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  1. Environmental factors which affect growth of Japanese common squid, Todarodes pacificus, analyzed by a bioenergetics model coupled with a lower trophic ecosystem model

    Kishi, Michio J.; Nakajima, Kazuto; Fujii, Masahiko; Hashioka, Taketo
    Bioenergetics model is applied to Japanese common squid, Todarodes pacificus. The temporal change of wet weight of common squid, which migrates in the Sea of Japan, is simulated. The time dependent horizontal distribution of prey is calculated a priori by 3-D coupled physical–biological model. The biological model NEMURO (North Pacific Ecosystem Model for Understanding Regional Oceanography) is used to simulate the lower-trophic ecosystem including three kinds of zooplankton biomass two of which is used as prey of common squid. A bioenergetics model reproduced appropriate growth curve of common squid, migrating in the North Pacific and the Sea of Japan. The...

  2. Chronological Notes on the Commissioned Japanese Whaling Factory Ships

    KAWAMURA, Akito

  3. 細菌の酵素に關する研究:第1報 塩辛より分離せる二、三の細菌のCatalaseに就て

    長尾, 淸; 木村, 喬久; 淸野, 彰

  4. 鹽辛の細菌學的研究:第2報 再び塩辛の熟成中に於ける成分の變化に就て

    長尾, 淸; 木村, 喬久

  5. NEMURO : a lower trophic level model for the North Pacific marine ecosystem

    Kishi, Michio J.; Kashiwai, Makoto; Ware, Daniel M.; Megrey, Bernard A.; Eslinger, David L.; Werner, Francisco E.; Noguchi-Aita, Maki; Azumaya, Tomonori; Fujii, Masahiko; Hashimoto, Shinji; Huang, Daji; Iizumi, Hitoshi; Ishida, Yukimasa; Kang, Sukyung; Kantakov, Gennady A.; Kim, Hyun-cheol; Komatsu, Kosei; Navrotsky, Vadim V.; Smith, S. Lan; Tadokoro, Kazuaki; Tsuda, Atsushi; Yamamura, Orio; Yamanaka, Yasuhiro; Yokouchi, Katsumi; Yoshie, Naoki; Zhang, Jing; Zuenkou, Yury I.; Zvalinsky, Vladimir I.
    The PICES CCCC (North Pacific Marine Science Organization, Climate Change and Carrying Capacity program) MODEL Task Team achieved a consensus on the structure of a prototype lower trophic level ecosystem model for the North Pacific Ocean, and named it the North Pacific Ecosystem Model for Understanding Regional Oceanography, “NEMURO”. Through an extensive dialog between modelers, plankton biologists and oceanographers, an extensive review was conducted to define NEMURO's process equations and their parameter values for distinct geographic regions. We present in this paper the formulation, structure and governing equations of NEMURO as well as examples to illustrate its behavior. NEMURO has...

  6. Increase of inbreeding by stocking on wild population assessed by using individual-based life history model

    Oota, Takeyuki; Matsuishi, Takashi
    We assessed the genetic impact of stocking on natural populations by using individual-based life-cycle models. We constructed models that used include density-dependent mortality at the early life stage, natural mortality, fishing mortality, and the number of released fish. We varied these variables by using random numbers. We focused on the genetic impact of the number of released fish, the number of parent fish producing seedlings that were released, the sex ratio of the parent fish, fishing mortality, and the methods to select the parents of the seedlings. When brood stock size in hatchery is 5 male and 5 female, is...

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