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  1. A diverse set of family 48 bacterial glycoside hydrolase cellulases created by structure-guided recombination

    Smith, Matthew A.; Rentmeister, Andrea; Snow, Christopher D.; Wu, Timothy; Farrow, Mary F.; Mingardon, Florence; Arnold, Frances H.
    Sequence diversity within a family of functional enzymes provides a platform for elucidating structure–function relationships and for protein engineering to improve properties important for applications. Access to nature's vast sequence diversity is often limited by the fact that only a few enzymes have been characterized in a given family. Here, we recombined the catalytic domains of three glycoside hydrolase family 48 bacterial cellulases (Cel48; EC – Clostridium cellulolyticum CelF, Clostridium stercorarium CelY, and Clostridium thermocellum CelS – to create a diverse library of Cel48 enzymes with an average of 106 mutations from the closest native enzyme. Within this set,...
    (application/zip) - 12-sep-2017

  2. Evaluation of the Thermodynamic Properties of H_2 Binding in Solid State Dihydrogen Complexes [M(η^2‑H_2)(CO)dppe_2][BArF^(24)] (M = Mn, Tc, Re): An Experimental and First Principles Study

    Abrecht, David G.; Fultz, Brent
    The solid state complex [Mn(CO)dppe_2][BArF^(24)] was synthesized, and the thermodynamic behavior and properties of the hydrogen absorption reaction to form the dihydrogen complex [Mn(η^2-H_2)dppe_2][BArF^(24)] were measured over the temperature range 313–373 K and pressure range 0–600 Torr using the Sieverts method. The absorption behavior was accurately described by Langmuir isotherms, and enthalpy and entropy values of ΔH° = −52.2 kJ/mol and ΔS° = −99.6 J/(mol K) for the absorption reaction were obtained from the Langmuir equilibrium constant. The observed binding strength was similar to metal hydrides and other organometallic complexes, despite rapid kinetics suggesting a site-binding mechanism similar to physisorption...
    (application/pdf) - 28-ago-2017

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