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Ohio Journal of Science: Volume 110, Issue 2 (April, 2010)

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  2. An Anomalous Breccia Associated with the Serpent Mound Impact Crater, Southern Ohio

    Milam, Keith A.; Hester, Adam; Malinski, Peter
    An anomalous carbonate breccia in the Serpent Mound impact crater in southwestern Ohio was examined and possible depositional/emplacement mechanisms were evaluated in an effort to determine its origin. This breccia was likely formed by sedimentary deposition and subsequent weathering during the Middle-Late Silurian prior to the Serpent Mound impact event. This origin is supported by the lateral extent of the breccia, the elevation range over which it is exposed, its spatial association with Middle-Upper Silurian strata, a mineral assemblage limited to dolomite, compositional homogeneity, and its similarity to Middle-Upper Silurian geologic units. Field observations, mineralogy, and geochemical analyses do not...

  3. The Effect Of Participation In A Stone Laboratory Workshop (A Place-Based Environmental Education Program) On Student Affect Toward Science

    Malinowski, Jennifer; Fortner, Rosanne W.
    This case study measures how participation in a one-and-one-half-day place-based environmental education program (the F.T. Stone Laboratory student workshop) influences the affect component of attitudes (otherwise defined as “feelings”) toward science among sixth grade students. Prior to and following a Stone Laboratory workshop, students were surveyed regarding how they felt about science. Across the entire sample (n=90) there was a small but consistent positive change in student response on the written survey, suggesting that participation in the Stone Lab workshop has a positive influence on general affect toward science in the short-term. Analysis by defined subscales was also conducted, highlighting...

  4. Flora of the Erie Islands: A Review of Floristic, Ecological and Historical Research and Conservation Activities, 1976 – 2010

    Duncan, Thomas; Brohl, Lisa; Kartesz, John; Oldham, Michael J.; Stuckey, Ronald L.
    The purpose of this review is to survey the floristic, ecological and historical research about the Erie Islands and its flora since 1976 and to describe efforts to conserve Erie Island habitats. Island location records, surveys and multi-island inventories reveal that over 1,000 vascular plant taxa are known from the Erie Islands and new records continue to be found. Alvar habitats, rare globally, occur on the Erie Islands and are a focus of conservation efforts. Forest composition is primarily related to island elevation above lake level and moisture availability. Patterns of succession in abandoned vineyards and orchards are not the...

  5. Regulations Overshadow Science in Ohio’s Educational Standards - Opinion

    Geis, Philip A.
    Ohio Academy of Science

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