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Ohio Journal of Science: Volume 110, Issue 3 (June, 2010)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. What are Science, Technology and Engineering? - White Paper

    Ohio Academy of Science, Board of Trustees

  3. Obituaries

  4. Evidence of Maximum Age of the Serpent Mound Impact Event from Shatter Cones - Brief Note

    Milam, Keith A.; Gabreski, Chad; Baranoski, Mark; Miller, David W.
    Author Institution: Department of Geological Sciences, Ohio University

  5. Seasonal, Taxonomic, and Local Habitat Components of Bird-window Collisions on an Urban University Campus in Cleveland, OH

    Borden, W. Calvin; Lockhart, Owen M.; Jones, Andrew W.; Lyons, Mark S.
    Migrating birds congregate near the shores of Lake Erie during migration and may be funneled through small green spaces within the urban matrix of Great Lake coastal cities, where they are at risk of higher mortality from manmade structures. Bird deaths due to window collisions were assessed amongst a complex of low-rise buildings (<30 m) on a university campus in Cleveland, OH. A 1.8 km route was surveyed three times per week during a 12-month period. Deaths were tested against null hypotheses that season, taxonomy, and building attributes had no significant relationship with avian mortality. We recovered 271 dead birds of...

  6. A Revised Diameter for the Serpent Mound Impact Crater in Southern Ohio

    Milam, Keith A.
    Previous studies of the Serpent Mound impact crater in southern Ohio have identified only two of the three important landforms associated with complex impact craters: the central peak and the surrounding graben (the latter coinciding with area beneath the crater floor). The third landform, the crater rim, was never identified. The diameter (7 to 8 km) of the area that encompasses both the central peak and ring graben was previously offered as the diameter of the crater, which was not representative of the full extent of this crater. Morphometric analysis, a reexamination of the local morphology, and delineation of structural...

  7. Front Matter

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