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  1. 意味の多義性処理に関する認知心理学的研究

    仲, 真紀子

  2. 研究領域展望 : 「カルト」を問題化する社会とは

    櫻井, 義秀

  3. The importance of subjectivity in perceptual errors on the emergence of indirect reciprocity

    Takahashi, Nobuyuki; Mashima, Rie
    Indirect reciprocity is one mechanism that allows for unilateral resource giving among n-persons. Using analytical methods and computer simulations, previous studies have examined a number of strategies that make indirect reciprocity possible. In particular, previous investigations have concentrated on whether differentiating between justified and unjustified not-giving is important. However, whether or not a given strategy is ESS depends on the type of perceptual errors that are assumed. When errors are objective, regarding those who do not give to “bad” as “good” is critical. When perceptual errors are subjective, however, regarding those who give to “bad” as “bad” is critical. Since...

  4. 生涯学習社会における人文学(ヒューマニティ)の役割 : 「宗教情報フォーラム」の実践報告

    櫻井, 義秀

  5. 分野別研究動向(東南アジア)グローバリゼーションと地域社会変動

    櫻井, 義秀

  6. 南タイにおける暴力の問題 : 国際タイセミナーにおける研究動向から

    櫻井, 義秀

  7. Belief and experience of memory recovery

    Naka, Makiko; Maki, Yoichi
    A number of large-scale surveys have shown that many adults, particularly university students, believe that traumatic memories can be repressed and then recovered at a later point in time. How do ordinary people like students, most of whom may not have experiences of repression or recovery of traumatic events, come to believe in such phenomenon? Such belief may be associated with daily experiences of forgetting and remembering. We asked 111 undergraduates to rate how likely they would think a person (in daily life) would remember what she/he had completely forgotten, and to write down such experiences, if they had any....

  8. Cues for key perception of a melody: Pitch set alone?

    Matsunaga, Rie; Abe, Jun-ichi
    STUDIES HAVE SHOWN THAT PITCH SET, which refers to a set of pitches of constituent tones of a melody, is a primary cue for perceiving the key of a melody. The present study investigates whether characteristics other than pitch set function as additional cues for key perception. In Experiment 1, we asked 13 musicians with absolute p itch t o select k eys for 60 stim ulus t one sequences consisting of the same pitch set differing in pitch sequence. In Experiment 2, we asked 31 nonmusicians to select tonal centers for the 60 stimulus tone sequences. Responses made by...

  9. 市民調査という可能性 : 調査の主体と方法を組み直す

    宮内, 泰介
    調査やフィールドワークについての中心的な議論の一つは,“調査する側-される側の問題”であろう.この問題は, 単に倫理の問題ではなく, 方法論,認識論の問題にまで広がる. この問題をどう考えればよいか. 本稿では,フィールドワークがそもそも多義的であることに基盤に, その多義性から,社会的に意味のある実践を引き出す方法として, 市民による調査, を考える.市民による調査は, そうした方法論上の要請からだけでなく, むしろ,市民活動などの実践からも必要とされている. 市民調査は, 職業的研究者による研究の簡易版ではなく, 独自の特徴と意義をもったものである. 職業的研究者の調査研究が, 厳密な方法論の上に立って行われ, 学会やディシプリンへの貢献を目指すのに対し, 市民による調査は, さまざまな手法を, 市民の視線で組み直すことによって, 具体的な問題発見と解決, そして, より広い実践的な説得力, を目指す. 本稿では,そうした市民調査の特徴と課題について論じるとともに, 市民調査を社会的な力とするためのしくみについても考える.

  10. Preferences, beliefs, and heuristics

    Yamagishi, Toshio
    Alternative interpretations are proposed for the finding that market integration is positively related to fair behavior in experimental games. Market activities may produce market relevant concepts and stories that interpret experimental games as incidences of social exchange, and thus may enhance the relevance of (1) market-related preferences or (2) a decision heuristic designed for social exchange.

  11. 宗教情報教育の可能性 : 「カルト」団体によるキャンパス内勧誘行為を考える

    櫻井, 義秀

  12. カルト問題と社会秩序(1) : 麻原判決とオウム報道

    櫻井, 義秀

  13. 現代タイ社会論の課題 : 「共同体文化論」「市民社会論」をめぐって

    櫻井, 義秀

  14. 高等教育の発展戦略と教育課題 : タイとオーストラリアのコラボレーション

    櫻井, 義秀

  15. 「カルト」問題と社会秩序(2) : 脱会カウンセリングと信教の自由

    櫻井, 義秀

  16. 宗教の社会的貢献 : その条件と社会環境をめぐる比較宗教・社会論的考察

    櫻井, 義秀

  17. 「カルト」と暴力 : オウムの教団戦略とその破綻

    櫻井, 義秀

  18. The Conversion of Young Woman and Housewives in the Japanese Unification

    Sakurai, Yoshihide

  19. Illegal missionary work lawsuits and exit counseling for Unification Church members

    Sakurai, Yoshihide
    This paper studies the recent cult controversy exemplified by the lawsuits filed by self-proclaimed "victims" damaged by the Unification Church and in reverse by so-called "cult" members who were also proclaimed "sufferers" whose personal right of religious freedom had been violated in deprogramming. To consider the contents of these rulings demonstrates the Japanese religious consciousness in reference to the recent cult controversy, because judges tend to consider in controversial cases of religious troubles the extent to which they deviate from socially accepted norms.

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