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  1. Suggested visual hallucinations in and out of hypnosis

    Mazzoni, Giuliana; Rotriquenz, Elisabetta; Carvalho, Cláudia Maria Constante Ferreira de; Vannucci, Manila; Roberts, Kathrine; Kirsch, Irving
    We administered suggestions to see a gray-scale pattern as colored and a colored pattern in shades of gray to 30 high suggestible and eight low suggestible students. The suggestions were administered twice, once following the induction of hypnosis and once without an induction. Besides rating the degree of color they saw in the stimuli differently, participants also rated their states of consciousness as normal, relaxed, hypnotized, or deeply hypnotized. Reports of being hypnotized were limited to highly suggestible participants and only after the hypnotic induction had been administered. Reports of altered color perception were also limited to high suggestibles, but were roughly comparable regardless of whether hypnosis had...

  2. Psychotherapy with physically disabled patients

    Oliveira, Rui Aragão Gomes; Milliner, Eric K.; Page, Richard
    The psychological sequelae of physical impairments present complex challenges for scientiftc investigation and clinical practice. This paper explores some ofthe psychodynamic factors that are relevant to the experience of heing physically handicapped, which may either impede or facilitate rehahilitation efforts. The importance of psychotherapy is illustrated hy the case of a female with paraplegia who struggled with an impass in physical rehabilitation following a medullary stroke. Impediments to progress created hy the unconscious countertransference of her care providers are also examined.

  3. The effect of posthypnotic suggestion, hypnotic suggesttibility, and goal intentions on adherence to medical instructions

    Carvalho, Cláudia Maria Constante Ferreira de; Mazzoni, Giuliana; Kirsch, Irving; Meo, Maria; Santandrea, Maura
    The effects of implementation intentions and posthypnotic suggestion were investigated in 2 studies. In Experiment 1, participants with high levels of hypnotic suggestibility were instructed to take placebo pills as part of an investigation of how to best enhance compliance with medical instruction. In Experiment 2, participants with high, medium, and low levels of hypnotic suggestibility were asked to run in place, take their pulse rate before, and send an e-mail report to the experimenter each day. Experiment 1 revealed enhanced adherence as a function of both implementation intentions and posthypnotic suggestion. Experiment 2 failed to find any significant main effects but found a...

  4. Portuguese norms for the Harvard Group Scale of Hypnotic Susceptibility, Form A

    Carvalho, Cláudia Maria Constante Ferreira de
    The Portuguese version of the Harvard Group Scale of Hypnotic Susceptibility, Form A (HGSHS:A) was administered to 313 Portuguese college students. Score distribution, item pass rates, item analysis, and reliability of the HGSHS:A are presented and compared to earlier published reference samples. No differences were found between males and females. Reliability of the HGSHS:A Portuguese version was lower than that reported by most of the studies but within the range of the non-English versions. In general, Portuguese data are congruent with the reference samples and the Portuguese translation of the HGSHS:A. It appears to be a viable instrument for primary screening of hypnotic suggestibility...

  5. From Monet's paintings to Margaret's ducks

    Sousa, Daniel Cunha Monteiro de
    This paper deals with a number of aspects related to the application of phenomenology in the area of research. It focuses particularly on some aspects, present in some literature, that the author considers as non-consensual. A number of reasons are propounded to explain the phenomenological principles and application of these within the context of research. The strengthening of the available methodologies of phenomenological research is upheld, as a counterpoint to the fostering of an unlimited number of methodologies currently in fashion in qualitative research. The importance of reflecting on the concept of method is also referred to as well as...

  6. The world of the text and existential-phenomenological psychotherapy

    Sousa, Daniel Cunha Monteiro de
    Hermeneutical phenomenology as put forward by Paul Ricoeur is subject to analysis, mainly when it comes to its Heideggerian roots and the notion of the world of text. The therapist is therefore confronted with two problems: moving away from the dialogue model and refusal of hermeneutics to accept a psychology of the subject. The textual paradigm is then compared with human action thus encompassing a response to the problem posed by explanation versus understanding. The author's contributions are compared against Jerome Brunner's cultural psychology and psychotherapy, namely against existential-phenomenological approaches.

  7. A short note underlying reflection on psychotherapy research

    Sousa, Daniel Cunha Monteiro de
    The text is based on two articles dealing with psychotherapy research -- how existential therapists interact with research issues (Cooper, 2004; Mahrer and Boulet; 2004). Some of the topics introduced by the authors are reviewed and a number of reasons are then presented to show the importance of research on psychotherapy, independent of the theoretical framework of the therapist. Besides, these push factors were examined by leading researchers in the field of existential phenomenology and the question is still a moot point among major academics. It is argued that existential therapists may play an important and unlimited role in psychotherapy...

  8. Phenomenological psychology Husserl’s static and genetic methods

    Sousa, Daniel Cunha Monteiro de
    A new framework for phenomenological psychology is proposed based on Husserl’s static and genetic methods. Static phenomenology holds a eidetic psychology centred on the processes of noetic-noematic constitution and elaborates typologies and general notions about human beings in connection with the world. Genetic analysis is research into facticity, it focus on the personal history of a subject, which is constantly in the process of becoming. When the temporal dimension of consciousness is considered, the phenomenological method becomes ‘static’, as it excludes the factitious dimension of self, its personal and individual history, sedimented in layers of meaning, which are in part pre-reflective, non-thematic and anonymous to the self, but which nevertheless...

  9. Desarrollo personal en grupo con mayores a través de técnicas de expresión corporal y psicodrama: Un estudio de caso

    Pedroso de Lima, Margarida; Gonzalez, António José C. A.
    La tendencia al aumento de la población de edades superiores a los 65 años supone simultáneamente preocupaciones y desafíos. De estos se derivan los esfuerzos llevados a cabo para mantener la calidad de vida de esta población, reforzar las estructuras informales y comunitarias de apoyo a los mayores y combatir los prejuicios relativos al envejecimiento, que condicionan el tipo de intervenciones a desarrollar. En este artículo se presentarán los resultados de una experiencia terapéutica con un grupo de personas de edades comprendidas entre los 70 y los 91 años. La intervención ha durado 6 meses y se han utilizado, además de técnicas verbales, técnicas de expresión corporal...

  10. Verbal learning and memory deficits in mild cognitive impairment

    Ribeiro, Filipa; Guerreiro, Manuela; Mendonça, Alexandre de
    Criteria for amnestic MCI rely on the use of delayed recall tasks to establish the presence of memory impairment. This study applied the California Verbal Learning Test to detail memory performance in MCI patients (n = 70), as compared to control subjects (n = 92) and AD patients (n = 21). Learning across the 5 trials was different among the 3 groups. Learning strategy was also different, the MCI group showing less semantic clustering than the control group. However, both MCI patients and controls could benefit from semantic cueing. This study showed that beyond consolidation deficits, MCI patients have marked difficulties in acquisition and recall...

  11. Autobiographical memories in major depressive disorder

    Cláudio, Victor; Aurélio, João Garcez; Machado, Paulo Manuel Pinto Pereira Almeida
    The objective of this research was to study the relation between the processing and recall of information in major depressive disorder. An autobiographical memory task was applied to 42 subjects with a diagnosis of major depressive disorder, 28 subjects with a diagnosis of panic disorder and 51 subjects without any psychological disorder. We used clinical scales for the evaluation of depression and anxiety. The results of the three groups, and both assessment periods of depressed subjects, were compared. The results indicate the existence, in severely depressed subjects, of a bias in processing and recalling negative information. We associate this situation to the existence of negative contents...

  12. Significant events in existential psychotherapy: The client’s perspective

    Oliveira, Ana; Sousa, Daniel Cunha Monteiro de; Pires, António Augusto Pazo
    Three ex-clients were interviewed about significant events occurring within existential therapy. Data was analysed through a descriptive phenomenological method (Giorgi, 2009). All participants identify a powerful therapist, an authentic alliance, a non-judgemental environment, validation of subjectivity and a cooperative approach. Two participants also identify therapist disclosure and reflection/experiential restructuring events.

  13. A cross-cultural perspective on psychological determinants of chronic fatigue syndrome: A comparison between a portuguese and a dutch patient sample

    Marques, Marta Moreira; De Gucht, Véronique; Leal, Isabel Pereira; Maes, Stan
    Background Few studies focus on cross-cultural differences in Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Purpose This study aimed to (1) compare fatigue severity and impairment, somatic complaints, psychological distress, and quality of life (QoL) in a population of Portuguese and Dutch patients; (2) explore the differential contribution of behavioral and cognitive determinants of fatigue severity; and (3) investigate the relation between fatigue severity and somatic complaints on one hand and QoL on the other in both populations. Method Eighty-five female patients from Portugal (Mean age0 47.54) and 167 female CFS patients from The Netherlands (Mean age044.93) participated in the study. All participants were surveyed for demographic and clinical characteristics, fatigue severity, somatic symptoms, psychological distress, (physical and...

  14. The Internet profiles of men who have sex with men within bareback websites

    Nodin, Nuno; Valera, Pamela; Ventuneac, Ana; Maynard, Emily; Carballo-Diéguez, Alex
    The Internet has become a venue for men who have sex with men to search for sexual partners. Some of these men intentionally seek unprotected anal intercourse with other men (‘bareback’ sex). This paper focuses on the creation, use, and content of Internet personal profiles of men who have sex with men in the greater New York City metropolitan area who use bareback sites for sexual networking. We used a mixedmethods approach to examine data from a cybercartography of Internet sites conducted during the first phase of the research (199 personal profiles) and from in-depth interviews conducted during its second phase (120 men who have sex with...

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