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  1. Evolution of a species: science journals published on the Internet

    Clement, Gail
    An excellent overview of the current state of electronic science journals, including where they have come from and where they may be headed. Although focused entirely on science journals, many of the observations are also appropriate for journals in other disciplines. Clement includes a number of pointers to key electronic journal resources. Sidebars include a list of current or planned electronic science journals, and informative case studies of specific titles (Review by Roy Tennant, Current Cites 5(11), Nov 1994)

  2. Merck Index - 12th Edition on CD-ROM - for the Macintosh

    Roth, Dana Lincoln
    The Merck Index (12th edition on CD-ROM, Version 12: 1, 1996) for the Apple Macintosh requires a Macintosh with PowerPC (PPC) or 68040 processor, a color monitor (at least 640 x 480 pixels, and 256 colors), a quad speed CD-ROM drive, 8 Mb RAM and 12 Mb hard disk space), and a System 7.5 (or higher) operating system. Installation of the software, although both poorly documented and not intuitively obvious, appears fairly Macintosh standard. In the absence of a local systems support staff, toll free numbers and an e-mail connection are available from the publisher.

  3. IUPACSEARCH 1.0 (for DOS)

    Roth, Dana L.
    IUPACSEARCH (version 1.0) is a bibliographic database that provides summaries of nomenclature and symbol recommendations, as well as technical reports, published in Pure and Applied Chemistry from 1960-1992. References to basic IUPAC nomenclature books are also included.

  4. Computer Software Reviews. BioAlmanac [CD-ROM]

    Roth, Dana L.
    The BioAlmanac ("your protein reference library on a disk") is a CD-ROM product that allows users to retrieve a wide variety of biochemical information about proteins-both purification and characterization data. By integrating the Protein Biochemical and Purification Database (PBPD) with the Protein Identification Resource (PIR) and Swiss-Prot protein sequence databases and the GenBank genetic sequence database, BioAlmanac has produced a unique and potentially useful product.

  5. Computer Software Reviews. Pro-Cite for the Macintosh, Version 2.0

    Roth, Dana L.
    Pro-Cite for the Macintosh (version 2.0) is a very comprehensive database management program and a bibliography maker that has been well described. Quoting from the promotional material, "... upgrade offers many significant enhancements, including (3X) faster operations, larger databases (100K records), and all new documentation. Databases created with versions 1.3X can be easily converted to version 2.0". While this reviewer did not have access to either the Pro-Search or Biblio-links modules, the updated versions currently under development will presumably perform as previously reviewed.

  6. Check us out: Librarians as departmental PR agents

    Wrublewski, Donna; Leonard, Michelle
    In these days of competition and rankings, every department is vying for the best graduate students. The Chem. department at the University of Florida has been taking steps to increase its web presence and advertise the research of its graduate department. This talk will discuss the role of the science librarian as advisor to this process, including compiling publication lists, negotiating publication restrictions to provide access to published research, and streamlining the collection and dissemination of department achievements. At UF, a local implementation of the VIVO Network, which enables the discovery of research and scholarship across disciplines, is being implemented to achieve these goals. The Marston...

  7. On the fly collection development to support emergent energy research initiatives

    Wrublewski, Donna T.; Porter, George S.; Roth, Dana L.
    Within the last few years, two major energy research initiatives have been undertaken on the Caltech campus: the Resnick Sustainability Institute (RSI) and the Joint Center for Artifical Photosynthesis (JCAP). RSI's research includes the production of electricity and fuels from renewable sources, the distribution and storage of energy, and other sustainability projects. JCAP's area of research is focused on achieving a system of artificial photosynthesis for utilizing solar energy. Both of these projects require resources from a broad range of fields, including chemistry, physics, biology, environmental &systems engineering, and more. This talk will give a brief description of some of...

  8. Elements of research misconduct

    Wrublewski, Donna; Leonard, Michelle
    What do scientists, educators, librarians, and game designers all have in common. In the fall of 2010, this team at the University of Florida was awarded a grant from the NSF to support Gaming Against Plagiarism (GAP). The purpose is to develop a self-directed, interactive, online game to educate STEM graduate students to recognize and avoid plagiarism, including falsification and fabrication of data. GAP's intellectual merit lies in its goal of training these students in U.S. institutions to function effectively and ethically as authors within multinational research teams. This talk will discuss the four phases of the game: preliminary content development, design and development, usability, and...

  9. Anything BUT overlooked: Librarians teaching scientific communication skills at the University of Florida

    Wrublewski, Donna T.; Buhler, Amy; Gonzalez, Sara; Johnson, Margeaux
    Over the past 7 years, faculty science librarians at the University of Florida have developed and taught a three-credit Honors program course entitled "Discovering Research and Communicating Science". The goal of this course is to prep. students (primarily freshmen) to begin undergraduate research, and thus teaches the ancillary skills often overlooked in advanced electives: searching and evaluating scientific literature, prepg. a scientific poster, and writing scientific abstrs. and papers. Guest researchers visit throughout the semester to expose students to undergraduate research opportunities and talk about success in research and other professional opportunities. This talk will discuss the motivation, organization, and ongoing development of the course over its...

  10. The needs of library users

    Roth, Dana L.
    The needs of library users are described in the context of a self-service, user-oriented library. "Introduction: It is estimated that the average scientist spends between 20 and 25 per cent of his working time searching for information. Because of this, it is obviously desirable that information needs should be studied with a view to improving the libraries' role as an information transfer agent."

  11. Sensitivity to Gravitational Waves from Compact Binary Coalescences Achieved during LIGO's Fifth and Virgo's First Science Run

    Abadie, J.; Abbott, B. P.; Abbott, R.; Abernathy, M.; Accadia, T.; Acernese, F.; Adams, C.; Adhikari, Rana X.; Ajith, P.; Allen, B.; Allen, G.; Amador Ceron, E.; Amin, R. S.; Anderson, S. B.; Anderson , W. G.; Antonucci, F.; Aoudia, S.; Arain, M. A.; Araya, M.; Aronsson, M.; Arun, K. G.; Aso, Y.; Aston, S.; Astone, P.; Atkinson, D. E.; Aufmuth, P.; Aulbert, C.; Babak, S.; Baker, P.; Ballardin, G.; Ballmer, S.; Barker, D.; Barnum, S.; Barone, F.; Barr, B.; Barriga, P.; Barsotti, L.; Barsuglia, M.; Barton, M. A.; Bartos, I.; Bassiri, R.; Bastarrika, M.; Bauchrowitz, J.; Bauer, Th. S.; Behnke, B.; Beker, M. G.; Benacquista, M.; Bertolini, A.; Betzwieser, J.; Beveridge, N.; Beyersdorf, P. T.; Bigotta, S.; Bilenko, I. A.; Billingsley, G.; Birchall, J.; Birindelli, S.; Biswas, R.; Bitossi, M.; Bizouard, M. A.; Black, E.; Blackburn, J. K.; Blackburn, L.; Blair, D.; Bland, B.; Blom, M.; Boccara, C.; Bock, O.; Bodiya, T. P.; Bondarescu, R.; Bondu, F.; Bonelli, L.; Bork, R.; Born, M.; Bose, S.; Bosi, L.; Boyle, M.; Braccini, S.; Bradaschia, C.; Brady, P. R.; Braginsky, V. B.; Brau, J. E.; Breyer, J.; Bridges, D. O.; Brillet, A.; Brinkmann, M.; Brisson, V.; Britzger, M.; Brooks, A. F.; Brown, D. A.; Budzyński, R.; Bulik, T.; Bulten, H. J.; Buonanno, A.; Burguet-Castell, J.; Burmeister, O.; Buskulic, D.; Byer, R. L.; Cadonati, L.; Cagnoli, G.; Calloni, E.; Camp, J. B.; Campagna, E.; Campsie, P.; Cannizzo, J.; Cannon, K. C.; Canuel, B.; Cao, J.; Capano, C. D.; Carbognani, F.; Caride, S.; Caudill, S.; Cavaglià, M.; Cavalier, F.; Cavalieri, R.; Cella, G.; Cepeda, C.; Cesarini, E.; Chalermsongsak, T.; Chalkley, E.; Charlton, P.; Chassande-Mottin, E.; Chelkowski, S.; Chen, Yanbei; Chincarini, A.; Christensen, N.; Chua, S. S. Y.; Chung, C. T. Y.; Clark, D.; Clark, J.; Clayton, J. H.; Cleva, F.; Coccia, E.; Colacino, C. N.; Colas, J.; Colla, A.; Colombini, M.; Conte, R.; Cook, D.; Corbitt, T. R.; Corda, C.; Cornish, N.; Corsi, A.; Costa, C. A.; Coulon, J. -P.; Coward, D.; Coyne, D. C.; Creighton, J. D. E.; Creighton, T. D.; Cruise, A. M.; Culter, R. M.; Cumming, A.; Cunningham, L.; Cuoco, E.; Dahl, K.; Danilishin, S. L.; Dannenberg, R.; D'Antonio, S.; Danzmann, K.; Dari, A.; Das, K.; Dattilo, V.; Daudert, B.; Davier, M.; Davies, G.; Davis, A.; Daw, E. J.; Day, R.; Dayanga, T.; De Rosa, R.; DeBra, D.; Degallaix, J.; Del Prete, M.; Dergachev, V.; DeRosa, R.; DeSalvo, R.; Devanka, P.; Dhurandhar, S.; Di Fiore, L.; Di Lieto, A.; Di Palma, I.; Di Paolo Emilio, M.; Di Virgilio, A.; Díaz, M.; Dietz, A.; Donovan, F.; Dooley, K. L.; Doomes, E. E.; Dorsher, S.; Douglas, E. S. D.; Drago, M.; Drever, R. W. P.; Driggers, J. C.; Dueck, J.; Dumas, J. -C.; Eberle, T.; Edgar, M.; Edwards, M. L.; Effler, A.; Ehrens, P.; Engel, R.; Etzel, T.; Evans, M.; Evans, T.; Fafone, V.; Fairhurst, S.; Fan, Y.; Farr, B. F.; Fazi, D.; Fehrmann, H.; Feldbaum, D.; Ferrante, I.; Fidecaro, F.; Finn, L. S.; Fiori, I.; Flaminio, R.; Flanigan, M.; Flasch, K.; Foley, S.; Forrest, C.; Forsi, E.; Fotopoulos, N.; Fournier, J. -D.; Franc, J.; Frasca, S.; Frasconi, F.; Frede, M.; Frei, M.; Frei, Z.; Freise, A.; Frey, R.; Fricke, T. T.; Friedrich, D.; Fritschel, P.; Frolov, V. V.; Fulda, P.; Fyffe, M.; Gammaitoni, L.; Garofoli, J. A.; Garufi, F.; Gemme, G.; Genin, E.; Gennai, A.; Gholami, I.; Ghosh, S.; Giaime, J. A.; Giampanis, S.; Giardina, K. D.; Giazotto, A.; Gill, C.; Goetz, E.; Goggin, L. M.; González, G.; Gorodetsky, M. L.; Goßler, S.; Gouaty, R.; Graef, C.; Granata, M.; Grant, A.; Gras, S.; Gray, C.; Greenhalgh, R. J. S.; Gretarsson, A. M.; Greverie, C.; Grosso, R.; Grote, H.; Grunewald, S.; Guidi, G. M.; Gustafson, E. K.; Gustafson, R.; Hage, B.; Hall, P.; Hallam, J. M.; Hammer, D.; Hammond, G.; Hanks, J.; Hanna, C.; Hanson, J.; Harms, J.; Harry, G. M.; Harry, I. W.; Harstad, E. D.; Haughian, K.; Hayama, K.; Heefner, J.; Heitmann, H.; Hello, P.; Heng, I. S.; Heptonstall, A.; Hewitson, M.; Hild, S.; Hirose, E.; Hoak, D.; Hodge, K. A.; Holt, K.; Hosken, D. J.; Hough, J.; Howell, E.; Hoyland, D.; Huet, D.; Hughey, B.; Husa, S.; Huttner, S. H.; Huynh-Dinh, T.; Ingram, D. R.; Inta, R.; Isogai, T.; Ivanov, A.; Jaranowski, P.; Johnson, W. W.; Jones, D. I.; Jones, G.; Jones, R.; Ju, L.; Kalmus, P.; Kalogera, V.; Kandhasamy, S.; Kanner, J.; Katsavounidis, E.; Kawabe, K.; Kawamura, S.; Kawazoe, F.; Kells, W.; Keppel, D. G.; Khalaidovski, A.; Khalili, F. Y.; Khazanov, E. A.; Kim, C.; Kim, H.; King, P. J.; Kinzel, D. L.; Kissel, J. S.; Klimenko, S.; Kondrashov, V.; Kopparapu, R.; Koranda, S.; Kowalska, I.; Kozak, D.; Krause, T.; Kringel, V.; Krishnamurthy, S.; Krishnan, B.; Krolak, A.; Kuehn, G.; Kullman, J.; Kumar, R.; Kwee, P.; Landry, M.; Lang, M.; Lantz, B.; Lastzka, N.; Lazzarini, A.; Leaci, P.; Leong, J.; Leonor, I.; Leroy, N.; Letendre, N.; Li, J.; Li, T. G. F.; Lin, H.; Lindquist, P. E.; Lockerbie, N. A.; Lodhia, D.; Lorenzini, M.; Loriette, V.; Lormand, M.; Losurdo, G.; Lu, P.; Luan, J.; Lubinski, M.; Lucianetti, A.; Lück, H.; Lundgren, A.; Machenschalk, B.; MacInnis, M.; Mackowski, J. M.; Mageswaran, M.; Mailand, K.; Majorana, E.; Mak, C.; Man, N.; Mandel, I.; Mandic, V.; Mantovani, M.; Marchesoni, F.; Marion, F.; Márka, S.; Márka, Z.; Maros, E.; Marque, J.; Martelli, F.; Martin, I. W.; Martin, R. M.; Marx, J. N.; Mason, K.; Masserot, A.; Matichard, F.; Matone, L.; Matzner, R. A.; Mavalvala, N.; McCarthy, R.; McClelland, D. E.; McGuire, S. C.; McIntyre, G.; McIvor, G.; McKechan, D. J. A.; Meadors, G.; Mehmet, M.; Meier, T.; Melatos, A.; Melissinos, A. C.; Mendell, G.; Menéndez, D. F.; Mercer, R. A.; Merill, L.; Meshkov, S.; Messenger, C.; Meyer, M. S.; Miao, H.; Michel, C.; Milano, L.; Miller, J.; Minenkov, Y.; Mino, Y.; Mitra, S.; Mitrofanov, V. P.; Mitselmakher, G.; Mittleman, R.; Moe, B.; Mohan, M.; Mohanty, S. D.; Mohapatra, S. R. P.; Moraru, D.; Moreau, J.; Moreno, G.; Morgado, N.; Morgia, A.; Morioka, T.; Mors, K.; Mosca, S.; Moscatelli, V.; Mossavi, K.; Mours, B.; MowLowry, C.; Mueller, G.; Mukherjee, S.; Mullavey, A.; Müller-Ebhardt, H.; Munch, J.; Murray, P. G.; Nash, T.; Nawrodt, R.; Nelson, J.; Neri, I.; Newton, G.; Nishizawa, A.; Nocera, F.; Nolting, D.; Ochsner, E.; O'Dell, J.; Ogin, G. H.; Oldenburg, R. G.; O'Reilly, B.; O'Shaughnessy, R.; Osthelder, C.; Ottaway, D. J.; Ottens, R. S.; Overmier, H.; Owen, B. J.; Page, A.; Pagliaroli, G.; Palladino, L.; Palomba, C.; Pan, Y.; Pankow, C.; Paoletti, F.; Papa, M. A.; Pardi, S.; Pareja, M.; Parisi, M.; Pasqualetti, A.; Passaquieti, R.; Passuello, D.; Patel, P.; Pedraza, M.; Pekowsky, L.; Penn, S.; Peralta, C.; Perreca, A.; Persichetti, G.; Pichot, M.; Pickenpack, M.; Piergiovanni, F.; Pietka, M.; Pinard, L.; Pinto, I. M.; Pitkin, M.; Pletsch, H. J.; Plissi, M. V.; Poggiani, R.; Postiglione, F.; Prato, M.; Predoi, V.; Price , L. R.; Prijatelj, M.; Principe, M.; Privitera, S.; Prix, R.; Prodi, G. A.; Prokhorov, L.; Puncken, O.; Punturo, M.; Puppo, P.; Quetschke, V.; Raab, F. J.; Rabaste, O.; Rabeling, D. S.; Radke, T.; Radkins, H.; Raffai, P.; Rakhmanov, M.; Rankins, B.; Rapagnani, P.; Raymond, V.; Re, V.; Reed, C. M.; Reed, T.; Regimbau, T.; Reid, S.; Reitze, D. H.; Ricci, F.; Riesen, R.; Riles, K.; Roberts, P.; Robertson, N. A.; Robinet, F.; Robinson, C.; Robinson, E. L.; Rocchi, A.; Roddy, S.; Röver, C.; Rolland, L.; Rollins, J.; Romano, J. D.; Romano, R.; Romie, J. H.; Rosińska, D.; Rowan, S.; Rüdiger, A.; Ruggi, P.; Ryan, K.; Sakata, S.; Sakosky, M.; Salemi, F.; Sammut, L.; Sancho de la Jordana, L.; Sandberg, V.; Sannibale, V.; Santamaría, L.; Santostasi, G.; Saraf, S.; Sassolas, B.; Sathyaprakash, B. S.; Sato, S.; Satterthwaite, M.; Saulson, P. R.; Savage, R.; Schilling, R.; Schnabel, R.; Schofield, R.; Schulz, B.; Schutz, B. F.; Schwinberg, P.; Scott, J.; Scott, S. M.; Searle, A. C.; Seifert, F.; Sellers, D.; Sengupta, A. S.; Sentenac, D.; Sergeev, A.; Shaddock, D.; Shapiro, B.; Shawhan, P.; Shoemaker, D. H.; Sibley, A.; Siemens, X.; Sigg, D.; Singer, A.; Sintes, A. M.; Skelton, G.; Slagmolen, B. J. J.; Slutsky, J.; Smith, J. R.; Smith, M. R.; Smith, N. D.; Somiya, K.; Sorazu, B.; Speirits, F. C.; Stein, A. J.; Stein, L. C.; Steinlechner, S.; Steplewski, S.; Stochino, A.; Stone, R.; Strain, K. A.; Strigin, S.; Stroeer, A.; Sturani, R.; Stuver, A. L.; Summerscales, T. Z.; Sung, M.; Susmithan, S.; Sutton, P. J.; Swinkels, B. L.; Talukder, D.; Tanner, D. B.; Tarabrin, S. P.; Taylor , J. R.; Taylor, R.; Thomas, P.; Thorne, K. A.; Thorne, K. S.; Thrane, E.; Thüring, A.; Titsler, C.; Tokmakov, K. V.; Toncelli, A.; Tonelli, M.; Torres, C.; Torrie, C. I.; Tournefier, E.; Travasso, F.; Traylor, G.; Trias, M.; Trummer, J.; Tseng, K.; Ugolini, D.; Urbanek, K.; Vahlbruch, H.; Vaishnav, B.; Vajente, G.; Vallisneri, M.; van den Brand, J. F. J.; Van Den Broeck, C.; van der Putten, S.; van der Sluys, M. V.; van Veggel, A. A.; Vass, S.; Vaulin, R.; Vavoulidis, M.; Vecchio, A.; Vedovato, G.; Veitch, J.; Veitch, P. J.; Veltkamp, C.; Verkindt, D.; Vetrano, F.; Viceré, A.; Villar, A.; Vinet, J. -Y.; Vocca, H.; Vorvick, C.; Vyachanin, S. P.; Waldman, S. J.; Wallace, L.; Wanner, A.; Ward, R. L.; Was, M.; Wei, P.; Weinert, M.; Weiss, R.; Wen, L.; Wen, S.; Wessels, P.; West, M.; Westphal, T.; Wette, K.; Whelan, J. T.; Whitcomb, S. E.; White, D. J.; Whiting, B. F.; Wilkinson, C.; Willems, P. A.; Williams, L.; Willke, B.; Winkelmann, L.; Winkler, W.; Wipf, C. C.; Wiseman, A. G.; Woan, G.; Wooley, R.; Worden, J.; Yakushin, I.; Yamamoto, H.; Yamamoto, K.; Yeaton-Massey, D.; Yoshida, S.; Yu, P. P.; Yvert, M.; Zanolin, M.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, Z.; Zhao, C.; Zotov, N.; Zucker, M. E.; Zweizig, J.; Belczynski, K.; Weinstein, Alan J.
    We summarize the sensitivity achieved by the LIGO and Virgo gravitational wave detectors for compact binary coalescence (CBC) searches during LIGO's fifth science run and Virgo's first science run. We present noise spectral density curves for each of the four detectors that operated during these science runs which are representative of the typical performance achieved by the detectors for CBC searches. These spectra are intended for release to the public as a summary of detector performance for CBC searches during these science runs.

  12. Index to Historical Astronomy Print Publications

    Knudsen, Helen Z.

  13. The Future of Librarianship in Science and Technology Libraries

    Roth, Dana L.
    Librarians, especially subject specialists in academic sci-tech libraries, appear to be facing a very perilous predicament. Two of their major job responsibilities, developing subject collections and providing face-to-face reference service, are in rapid decline. Budget cuts, publisher packages for books and a transition to cost-per-use evaluations for journal subscriptions all clearly diminish the need for active collection development. Meanwhile, because of changes in information-gathering habits, users increasingly approach reference librarians as a last resort.

  14. Moving Electronic Theses from ETD-db to EPrints : The Best of Both Worlds: A Project Briefing Presented at the CNI Spring 2010 Membership Meeting, Baltimore, MD, April 12, 2010

    Coles, Betsy; Johnson, Katherine
    Caltech Library Services' first digital archive came online in April 2001 using EPrints software from the University of Southampton. We began collecting electronic theses early as well: voluntary deposit of Ph.D. theses began in 2001, and became mandatory in July 2002. The thesis collection was hosted on the ETD-db software platform developed at Virginia Tech. By 2008 it became clear that we needed to consolidate our repository platforms. We decided to move our electronic theses to EPrints Version 3, the platform in use for our institutional repository. We did not, however, want to lose the many unique features of the...

  15. Exploring the SCOAP3 model for high energy physics : a new innovation in open access

    Douglas, Kimberly
    A new model for funding high energy physics (HEP) journals has emerged and is drawing concerted interest and questions from the library community—SCOAP3, the Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access in Particle Physics Publishing....This initiative redirects institutional journal subscription dollars through an international consortium to pay for peer-review management, editing and formatting services, and ensures author rights for open reuse and sharing of published papers, as well as instituting a bidding process to establish the price of these services.

  16. Web-accessible Chemical Compound Information

    Roth, Dana L.
    Web-accessible chemical compound information resources are widely available. In addition to fee-based resources, such as SciFinder Scholar and Beilstein, there is a wide variety of freely accessible resources such as ChemSpider and PubChem. The author provides a general description of various fee-based and free chemical compound resources. The free resources generally offer an acceptable alternative to fee-based resources for quick retrieval. It is assumed that readers will be familiar with The Merck Index, Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, and Knovel Critical Tables.

  17. FRPAA and NIH Mandate : A Blessing in Disguise for Scientific Society Publishers?

    Roth, Dana L.
    Society publishers are encouraged to view recent “Open Access” proposals as opportunities to expand access and balance subscription pricing with author contributions. This approach would hopefully avoid the difficulties inherent in the deposition and use of pre-publication manuscripts. Examples of reasonably priced society journals are presented along with comparison pricing of society and commercial journals. These examples suggest that society journals should be immune to cancellations, in contrast with the vulnerability of commercial journals.

  18. Science and Engineering Serials: Issues and Challenges in the Electronic Environment

    Michaelson, Robert C.; Ren, Anna Wu; Roth, Dana L.
    Pricing Issues: The Core Problem. Subscription Price Increases. Fluctuations in the Foreign Exchange Rate. ISI Impact Factors, Journal Quality, and Cost-Effectiveness. Questions of Content, Archiving, and Access.. Conclusion. Reference Notes.

  19. Looming Threats to Society Journals

    Douglas, Kimberly; Roth, Dana L.
    Now is not the time for members of professional scientific societies to be complacent or unengaged. The American Chemical Society Publications Division, as well as other learned society publishers, such as the Royal Society of Chemistry, may be overly confident that the obvious high quality of their journals will ensure their position against commercial competitors. In addition, when they resist open-access efforts, society publishers appear to be more aligned strategically with commercial publishers' short-term perspective than with the research community's need to easily access all relevant content over the long term. Societies need to adhere closely to their members' needs,...

  20. Exchange rate profiteering and cost-effectiveness of physics journals - 2006 Update

    Roth, Dana L.

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