "O мировоззрении Афанасия Никитина," which appears in Polata knigopisnaia 16 (August 1987): 94-111. Lur'e discusses the critical literature on Nikitin and his "Khozhenie za tri moria" or "Voyage beyond Three Seas."

  3. О мировоззрении Афанасия Никитина

    Lur'e, Iakov Solomonovich; Лурье, Я. С. [Яков Соломонович]
    Lur'e discusses Afanasii Nikitin's "Khozhenie za tri moria," reviewing the critical literature on this work and commenting on why Nikitin may have traveled to India.

  4. Der Fremdsprachenunterricht in der Frühzeit des Peterburger Akademie- Gymnasiums

    Keipert, Helmut
    This article looks at the foreign language teaching at the St. Petersburg Academy-Gymnasium in terms of foreign language books translated and made available in Russia in the 18th century, e.g., polyglot Latin dictionaries, etc.

  5. The Calvinist Bukvar' of Trinity College Dublin

    Roberts, Christophen
    One of the two Slavonic manuscripts in Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland, is an East Slavonic bukvar' or reading primer. Roberts gives a brief description of the manuscript, examining in particular the Russian Church Slavonic translations of the Belgic Confession and an abbreviated form of the Heidelberg Cathechism. He points to Old Believer influence in the translated text.

  6. The Transmission of Wycliffite Texts to Bohemia

    Hudson, Anne
    Wycliffe's teaching remained influential in England right up to the Reformation, Wycliffe's most apparent success in the sixty years after his death was far from his native land within the 'coasts of Bohemia'.... The dominant ethnic group at the Charles University in Prague were the Germans who were for the most part confirmed nominalists. The adoption by the Czechs of Wycliffe's realism was evidently the more ardent because it demonstrated their hostility to the Germans. The texts which travelled from England to Bohemia were well cherished in their new home, better far than they were in their native land. Polata...

  7. The Reformation and the Development of Polish Literature and Polish Printing

    Buchwald Pelcowa, Paulina; Pelc, Janusz
    The authors discuss the role of the Reformation in the history of Polish literature and printing, first commenting on earlier writers. "The Reformation played a very important role in the development of various important sections of literature in the Polish language. The most important thing was the preparation of the translations of the Bible although this task was difficult and was only implemented in stages. Of similar importance, however, were attempts to write the songs which were to serve the people in the service of the new Christian religions. Last but not least were the many polemical works, echoing the...

  8. Protestantism and the Development of the Polish Language

    Szymczak, Mieczsław
    Szymczak looks at "how the Protestant movement affected the development of the Polish language. The Polish Renaissance was a time of the discovery of the world and man; language had to keep up with this development of thought and culture. Language played an especially important part in the struggle to realize the ideas of the Reformation. It participated in a decisive way in the forming of social consciousness. But at the same time it underwent a process of integration and normalization. This was because socially established meanings of words are necessary for the conveying of a message, hence the social...

  9. Polnische Reformation als geistige Bewegung

    Tazbir, Janusz
    Tazbir discusses how the Reformation movement had a much stronger influence on the development of Polish socio-political thought than on theology, and how it did more to affect cultural change than contribute to the development of religious life.

  10. The Lutheranization in Karelia and Ingermanland

    Sjöberg, Anders
    Sjöberg looks at the Lutheranization of Karelia and Ingermanland where "Lutheran Protestantism largely lacked the support of the people but was introduced through political decisions.... [T]he historical background of the question of Protestantism in these areas at this time is of course the confrontation between Swedish and Russian expansionist aspirations in this northern part of Europe." Polata 16: 26.

  11. Martin Luther und das frühe baltische Schrifttum

    Eckert, Rainer
    Eckert discusses the influence of Martin Luther on the development of early Baltic literature: Old Prussian, Old Lithuanian, Old Latvian - largely in terms of the catechisms published and the works of early reformers, e.g., Abraomas Kulvietis (Abraham Culvensis) and Stanslovas Rapalionis; also Martynas Mažvydas, Jonas Bretkūnas et al.

  12. Early Protestantism in Eastern Europe: Introduction

    Du Feu, Veronica
    Description of the colloquium, Early Protestantism in Eastern Europe, where the papers in this of Polata Knigopisnaia were first read. Speakers and their topics are summarized. Brief bibliography included.

  13. Cover and Table of Contents

    Veder, William R.; Capaldo, Mario; Du Feu, Veronica
    Front cover of Polata Knigopisnaia 16; inside front cover contains publication information; p 124 is a revised Table of Contents sent out after the journal was printed; p 1 is the original Table of Contents; inside back cover contains the stylesheet for the journal.

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