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Res Novae Cordubenses. N. 01 (2003)

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  1. Calidad, Innovación y Mejora como claves de actuación sostenida en la Universidad de Córdoba: pasado, presente, futuro

    Vaquerizo Gil, Desiderio
    A systhesis of the various plans and activities which the University of Cordoba has been developing since the '90s in respect of quality and innovation in the field of education, accompanied by some critical reflections on the new legislation and the convergence with Europe.

  2. Una propuesta de renovación pedagógica para la enseñanza del Derecho Constitucional

    Salazar Benítez, Octavio
    L'Università non puó continuare ad essere un luogo di formazione di specialisti, di tecnici, ma deve formare uomini e donne colti, cittadini e cittadine che siano capaci di autodeterminarsi moralmente. È necessario menticara I metodi tradizionali ´d'insegnamento, sopratutto nell'ambito delle scienze giuridiche. Il modello d'insegnamento del Diritto Costituzionale deve essere formativo, significativo e, sopratutto, debe stimolare la capacità d'invenzione e critica dell'allievo. E necessario sviluppare metodi d'insegnamento cooperativo, basati sulla partecipazione. Inoltre non possiamo dimenticare le nuove tecnologie e la necessaria connessione con la realtà sociale e politica.

  3. Algunas consideraciones en torno a la enseñanza de la Historia en el ámbito universitario

    Ramos Rovi, M. José
    The aim of this article is not to summarize everything what has been said about what is history and its uses. We will try to reflect on history like an academic discipline and its education in the university, which must be, in our opinion, faithful to its main function: to improve the thought and to allow, consequently, the integral education of students. From our position, the only way to get a good group of professionals is teaching Contemporary History within a process and development of different capacities, above all, understanding and abstraction.

  4. Evaluación docente en Ingeniería Técnica Industrial e Informática: algunas aportaciones

    Martínez-Jiménez, Pilar; Pedrós Pérez, Gerardo
    In this article, a statistical investigation has been carried out on certain aspect of the collective report on the teaching evaluation of teachers in the degree studies of Industrial Technical Engineering and Computer Technical Engineering. A critical analysis has also been made of the actions undertaken by the University of Córdoba for the improvement of the teaching quality, comparing them with actions in other Universities and taking into account the technical character of these degrees, which are taught in our centre. In addition, some proposal have been formulated which could improve evaluation strategies and teacher training.

  5. Las Energías Renovables, la Ingeniería y el Medio Ambiente. Un enfoque interdisciplinar

    Martínez-Jiménez, Pilar; Pedrós Pérez, Gerardo
    In this article we show an experience in the incorporation of a transversal and interdisciplinary approach for the training of engineers in the subject of Renewable Energies. The methodological aspects of the use of documentaries and publicity have been introduced as a tool for the engineering student to reflect on and be imbued with an environmental culture. There is a justificable need to incorporate the environmental aspect into degree courses and to modify the current study plans with the introduction of the enrinomentalization of the syllabus at all University levels. Subjects such as energy saving clean technologies, efficient production systems,...

  6. Hacia un cambio en la metodología docente: una reflexión desde la práctica

    Luque Sánchez, Ángela de; Ontoria Peña, Antonio
    The purpose of this work is the description of a university experience on education about the student-centered learning with a participative methodology, based on individual and groupal selfresponsability and selfregulation. In this learning process we have used strategies/techniques on the "learning to learn" as conceptual maps and mental maps. With a qualitative analysis of student selfreflections we have reached some conclusions about this cooperative learning experience which fits present model of the European convergence.

  7. Desarrollo de laboratorios virtuales y gestor de contenido multiplataforma para la docencia de fundamentos físicos en Ingeniería

    Varo-Martínez, Marta; Martínez-Jiménez, Pilar; Pedrós Pérez, Gerardo; García Martínez, M. del Carmen; Pontes-Pedrajas, A.
    We have created a web page ( that provides the students the total access to the information related to all the subjects that the professors of the Department of Applied Physics teach in the Polytechnical Superior College of the University of Cordoba (SPAIN). We have developed an only tool that includes all the software in Physics Simulation and the virtual laboratories created by the our research group. Not only can the user download the simulation software to his personal computer, but also can be directly work with them in the web page. Furthermore, other tools have been included such as:...

  8. Res Novae Cordubenses. Presentación n. 1

    Domínguez Vilches, E.

  9. Res Novae Cordubenses. Índice n. 1

    Redacción Res Novae Cordubenses

  10. Reflexiones sobre la aplicación de las nuevas tecnologías en la metodología docente del Derecho Internacional Público y Relaciones Internacionales

    Gutiérrez Castillo, Víctor Luis
    L'auter del àrticle fait une analyse critique du schéma méthodologique employé tradicionnellement dans l'enseignement des matières de Droit. Aussi, il médite sut l'opportunit'e d'y introduire des changements afin de corriger la manque d'intérêt del élèvesd des Sciences Juridiques. Al'avis de l'auteur ces changements doivent suivre la Déclaration de Bolonia pour fixer les piliers du noveau Éspece Européen d'Education Superieur. L'article este le résultat des quelques mesures de rénovation pédagogique mises en practique par l'auteur à l'Université de Córdoba et Jaén.

  11. Literatura y teatro: una experiencia de formación y de elaboración de materiales para el estudio

    García Aguilar, Ignacio; Ruiz Pérez, Pedro
    It is summarized an experience of teaching improvement belonging to the initiative of the University of Córdoba and carried out between 1999-2002, paying special attention to the last year, in which the resulting materials were computerized. As well as the initiation of a work group into the documentation skills. The project was focused on the creation of images to assist the teaching and learning of Spanish literature, and particulary the 17th-18th drama. The materials have been useful as a support in class, and after being printed and computerized they are thought for the individual use of students in their learning...

  12. BiViCyT: Biblioteca Virtual de Documentos Científicos y Técnicos

    Cerruela García, Gonzalo; Gómez-Nieto, Miguel Ángel; Luque Ruiz, Irene; Fuentes Alventosa, Javier
    In this paper a Web information system devoted to the administration of scientific and technicians documents that are produced by the university community is presented. BiViCyT allows the management of tha administrative information related with some types of documents as research works, thesis and end career projects, as well as the storage and recovery of any type of multimedia information related with these documents, and consistent in files containing the manuscript, graphics, videos, texts sources and applications software, etc., which should accompany this type of scientific or technician material. This digital information can be consulted and discharged by Internet through...

  13. El Currículum de la Titulación de Educación Especial: un análisis de las necesidades de formación inicial y de la formación permanente del Profesorado en ejercicio

    García Cabrera, M. del Mar; Jurado Ortiz, Pilar; Sánchez Raya, Araceli; González Ballesteros, Luz; Guerra Álvarez, Antonio; Blanco Ruiz, M. Soledad
    The work that we present corresponds to the thrid stage of a Project of Educational Quality Improvement of the Faculty of Sciences of the Education of Cordoba initiated in 1999-2000 course. Its basic objective consists of contributing to the improvement and adjustement of curriculum for the degree of Maestro/a in Special Education through, in this case, the study of the demands of the educational demands shown by professionals who work in this specific field in educative centers of this province and the professional roles expected for the students of the specialty. Its necessity is justified, firstly, by the establishment of...

  14. Debatir el Derecho. Experiencia docente del Practicum de Teoría del Derecho I

    Albert Márquez, Marta
    The object of the article is the report of a teaching experience of practical sessions of Theory of Law I. The practicum have been carried out through the organization of the students in debate's group. Matters of interest for them, as dead penalty or globalisation, have been discussed on the basis of the theoretical content of Theory of Law I. First of all, it is offered a description of the reasons why the author decided to follow this system of practicum. We would like to remark the importance of the linking between juridical practice and discourse. After that, it is...

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