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  1. Antioxidant activities of five Lamiaceae plants

    Pereira, Olívia R.; Perez, María J.; Macias, Rócio I.R.; Marín, Jose J.G.; Cardoso, Susana M.
    In the last decades, oxidative stress has been recognized as a key process in the physiopathology of several diseases. Consequently, the search for new antioxidant compounds, as well as new antioxidant sources, has increased exponentially. The Lamiaceae family encloses many plant species which are potential sources of antioxidant compounds. The present study evaluates the antioxidant activity of phenolic enriched extracts of Lamium album, Leonurus cardiaca, Lavandula dentata, Mentha aquatica and Thymus citriodorus. The antioxidant activity of the hydroethanolic plant extracts was estimated by the in vitro measurement of their 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl radical (DPPH) scavenging potential and reducing power assays. Additionally, the...

  2. NO radical scavenging and iNOS expression inhibition by cytisus multiflorus

    Saraiva, Susana C.; Pereira, Olívia R.; Liberal, Joana; Batista, Maria T.; Cruz, Maria T.; Cardoso, Susana M.
    Historically, extracts and preparations of plants are the basis of traditional medicine and the starting point for the discovery of new therapeutic agents. Cytisus multiflorus is used in folk medicine and it is claimed to have various health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties. Still, no scientific data regarding this ability has been described for this plant. The present work aims to clarify the antioxidant capacity and the anti-inflammatory mechanisms of Cytisus multiflorus. A purified ethanolic extract was prepared and its antioxidant abilities were evaluated through the DPPH scavenging and reducing power assays. Anti-inflammatory properties were assessed by determining the amounts of...

  3. Influence of socio-demographic issues in body mass index (bmi) of drug addicts in methadone maintenance treatment

    Ferro-Lebres, Vera; Costa, Ana Filipa; Alves, Daniela; Custódio, Daniela; Natário, Liliana; Andrade, Fernando
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the infl uence of social factors on the nutritional status of drug addicts. 60 drug addicts in methadone maintenance treatment of Integrated Response Center (CRI)of Bragança were evaluated. Nutritional assessment was performed by measuring the weight and height and then calculated the body mass index. The socio-demographic data were collected through a questionnaire constructed for this purpose. PASW 19.0 for Windows. The average body mass index (BMI) was 22.46 ± 3.36 kg/m2 and based on this parameter 13.3% were underweight, 65% normal weight, 20.0% overweight and 1.7% obesity grade I. BMI was signifi...

  4. Physical activity and dietary habits physical activity and dietary habits

    Carvalho, Denise; Correia, Carina; Carvalho, Ana; Fernandes, Paula; Amaral, Sofia; Carvalho, Helena; Ferro-Lebres, Vera
    The present study aimed to investigate the association between time spent on the practice of physical activity and dietary habits in college students. This is a transversal and correlational study, which has a sample of 121 students aged between 18 and 28 years old. Data were collected through three questionnaires, socio-demographic, time management and food diary; the latter two were fi lled for 3 days. Subsequently, a descriptive and inferential statistical analysis was used. To investigate the association between time spent on the practice of physical activity and dietary habits in college students we used the test of Spearman correlation...

  5. Body image and anthropometric data in adolescents

    Bonifácio, Carla; Caldeirita, Cláudia; Francisco, Raquel; Lemos, Alexandra; Fernandes, António; Ferro-Lebres, Vera
    Background Body Image reflects a person path, whose perceptions are part of its unit and are determinant for its existence, at each moment. Na individuals perception about his body is affected by others comments, that most of the times leads to insatisfaction with owns body image. At the present moment, studies that correlate real measured anthropometric data, body image perception and satisfaction are not known. Objective To evaluate the relation between real anthropometric data and body image perception and satisfaction, in Portuguese adolescents. Methods A descriptive transversal and quantitative study was designed in na education institution located in the North of Portugal. There were evaluated 214 adolescents, with ages between 10 and 19...

  6. National health surveys: anthropometric data of Portuguese and Brazilian women: INS 2005–2006 and PNDS 2006

    Costa, Caroline Santos; Marmitt, Luana Patrícia; Meller, Fernanda Oliveira; Ferro-Lebres, Vera
    Background Nutritional problems related to under or overweight in women have been shown itself as a relevant issue to health and quality of life, affecting mainly older women. Objective To compare the anthropometric data of Portuguese and Brazilian women studied on the 4th National Health Inquiry (48 In- que´rito Nacional de Sau´de, INS-2005-2006, Portugal) and on the National Research of Demography and Health (Pesquisa Nacional de Demografia e Sau´de, PNDS-2006, Brazil). Methods This work is a result of a data comparison between the Por- tuguese and the Brazilian national inquiries, respectively, INS-2005/ 2006 and PNDS-2006. Both researches represent the population of the countries and were based on transversal studies. The nutritional...

  7. Effect of a pterospartum tridentatum enriched phenolic extract in mitochondrial bioenergetic functions

    Ferreira, Fernanda M.; Peixoto, Francisco P.; Pereira, Olívia R.; Dinis, Lia T.; Domingues, M.R.M.; Crespi, António J.L.; Palmeira, Carlos M.; Cardoso, Susana M.
    Pterospartum tridentatum Willk. is an autochthonous and common plant in Portugal, locally known as ‘carqueija’. Leaves and stems are normally used in cooking, to flavour rice, roast meat or hunting animals and leaves are also used as condiment in fresh salads. Despite its traditional use, no evaluation in mitochondrial bioenergetics has been performed. P. tridentatum leaf extract phenolic composition was elucidated by electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry (ESI-MS). M. aquatica extract effects were evaluated over mitochondrial membrane potential by using a Clarktype oxygen electrode in the presence of succinate as respiratory substrate. Cytotoxicological effects of plant extracts were evaluated on HepG2 cells...

  8. Portuguese propolis enriched phenolic extract: reactive oxygen scavenging and cytoprotective activities

    Pereira, Olívia R.; Macias, Rócio I.R.; Perez, María J.; Marín, Jose J.G.; Cardoso, Susana M.
    Propolis, a resinous natural product produced by honeybees, is claimed to have a wide range of beneficial activities for human health which have been attributed to its phenolics. In general, phenolics account for approximately half of propolis weight, although its content and composition can greatly vary with propolis geographical origin. This study aims determining the antioxidant and cytoprotective properties of Northeast Portuguese propolis. The propolis hydroethanolic purified extract (PPE) was obtained by extraction at 70 °C/1 h and recovery onto SPE C18 cartridges. Total phenolic content and identification of the main phenolics in the PPE were assessed by the Folin...

  9. Portuguese websites obesity information

    Martins, Diana; Almendra, Joana; Jesus, Marta; Soares, Sandra; Dias, Tânia; Ferro-Lebres, Vera; Fernandes, António
    The internet is widely used by everyone as a source of health information,namely in obesity and weight lost. However, the easy production and edition of documents on the Internet enables any user to be an author and write the information according to their will, not ensuring the veracity of it. In this context the internet may be seen as a threat to one’s health. Thus, the aim of the study was to characterize and evaluate Portuguese websites obesity information and verify if the technical and scientifi c background of the author was related to the obesity information score of the websites....

  10. Mentha aquatica L. extract affects mitochondrial bioenergetics

    Ferreira, Fernanda M.; Pereira, Olívia R.; Cardoso, Susana M.; Oliveira, Paulo J.; Moreno, António J.M.
    Mentha aquatica extracts are commonly used in food flavoring and pharmacology. In the present work, we evaluated the possible effects of Mentha aquatica L. (water mint) ethanolic extract on rat liver mitochondria bioenergetics. Rat liver mitochondria were isolated using conventional protocols. M. aquatica extracts were evaluated on mitochondrial membrane electric potential by using a tetraphenylphosphonium cation (TPP+)-selective electrode, while mitochondrial respiratory activity was evaluated using a Clark-type oxygen electrode, either in the presence of glutamate + malate and succinate as respiratory substrates. Mitochondrial osmotic volume changes were measured by the pseudo-absorbance changes at 520 nm with a suitable spectrophotometer- recorder set...

  11. Depressive symptoms and alcohol use among adolescents

    Pinto, Isabel C.; Fraga, Sílvia; Ramos, Elisabete
    Alcohol is the most consumed substance by young people, sometimes it’s associated with depressive symptoms. Objective: Assess the factors associated with alcohol use among 13-year-old teenagers, like depressive symptoms. Methods: Data of a population-based cohort of urban teenagers included cross-sectional information of 919 boys and 1016 girls collected by self-reported questionnaire. Depressive symptoms were evaluated using Beck Depressive Inventory II (BDI). The Mann-Whitney test was used to compare medians. Odds ratio (OR) and multiple linear regression (β) were performed to estimate the magnitude of associations with 95% confidence intervals (95%CI). The final model was adjusted for parents’ education, sports, smoking, have friends...

  12. Unusual flavones in cytisus desf.

    Pereira, Olívia R.; Domingues, M.R.M.; Silva, A.M.; Cardoso, Susana M.
    Cytisus Desf. (Fabaceae) is a diversified genus enclosing approximately sixty species, which are particularly found around the Mediterranean Sea. Many plants of this genus exhibit bioactive properties such as diuretic, hypnotic, anxiolytic, antiparasitic, antidiabetic and antioxidant [1] and, in particular the latter, has been closely associated to the high content in flavonoids [2]. The present work aims to contribute to the knowledge of Cytisus Desf. chemical composition, through the identification of new flavonoids in that genus. The compounds in focus were detected in ethanolic extracts of Cytisus multiflorus flowers by means of HPLC-DAD, ESI-MS and MSn analyses. These included the...

  13. Genetic and acquired factors that modulate serum bilirubin levels

    Rodrigues, Carina; Costa, Elísio; Santos-Silva, Alice; Santos, R.; Bronze-da-Rocha, Elsa
    The isoenzyme UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A1 (UGT1A1) catalyzes bilirubin glucuronidation. Molecular studies suggest that the presence of two extra bases in the repetitive promoter TATA box region of the UGT1A1 gene, described as (TA)7 allele, is responsible for the reduced UGT1A1 activity that leads to hyperbilirubinemia. In fact, patients with Gilbert’s syndrome (GS), a recessive disorder characterized by a mild unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia, are often homozygous for the TA duplication. The “major” recessive gene (UGT1A1) and other non-genetic factors are also associated with the inter-individual variation of bilirubin concentration. To establish the influence of genetic and non-genetic variables in serum bilirubin concentration, we recruit 81 young adults...

  14. Contribution of red cell mass and UGT1A1 alleles in serum bilirubin levels of the portuguese population

    Rodrigues, Carina; Costa, Elísio; Santos-Silva, Alice; Santos, Rosário; Bronze-da-Rocha, Elsa
    Hepatic glucuronization of insoluble bilirubin is catalyzed by isoenzyme 1A1 of UDP-glucuronosyltransferase (UGT1A1), which is essential for efficient biliary excretion of bilirubin. The main cause of Gilbert syndrome (GS) in all populations studied to date is a TA duplication [(TA)7 allele] in the repetitive TATA-box sequence of the gene promoter, which normally consists of six TA repeats. However, this genetic polymorphism is not sufficient for the clinical phenotype of GS. By this reason, some studies have been performed to provide information about additional factors that could contribute to the pathogenesis of this disease. Recently, it was described that increased red...

  15. Nutrition knowledge in adolescents: perception of parents and peers behavior and stimulus

    Ferro-Lebres, Vera; Ribeiro, José Carlos; Moreira, Pedro; Silva, Gustavo Gonçalves da; Aires, Luísa
    It is well known the influence that parents and peers have in children and adolescent choices and behaviors, including eating habits and physical activity practice. No work has been done yet about parents and peers influence in nutrition knowledge. This work aims to study the relation between adolescents’ perception of parents and peers food habits, physical activity practice, stimulus to the adolescent to follow a healthy diet and be physically active and adolescents Nutritional Knowledge. Methods: A translated and validated version of the Nutritional Knowledge Questionnaire (Parmenter and Wardle, 1999) was used with another questionnaire about adolescents’ perception of parents and peers behavior and stimulus. Results: Data from a 653 male...

  16. Maternal overweight and obesity versus breastfeeding success

    Lucas, C.; Teixeira, D.; Silvestre, Vera; Souza, Juliana; Ferreira, Eva

  17. Determination of neutrophil FC receptor IIIB antigens (HNA-1A, HNA-1B AND HNA1C) by ploymerase chain reaction with sequence-specific fluorochrome-labeled primers

    Costa, Elísio; Antunes, Marika Bini; Faria, Susana; Vieira, Emília; Branca, Rosa; Barbot, José; Santos, Rosário

  18. Co-existance of congenital red cell pyruvate kinase and band 3 deficiency

    Branca, Rosa; Costa, Elísio; Rocha, Susana; Coelho, Henrique; Quintanilha, Alexandre; Cabeda, José; Santos-Silva, Alice; Barbot, José

  19. Molecular study of portuguese patients with clinical diagnosis of Shwachman-Diamond syndrome

    Costa, Elísio; Oliveira, Jorge; Vieira, Emília; Garcia, Paula; Gonçalves, Isabel; Diogo, Luisa; Barbot, José; Santos, Rosário
    Shwadurun-Diamond syndrome (SDS; MIM# 260400) is a rare autosomal recessive disorder characterized by the association of exocrine pancreatic and bone marrow disfunction.

  20. Band 3 as a marker of erythrocyte changes in chronic renal failure

    Costa, Elísio; Rocha, Susana; Rocha-Pereira, Petronila; Castro, Elisabeth; Miranda, Vasco; Faria, Maria Sameiro; Loureiro, Alfredo; Quintanilha, Alexandre; Belo, Luís; Santos-Silva, Alice

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