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Ohio Journal of Science: Volume 110, Issue 5 (December, 2010)

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  4. Influence of Perinatal Exposure to a Polychlorinated Biphenyl Mixture on Learning and Memory, Hippocampal Size, and Estrogen Receptor-Beta Expression

    Desai, Avanti N.; McFarland, Ashley; Cromwell, Howard Casey; Meserve, Lee A.
    Perinatal exposure to PCB has been reported to cause a variety of health effects including endocrine disruption, and immunologic, reproductive, neurologic, and behavioral deficits. In the present study, a mixture of two PCB congeners, one noncoplanar (PCB 47) and one coplanar (PCB 77), were administered to young female Sprague-Dawley rats by route of maternal dietary consumption (either 12.5 ppm or 25.0 ppm, w/w). Impact on learning and memory were examined by radial arm maze on postnatal day 24-27. After behavioral tests were completed, the rats were transcardially perfused, and brains were excised. Immunohistochemistry for ER- β was carried out on...

  5. Water Resources and Wastewater Reuse: Perceptions of Students at The Ohio State University Campus

    Vedachalam, Sridhar; Mancl, Karen M.
    As global population increases and more people achieve higher standards of living, the availability of freshwater across the world may be threatened in the coming decades. Reuse of wastewater is seen as one of the many solutions that can reduce the need for freshwater and lead to long-term sustainability. However, the concept of wastewater reuse does not elicit unconditional public support. Universities worldwide have taken the lead in creating water management programs for their local watersheds. Students at the main campus of The Ohio State University were surveyed for their opinions on water resources and wastewater reuse using an online questionnaire....

  6. Observations of Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia purpurea L.) Phytotelm Conditions from Two Populations in Jackson Bog, Stark County, OH

    Hamilton, Robert IV
    The physical and chemical characteristics of pitcher plant leaf fluid, or phytotelm, influence the phytotelm inhabitants, which in turn affect plant fitness. Phytotelm conditions vary between seasons yet few studies sample in multiple seasons or during the winter in portions of the plant’s range where winter freezing normally occurs. Phytotelm conditions were characterized in two populations of Sarracenia purpurea L. in Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve, Jackson Township, Stark County, OH. Twenty leaves were arbitrarily sampled from each population once every ten days from November 2008 to September 2009. Phytotelm characteristics were compared between populations and with bog water adjacent to...

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