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  1. Earthquakes and Insurance, ERA Conference, 2-3 April 1973

    Earthquake Research Affiliates,
    The annual conference of the Earthquake Research Affiliates, California Institute of Technology, was held on 2-3 April 1973 on the campus of the California Institute of Technology. Some of the papers presented at the conference dealt with earthquake hazards and insurance, and it was decided to publish these papers to make them more widely available. In addition, other papers dealing with the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and the 1971 San Fernando earthquake were discussed at the conference, and these papers have also been included in this publication to make them more available. The papers "Earthquakes and Fire Protection'' and "Analysis for...
    (application/pdf; image/png) - 27-dic-2012

  2. Earthquake-resistant design of high-rise buildings

    Housner, George W.
    Research on occurrence of earthquakes, on characteristics of earthquake ground motions, and on the motions of buildings during earthquakes, provided information for developing advanced methods of earthquake-resistant design of high-rise buildings. The tallest buildings in Los Angeles have been designed by these advanced methods. The ground and building motions recorded during the 9 February 1971 San Fernando, California, earthquake verified that the new methods of earthquake- resistant design were correct and, as a consequence, the Los Angeles Building Code has been revised to require that in the future high-rise buildings must be designed by these new dynamic methods. This is...
    (application/pdf; image/png) - 27-dic-2012

  3. On insurance settlements incident to the 1906 San Francisco Fire

    Whitney, Albert W
    The San Francisco earthquake of April 18, 1906 caused widespread destruction and severe social disruption. This event provides a unique source of data for those concerned with preventing and controlling natural disasters. It is the only instance, in the United States, of a great earthquake striking a large city; and, hence, it is the only great U. S. disaster resulting from an earthquake. The fact that the destruction was caused by the combined action of earthquake and fire makes this disaster of special interest. Unfortunately, the knowledge of earthquakes and conflagrations, and disasters in general, was still in a relatively...
    (application/pdf; image/png) - 27-dic-2012

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