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  1. The low-temperature chemical synthesis of Li4Ti5O12 powder for Li-ion battery anodes

    De Sloovere, Dries; Peys, Nick; De Dobbelaere, Christopher; Van Bael, Marlies K.; Hardy, An
    While using Li4Ti5O12 as the anode material in lithium ion batteries greatly enhances their operation safety and avoids the formation of a solid electrolyte interface, the synthesis of this material often comes at a high time and energy cost. A typical solid-state synthesis method requires the reagents to be kept at temperatures up to 900 °C for several hours. Both synthesis temperature and processing time were reduced by applying the concept of solution combustion synthesis, where a sol-gel precursor is synthesized which generates the energy needed for complete sample conversion and crystallization by itself when it is heated to a...

  2. Fabrication of precisely aligned microwire and microchannel structures: Toward heat stimulation of guided neurites in neuronal cultures

    Dang, Ka My; Rinklin, Philipp; Schnitker, Jan; Haberkorn, Bastian; Zobel, Kathrin; Carolus, Jorne; Daenen, Michaël; Gribaudo, Simona; Perrier, Anselme L; Weigel, Stefan; Luksch, Harald; Offenhäusser, Andreas; Wolfrum, Bernhard
    Microwire arrays are a powerful tool for the exertion of localized thermal stress on cellular networks. Combining microwire arrays with a set of orthogonal axon-guiding microchannels on-chip allows positioning of neurites as well as control over their polarity. In this paper, we present a new fabrication approach, based on standard clean roomfabrication and sacrificial layer etching for the integration ofmicrowire arrays into neurite guiding structures.The system permits the application of strong temperature gradients enabling localized thermal stimulation inside microchannels.

  3. Irreversible damage at high levels of potential-induced degradation on photovoltaic modules

    Carolus, Jorne; De Ceuninck, Ward; Daenen, Michaël
    Potential-induced degradation (PID) of photovoltaic (PV) modules gets a lot of attention since 2010 when Solon published their findings about a degradation mechanism in their PV modules caused by high potential differences between the solar cell and the grounded frame. Module level efficiency drops of 30% and more caused by PID have been reported. A stress test for PID according to IEC 62804 and a recovery test in the same conditions were conducted on a set of 49 commercially available PV modules. In this paper we report the irreversibility of highly affected (i.e. over 85% PID) PV modules. From this...

  4. Regional cerebral saturation monitoring in cardiac arrest patients

    Genbrugge, Cornelia
    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the act of giving chest compressions, rescue breathings and early defibrillation in cardiac arrest (CA) patients. The main goal of CPR is to preserve the pre-arrest neurological state by maintaining sufficient cerebral blood flow and oxygenation and consequently achieving return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC). During pre-hospital CPR, monitoring possibilities are limited and do not give information about the brain. Cerebral oxygen saturation (rSO2) measured via near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) technology is non-invasive, provides continuous information about the oxygenation of the brain and moreover is independent of a pulsatile signal. Therefore, this might be the ideal monitoring parameter...

  5. Do mirror movements relate to hand function and timing of the brain lesion in children with unilateral cerebral palsy?

    Klingels, Katrijn; Jaspers, Ellen; Staudt, Martin; Guzzetta, Andrea; Mailleux, Lisa; Ortibus, Els; Feys, Hilde
    AIM This study aimed to systematically map the severity of mirror movements in both hands in a prospective cohort of children with unilateral cerebral palsy, and to explore the relationship with hand function and brain lesion type. METHOD Seventy-eight children were included (41 males, 37 females; age 9y 4mo, SD 3y 1mo, range 5–15y). Mirror movements were scored during three repetitive tasks following Woods and Teuber criteria. Strength, tone, Melbourne Assessment, Jebsen–Taylor test, and Assisting Hand Assessment were evaluated. Lesions were classified into malformations (n=5), periventricular (n=43), cortico–subcortical (n=22), and postnatally acquired lesions (n=8). RESULTS Significantly more mirror movements were observed in the...

  6. National Identity, Constitutional Identity, and Sovereignty in the EU

    Cloots, Elke
    It is commonplace in European constitutional practice and theory to use the terms ‘national identity’ and ‘constitutional identity’ interchangeably. On the one hand, several Advocates General to the European Court of Justice have employed the concept of ‘constitutional identity’ to delineate what is protected under Article 4(2) TEU, even though, strictly speaking that Treaty provision refers to the Member States’ national identities, inherent in their fundamental structures. On the other hand, certain domestic constitutional courts which present themselves as the ultimate defenders of the identity of their constitution have pointed to Article 4(2) TEU to legitimate their assumed power to review...

  7. Collagen structures from cell culture to intact tendon

    Hadraba, Daniel
    tendon; collagen; crimps; orientation; aging; label-free microscopy; second harmonic generation; fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy; biomechanics

  8. De implementatie van het Nagoya-protocol inzake de toegang tot genetische rijkdommen en de eerlijke en billijke verdeling van voordelen voortvloeiende uit hun gebruik

    Vanheusden, Bernard; Van den Berghe, Griet
    Het Nagoya-protocol van 2010 over de toegang tot genetische rijkdommen en de eerlijke en billijke verdeling van voordelen voortvloeiende uit hun gebruik evenals de daarmee samenhangende Europese Verordening 511/2014 geven een antwoord op de vraag hoe toegang tot genetische rijkdommen gegarandeerd kan worden. Zowel de Europese Unie zelf als verschillende Europese lidstaten worstelen echter met de implementatie van het protocol (en de verordening). Dat geldt zeker ook voor België/Vlaanderen. Deze bijdrage analyseert de moeilijkheden op Europees en nationaal niveau (in België/ Vlaanderen en vier andere lidstaten) met de uitvoering van de verplichtingen van het Nagoyaprotocol. Ze concludeert dat, hoewel het Nagoya-protocol...

  9. Proefproject Langere en Zwaardere Vrachtwagencombinaties In Vlaanderen: Evaluatie van de effecten op verkeersveiligheid

    Polders, Evelien; Cornu, Joris; Carpentier, Aline; Brijs, Kris; Daniels, Stijn

  10. A generic data-driven sequential clustering algorithm determining activity skeletons

    Ectors, Wim; Kochan, Bruno; Knapen, Luk; Janssens, Davy; Bellemans, Tom

  11. PARKAGENT Optimization: Sensitivity analysis & Integration with FEATHERS

    Khaliq, Annum; Kochan, Bruno; van der Waerden, Peter; Janssens, Davy
    For better management of parking a good balance between the supply and demand is required. This can be achieved by using a tool that can support the development of efficient parking policies. The basis of the current research is to optimize the use of PARKAGENT, an agent based geosimulation model, used for simulating parking search in a city. It serves as tool for the analysis of parking policy by helping decision-makers to explore policy alternatives and identifying their impacts on drivers, residents, and the resources of the city. The current study mainly focuses on two developments: (i) Exploring the sensitivity of...

  12. Influence of molecular vibrations on the valence electron momentum distributions of adamantane

    Morini, Filippo; Watanabe, Noboru; Kojima, Masataka; Deleuze, Michael S.; Takahashi, Masahiko
    We report an electron momentum spectroscopy study of vibrational effects on the electron momentum distributions of the outer valence orbitals of adamantane (C10H16). The symmetric noncoplanar (e, 2e) experiment has been carried out at an incident electron energy of 1.2 keV. Furthermore, theoretical calculations of the electron momentum distributions with vibrational effects being involved have been performed using the harmonic analytical quantum mechanical and Born-Oppenheimer molecular dynamics approaches. In spite of the complex nature of the vibrational structure of this large molecule, both approaches provide overall quantitative insights into the results of the experiment. Comparisons between experiment and theory have...

  13. Conservatisme en het conceptual framework van de IASB

    Vandemaele, Sigrid; Janssen, Ellen
    Over de plaats van het voorzichtigheidsbeginsel binnen het Conceptual Framework (CF) is, in het kader van de voorstellen tot wijziging van het CF, veel discussie geweest, met name vanuit de EU, en dit vanwege de wens om een zeker ‘conservatisme’ in financiële overzichten te behouden. In deze bijdrage wordt ingegaan op het concept ‘accounting conservatisme’ en wordt aandacht besteed aan de belangrijkste elementen binnen het CF die bijdragen aan conservatisme in financiële overzichten. Naast een behandeling van het voorzichtigheidsbeginsel wordt er vooral aandacht besteed aan de definitie van activa als bron van conservatisme.

  14. cDNA phage display for the discovery of theranostic autoantibodies in rheumatoid arthritis

    Vandormael, Patrick; Verschueren, Patrick; De Winter, Liesbeth; Somers, Veerle
    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the world’s most common autoimmune disease mainly characterized by a chronic inflammation of multiple synovial joints. Rheumatologists now have a whole range of treatment options including glucocorticoids (GCs), classical synthetic and biological disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (cs- and bDMARDS), resulting in a tremendous improvement in treatment outcomes for RA patients over the last two decades. Despite this progress, the choice of treatment regimen to achieve stable remission at the individual patient level still largely depends on trial and error. In this review, the need for novel theranostic markers that can predict a patient’s response to methotrexate, the...

  15. Dimensions of performance as a revitalisation strategy for Castelvecchio Calvisio

    Leus, Maria

  16. Crisisheffingen met terugwerkende kracht: een niet toegelaten inbreuk op het eigendomsrecht zoals beschermd in artikel 1 eerste protocol EVRM?” (noot bij Hoge Raad der Nederlanden 29 januari 2016 (2 arresten)

    Vanderkerken, Caroline
    ECHR First Protocol art 1; court decisions on retroactive crisis taxes

  17. Inflammation at the blood-brain barrier: The role of liver X receptors

    de Wit, Nienke; Vanmol, Jasmine; Kamermans, A.; Hendriks, Jerome; de Vries, Elga
    The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is indispensable for the maintenance of brain homeostasis and proper neuronal functioning. Dysfunction of the BBB significantly contributes to the pathogenesis of neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases like stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS), and Alzheimer's disease (AD). The neuroinflammatory environment that characterizes these disorders propagates chronic impaired function of the BBB, processes that will be discussed in this review. Limiting dysfunction of the BBB may be an attractive target for treatment of neurological disorders. To date, no current treatments are directly targeting the function of the BBB. In this review, we will specifically discuss the potential protective role...

  18. Systematics and biogeography of Cuban porcelain crabs (Decapoda: Anomura: Porcellanidae)

    Diez Garcia, Yander; Lira, Carlos
    Marine crustaceans are a well-known invertebrates group in Cuban waters, but some taxa are not well catalogued and the literature about them is scattered. In this work, we present the checklist of porcelain crabs of Cuban Archipelago, including the literature registers and unpublished author's data. A key to the identification of 8 genera and 23 species of the Cuban porcelain crabs is provided. Information about the local distribution of species is presented. In addition, we analyzed the porcelain crab faunal affinities between the ecoregions of the Cuban platform, Greater Antilles islands and the Tropical Northwestern Atlantic (TNA) province. For the...

  19. In search of the severity dimension of traffic events: Extended Delta-V as a traffic conflict indicator

    Laureshyn, Aliaksei; De Ceunynck, Tim; Karlsson, Christoffer; Svensson, Ase; Daniels, Stijn
    Most existing traffic conflict indicators do not sufficiently take into account the severity of the injuries resulting from a collision had it occurred. Thus far, most of the indicators that have been developed express the severity of a traffic encounter as their proximity to a collision in terms of time or space, This paper presents the theoretical framework and the first implementation of Extended Delta-V as a measure of traffic conflict severity in site-based observations. It is derived from the concept of Delta-V as it is applied in crash reconstructions, which refers to the change of velocity experienced by a...

  20. How accurately does high tibial osteotomy correct the mechanical axis of an arthritic varus knee? A systematic review

    Van den Bempt, Maxim; Van Genechten, Wouter; Claes, Toon; Claes, Steven
    Background: The aim of this study was to give an overview of the accuracy of coronal limb alignment correction after high tibial osteotomy (HTO) for the arthritic varus knee by performing a systematic review of the literature. Methods: The databases PubMed, MEDLINE and Cochrane Library were screened for relevant articles. Only prospective clinical studies with the accuracy of alignment correction by performing HTO as primary or secondary objective were included. Results: Fifteen studies were included in this systematic review and were subdivided in 23 cohorts. A total of 966 procedures were considered. Nine cohorts used computer navigation during HTO and...

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