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Ohio Journal of Science: Volume 109, Issue 3 (June, 2009)

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  1. Book Review

  2. Mating Behavior and Male Territoriality in Enallagma vesperum (Odonata: Coenagrionidae) on Ponds in Ohio and Northern Michigan

    Moody, Dwight L.
    The crepuscular damselfly Enallagma vesperum Calvert, was studied to document and clarify mating behavior. This paper is a descriptive synthesis of observations which answer basic questions regarding mating behavior of E. vesperum. Beginning in July 2004 and continuing in the summers through September 2009, approximately 140 hours of direct observation on a lake in Northern Michigan and a lake and two ponds in Ohio were logged to support the results and conclusions. The literature regarding mating behavior in E. vesperum provides little information about male territoriality. The results from this six-year study offer strong evidence of male territory selection and territory...

  3. Using Simulation to Estimate Vehicle Emissions in Response to Urban Sprawl within Geauga County, Ohio

    Dolney, Timothy J.
    Urban sprawl often leads to rapid expansion and haphazard developments of low density residential land uses that are spatially disjoined. Populations occupying these new developments are expected to contribute to increased traffic volumes and vehicle emissions through increased home-work journeys. Computer simulation is one of few feasible approaches to model projected trends of local communities to understand how they evolve and better plan their future courses. The VERTUS model was developed as a planning tool to estimate vehicle emissions in response to urban sprawl. The model is specific towards estimating vehicle emissions at the local and highway levels during the home-work...

  4. Aesthete Canals in the Chiton Euleptochiton spatulatus (Polyplacophora, Mollusca) from the Pennsylvanian of Ohio

    Hoare, Richard D.
    Thin sections of the plates of the Pennsylvanian chiton Euleptochiton spatulatus (Hoare, Sturgeon and Hoare 1972) show the pattern and sizes of the aesthete canals. In general the canals are slightly curved extending from the dorsal surface to the ventral surface. Canals close to the articulamentum layer curve upward around the layer and run longitudinally parallel to the dorsal surface before curving to the dorsal surface or extending to the anterior margin. Canals near the lateral and anterior margins curve laterally to the margins. The canals average .05 mm in diameter and are spaced .01 mm apart. Micraesthete and megalaesthete...

  5. Impact of Lonicera maackii on Decomposition Rates of Native Leaf Litter in a Southwestern Ohio Woodland

    Blair, Brent C.; Stowasser, Annette
    The potential for invasive non-native plant species to alter forest ecosystem dynamics is an increasing concern among ecologists. However, while it is clear that invasives have a detrimental impact on native plant species, less is known about how the invasives affect the host habitat. One hypothesis suggests nutrient dynamics at and below the soil surface may be critical. This study investigated the differences in leaf litter decomposition between Lonicera maackii (an invasive shrub) and two native woody species (A. saccharum and Q. rubra). We evaluated mass loss rates from each of the species examined as well as two-species combinations of litter...

  6. Ohio’s Academic Goals Humbled - Opinion

    Geis, Philip A.
    Ohio Academy of Science

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  9. Ohio EPA, Ohio Academy of Science Select Environmental Scholarship Awardees

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