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ESTUDO GERAL é a designação do repositório digital da produção científica da Universidade de Coimbra, com o objectivo de divulgar conteúdos digitais de natureza científica de autores ligados à Universidade de Coimbra. A sua criação insere-se no movimento de Acesso Livre à Literatura científica (Open Access), ao qual o Conselho de Reitores das Universidades Portuguesas aderiu em 2006 e que a Universidade de Coimbra subscreveu. À semelhança de outras grandes universidades nacionais e internacionais, a UC tem o maior interesse em aumentar a sua presença na rede informática mundial, sendo cada vez mais - e também por essa via - um emissor de conhecimento e cultura.

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  1. Preparation and evaluation of biocide-loaded particles to control the biofouling zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha

    Costa, R.; Aldridge, D. C.; Moggridge, G. D.
    The freshwater zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha is a powerful biofouling bivalve, which has tremendous impact on industrial facilities whose operation depends on the intensive use of freshwater, such as waterworks and power stations. The control of the pest in industrial environments remains a major challenge due to low selectivity over non-target organisms and the expense of the large quantities of biocides required. A novel delivery technique involving the encapsulation of a toxin within hundred micron-sized particles, edible for the bivalves, has been recently proposed. This strategy exploits the mussels’ filtration activity and minimises their avoidance responses to certain chemicals, resulting...
    - 23-nov-2012

  2. Numerical assessment of diffusion-convection-reaction model for the catalytic abatement of phenolic wastewaters in packed-bed reactors under trickling flow conditions

    Rodrigo, J. G. Lopes; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M.
    Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling of trickle-bed reactors with detailed interstitial flow solvers has remained elusive mostly due to the extreme CPU and memory intensive constraints. Here, we developed a comprehensible and scalable CFD model based on the conservative unstructured finite volume methodology to bring new insights from the perspective of catalytic reactor engineering to gas-liquid-solid catalytic wet oxidation. First, the heterogeneous flow constitutive equations of the trickle bed system have been derived by means of diffusion-convection-reaction model coupled within a Volume-of-Fluid framework. The multiphase model was investigated to gain further evidence on how the effect of process variables such as liquid velocity, surface tension and wetting phenomena...
    - 13-nov-2012

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