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  1. Magnetostratigraphy of the Yaha section, Tarim Basin (China): 11 Ma acceleration in erosion and uplift of the Tian Shan mountains

    Charreau, Julien; Gilder, Stuart; Chen, Yan; Dominguez, Stéphane; Avouac, Jean-Philippe; Sen, Sevket; Jolivet, Marc; Li, Yongan; Wang, Weiming
    We report a magnetostratigraphic and rock magnetic study of the Yaha section, located on the southern flank of the central Tian Shan mountains, Asia. Our results show a two-fold increase in sedimentation rate as well as marked changes in rock magnetic characteristics ca. 11 Ma. After 11 Ma, sedimentation rate remained remarkably constant until at least 5.2 Ma. These findings are consistent with sedimentary records from other sections surrounding the Tian Shan. We conclude that uplift and erosion of the Tian Shan accelerated ca. 11 Ma, long after the onset of the collision between India and Asia, and that the...
    (application/pdf) - 09-sep-2017

  2. Magnetostratigraphy and rock magnetism of the Neogene Kuitun He section (northwest China): implications for Late Cenozoic uplift of the Tianshan mountains

    Charreau, Julien; Chen, Yan; Gilder, Stuart; Dominguez, Stéphane; Avouac, Jean-Philippe; Sen, Sevket; Sun, Dongjiang; Li, Yongan; Wang, Wei-Ming
    In order to better constrain the tectonic evolution of central Asia under the influence of the India–Asia collision, we carried out a magnetostratigraphic study at the Kuitun He section, on the northern flank of the Tianshan range (northwest China). A total of 801 samples were collected from a 1559-m-thick section, which is composed mainly of fluvio-lacustrine sandstone and conglomerate. Stepwise thermal and alternating field demagnetization isolated a linear magnetization component that decays univectorally toward the origin and likely represents a primary magnetization principally carried by magnetite. From this component, 29 magnetic polarity intervals were identified. They correlate between ~3.1 and...
    (application/pdf) - 09-sep-2017

  3. Neogene uplift of the Tian Shan Mountains observed in the magnetic record of the Jingou River section (northwest China)

    Charreau, Julien; Chen, Yan; Gilder, Stuart; Barrier, Laurie; Dominguez, Stéphane; Augier, Romain; Sen, Sevket; Avouac, Jean-Philippe; Gallaud, Audrey; Graveleau, Fabien; Wang, Qingchen
    The Tian Shan Mountains constitute central Asia's longest and highest mountain range. Understanding their Cenozoic uplift history thus bears on mountain building processes in general, and on how deformation has occurred under the influence of the India-Asia collision in particular. In order to help decipher the uplift history of the Tian Shan, we collected 970 samples for magnetostratigraphic analysis along a 4571-m-thick section at the Jingou River (Xinjiang Province, China). Stepwise alternating field and thermal demagnetization isolate a linear magnetization component that is interpreted as primary. From this component, a magnetostratigraphic column composed of 67 polarity chrons are correlated with...
    (application/pdf) - 09-sep-2017

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