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  1. Childhood circumstances and mode of delivery

    Teixeira, Cristina; Correia, Sofia; Barros, Henrique
    Objective To assess the influence of social circumstances at 12 yrs on c-section delivery. Methods Women (n¼6827) were consecutively recruited during the assembling of a birth-cohort. Interviews were used to obtain data on social and demographic characteristics and current pregnancy events. Financial childhood circumstances were classified as low (LF) or high (HF) based on the number of amenities reported. Parents’ education was defined as low (#6 years, LPE) and high (HPE). The effect of participants’ financial socioeconomic conditions on csection risk was computed using logistic regression stratified by parents ‘education. Methods Women (n=6827) were consecutively recruited during the assembling of a birth-cohort. Interviews were used to obtain data on social and...
    - 23-ene-2018

  2. Timing of birth and mode of delivery after spontaneous labour onset

    Teixeira, Cristina; Gaio, Rita; Costa, Joaquim; Barros, Henrique
    Background High caesarean rates are a matter of concern and the influence of hospital functioning in such rates has been debated. Objectives To understand the hourly pattern of deliveries after spontaneous labour onset, and to compare the trajectories of the mean number of deliveries on working days with those on weekends, according to the mode of delivery. Methods Between April/2005 and August/2006, women (n = 8,495) delivering a live birth in public hospitals (level III) were consecutively recruited during the procedure of assembling a birth-cohort in the North of Portugal. For this purpose we selected those with a singleton pregnancy and admitted with spontaneous labour (n = 4,087). For eligible subjects,...
    - 23-ene-2018

  3. Contribution of red cell mass and ugt1a1 alleles in serum bilirubin levels of the portuguese population

    Rodrigues, Carina; Costa, Elísio; Santos-Silva, Alice; Santos, M.R.; Bronze-da-Rocha, Elsa
    Hepatic glucuronization of insoluble bilirubin is catalyzed by isoenzyme 1A1 of UDP-glucuronosyltransferase (UGT1A1), which is essential for efficient biliary excretion of bilirubin. The main cause of Gilbert syndrome (GS) in all populations studied to date is a TA duplication [(TA)7 allele] in the repetitive TATA-box sequence of the gene promoter, which normally consists of six TA repeats. However, this genetic polymorphism is not sufficient for the clinical phenotype of GS. By this reason, some studies have been performed to provide information about additional factors that could contribute to the pathogenesis of this disease. Recently, it was described that increased red...
    - 23-ene-2018

  4. Differences on risk of cesarean section after labour induction according different portuguese hospitals

    Teixeira, Cristina; Rodrigues, Teresa; Correia, Sofia; Barros, Henrique
    To assess if the risk of caesarean section (CS) after labour induction (LI) differs between hospitals and which extent this association may explain differences in CS rates. Methods: Participants (6688 Portuguese women) were consecutively recruited in five public hospitals (level III) during the assembling of a birth-cohort. Personal interviews were used to obtain data on socio-demographic characteristics, gynecological history and obstetric events. The risk (computed as odds ratio (OR) and 95% confidence Interval (95%CI)) of CS were considered according to hospital and adjusted for socio-demographic and obstetric characteristics. An interaction term (hospital and LI) was considered in the final model. Results: The...
    - 23-ene-2018

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