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  1. The archaeological potential of central Cape Town

    Abrahams, Gabebah

  2. Mozambican foreign policy and the West 1975-1984

    Serapaio, Luis Benjamin

  3. The new role of South Africa's security establishment

    Grundy, Kenneth W.

  4. Index to the Munger Africana Library Notes, Volumes I-V, 1970-1975, Numbers 1-29.

    Fairchild, Wilma

  5. The use of proverbs and superstitions in J.P. Clark's plays

    Masembe, Harriet

  6. One hundred quotations from the Sub-Sahara

    McCloud, Sue

  7. Cross-cultural attitudes toward the use of reclaimed water in SWA-Namibia

    Turpin, Barbara

  8. Christians in Chad: responding to God, responding to war

    Chèvre, Georges

  9. Isak Dinesen/Karen Blixen: a homage

    Welles, Orson; Thurman, Judith; Price, Birgitte; Feiler, Florence

  10. The new South African diplomats: Sean Cleary, #2 man in Namibia

    Munger, Ned; Berto, Thomas; Butler, William

  11. Human rights violation in Uganda under Obote

    Lule, Jusef

  12. African protest movements in Southern Rhodesia before 1930: an ideological appreciation of the socio-political roots of the protest movements

    Makambe, E. P.

  13. Mokele-Mbembe: an investigation into rumors concerning a strange animal in the Republic of the Congo, 1981

    Regusters, Herman A.

  14. Primitivism and other misconceptions of African art

    Eyo, Ekpo

  15. Some African poems in English

    Césaire, Aimé; Eshleman, Clayton; Smith, Annette

  16. Mugabe's Zimbabwe: lessons and problems. Sam Nujoma: portrait of a SWAPO leader

    Kamusikiri, J.; Hendrik, Colleen

  17. Sino-African relations 1949-1976

    Bermingham, Jack; Clausen, Edwin

  18. Elsa Joubert's The Long Journey of Poppie Nongena; significance, synopsis, reviews

    Munger, Edwin S.; Steytler, Klaas

  19. Reproduction of "Some String Figures from North East Angola"

    Leakey, M. D.; Leakey, L. S. B.

  20. The Buthelezi Commission

    Munger, Edwin S.

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