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  1. Revised Quaternary glacial succession and post-LGM recession, southern Wind River Range, Wyoming, USA

    Dahms, Dennis; Egli, Markus; Fabel, Derek; Harbor, Jon; Brandová, Dagmar; de Castro Portes, Raquel; Christl, Marcus
    We present here a more complete cosmogenic chronology of Pleistocene glacial deposits for the Wind River Range, Wyoming, USA. Fifty-one new and thirty-nine re-calculated 10Be and 26Al exposure ages from Sinks and North Fork canyons, Stough Basin, Cirque of the Towers and the Temple Lake valley allow us to more tightly constrain the timing and sequence of glacial alloformations in the southern portion of the range. Moraines, diamicts and bedrock exposures here have previously been correlated with as many as five Pleistocene and four Holocene glacial events. Exposure ages from Pleistocene alloformations associated with trunk glaciers in Sinks Canyon and North...

  2. 100 años de Nefertiti / 100 years of Nefertiti

    Gracia Zamacona, Carlos

  3. A database for the Coffin Texts

    Gracia Zamacona, Carlos

  4. Cuando los extranjeros dominaban Egipto / When foreigners ruled Egypt

    Gracia Zamacona, Carlos

  5. Las preposiciones simples del complemento de dirección de los verbos de desplazamiento en el egipcio medio de los Textos de los sarcófagos

    Gracia Zamacona, Carlos

  6. Ultrafast electronic energy transfer in an orthogonal molecular dyad

    Wiebeler, Christian; Plasser, Felix; Hedley, Gordon J.; Ruseckas, Arvydas; Samuel, Ifor D. W.; Schumacher, Stefan
    Understanding electronic energy transfer (EET) is an important ingredient in the development of artificial photosynthetic systems and photovoltaic technologies. Although EET is at the heart of these applications and crucially influences their light-harvesting efficiency, the nature of EET over short distances for covalently bound donor and acceptor units is often not well understood. Here we investigate EET in an orthogonal molecular dyad (BODT4), in which simple models fail to explain the very origin of EET. On the basis of nonadiabatic ab initio molecular dynamics calculations and ultrafast fluorescence experiments, we gain detailed microscopic insights into the ultrafast electrovibrational dynamics following...

  7. Barrierless slow dissociation of photogenerated charge pairs in high-performance polymer–fullerene solar cells

    Vithanage, Dimali A.; Matheson, Andrew B.; Pranculis, Vytenis; Hedley, Gordon J.; Pearson, Scott J.; Gulbinas, Vidmantas; Samuel, Ifor D.W.; Ruseckas, Arvydas
    Broadband transient absorption spectroscopy is combined with ultrafast carrier drift measurements to study dissociation of photogenerated charge pairs in efficient photovoltaic blends of the electron donating polymer PTB7 with the acceptor PC71BM. A high ensemble-average mobility sum of electrons and holes is observed which is independent of the applied electric field above 12 V/μm and indicates nearly barrierless pair dissociation at room temperature on a picosecond time scale. High efficiency of pair dissociation in this material is achieved by a combination of high electron mobility in fullerene clusters and hole delocalization along the polymer chain which increases by 30% during...

  8. Using Normalization Process Theory in feasibility studies and process evaluations of complex healthcare interventions: a systematic review

    May, Carl R.; Cummings, Amanda; Girling, Melissa; Bracher, Mike; Mair, Frances S.; May, Christine M.; Murray, Elizabeth; Myall, Michelle; Rapley, Tim; Finch, Tracy
    Background: Normalization Process Theory (NPT) identifies, characterises and explains key mechanisms that promote and inhibit the implementation, embedding and integration of new health techniques, technologies and other complex interventions. A large body of literature that employs NPT to inform feasibility studies and process evaluations of complex healthcare interventions has now emerged. The aims of this review were to review this literature; to identify and characterise the uses and limits of NPT in research on the implementation and integration of healthcare interventions; and to explore NPT’s contribution to understanding the dynamics of these processes. Methods: A qualitative systematic review was conducted. We searched Web...

  9. Tests on verbal Aktionsart applied to Ancient Egyptian Instruments to determine verbal semantics in an ancient language

    Gracia Zamacona, Carlos
    A cluster of 37 tests largely employed to determine verbal Aktionsart is described, in order to provide a corpus-based approach with instruments of analysis. These tests are illustrated with 56 examples of several Ancient Egyptian verbs, different in Aktionsart, which occur in an extensive textual corpus, the Coffin Texts, dating back to circa 2000-1500 BCE. A systematic application of these tests upon the verb prj ‘go out, go up’, one of the most frequent in that corpus, is also proposed in order to display the relevant results of this analysis (22 examples are adduced for this verb). Finally, equivalence between...

  10. The two inner directions of the Ancient Egyptian script

    Gracia Zamacona, Carlos
    This article explores some implications for the study of the human writing-reading process from the perspective of the ancient Egyptian script. Upon consideration of a paradoxical passage by Herodotus (II,36,4), the author resumes, under a new approach, Henry Fischer’s suggestion that Egyptian culture considered script direction from the signs’ point of view, in contrast to Greek culture, which considered script direction from the writer’s or reader’s point of view (the writing-reading process). Two distant facts confirm this interpretation: one is the ancient Egyptian textual mark, usually considered a colophon or end mark, which literally reads ‘That (means) that it (= the text) comes (to the reader)’; the other...

  11. aq ‘enter’, but how, and where? Data from the Coffin Texts

    Gracia Zamacona, Carlos
    The verb ao “enter” displays special semantic features, in valency, and Aktionsart, among the general way of expressing space with motion verbs: ao is an achievement with no prephase, and with a stative postphase, and its action is mainly performed at the limit (“access”) of the illative spatial complement. This phenomenon is shown by the use of the preposition r with sharply delimited complements, while the usual preposition for illative, m, is used with unlimited complements—respectively, objects, and substances according to Johnson and Lakoff’s terminology in their book Metaphors We Live By (1980, 30). This peculiarity constitutes an extreme case...

  12. Verbes sans limite, verbes à limite: étude préliminaire d’après des données des Textes des Sarcophages

    Gracia Zamacona, Carlos

  13. Manual de Egipcio Medio [2nd ed.]

    Gracia Zamacona, Carlos

  14. Investigation of farmer regard for scrapiesusceptible sheep

    Nicholls, N.; Kruuk, L.; Woolhouse, M.; Stevenson, E.; Gravenor, M.; Baylis, M.

  15. Evaluating different PrP genotype selection strategies for expected severity of scrapie outbreaks and genetic progress in performance in commercial sheep

    Man, W.Y.N.; Nicholls, N.; Woolhouse, M.E.J.; Lewis, R.M.; Villanueva, B.
    Stochastic computer simulations were used for quantifying the effect of selecting on prion protein (PrP) genotype on the risk of major outbreaks of classical scrapie and the rate of genetic progress in performance in commercial sheep populations already undergoing selection on performance. The risk of a major outbreak on a flock was measured by the basic reproduction ratio (R0). The effectiveness of different PrP selection strategies for reducing the population risk was assessed by the percentage of flocks with R0 > 1. When compared with the scenario where there was no selection on PrP genotype, selection against the VRQ allele...

  16. Calibrating the system dynamics of LISA Pathfinder

    Armano, M.; Audley, H.; Baird, J.; Binetruy, P.; Born, M.; Bortoluzzi, D.; Castelli, E.; Cavalleri, A.; Cesarini, A.; Cruise, A.M.; Danzmann, K.; de Deus Silva, M.; Diepholz, I.; Dixon, G.; Dolesi, R.; Ferraioli, L.; Ferroni, V.; Fitzsimons, E.D.; Freschi, M.; Gesa, L.; Gibert, F.; Giardini, D.; Giusteri, R.; Grimani, C.; Grzymisch, J.; Harrison, I.; Heinzel, G.; Hewitson, M.; Hollington, D.; Hoyland, D.; Hueller, M.; Inchauspé, H.; Jennrich, O.; Jetzer, P.; Karnesis, N.; Kaune, B.; Korsakova, N.; Killow, C.J.; Lobo, J.A.; Lloro, I.; Liu, L.; López-Zaragoza, J.P.; Maarschalkerweerd, R.; Mance, D.; Meshksar, N.; Martín, V.; Martin-Polo, L.; Martino, J.; Martin-Porqueras, F.; Mateos, I.; McNamara, P.W.; Mendes, J.; Mendes, L.; Nofrarias, M.; Paczkowski, S.; Perreur-Lloyd, M.; Petiteau, A.; Pivato, P.; Plagnol, E.; Ramos-Castro, J.; Reiche, J.; Robertson, D.I.; Rivas, F.; Russano, G.; Slutsky, J.; Sopuerta, C. F.; Sumner, T.; Texier, D.; Thorpe, J. I.; Vetrugno, D.; Vitale, S.; Wanner, G.; Ward, H.; Wass, P.; Weber, W. J.; Wissel, L.; Wittchen, A.; Zweifel, P.
    LISA Pathfinder (LPF) was a European Space Agency mission with the aim to test key technologies for future space-borne gravitational-wave observatories like LISA. The main scientific goal of LPF was to demonstrate measurements of differential acceleration between free-falling test masses at the sub-femto-g level, and to understand the residual acceleration in terms of a physical model of stray forces, and displacement readout noise. A key step toward reaching the LPF goals was the correct calibration of the dynamics of LPF, which was a three-body system composed by two test-masses enclosed in a single spacecraft, and subject to control laws for...

  17. Scottish Participation in Further and Higher Education 2006-07 to 2010-11

    Storkey, Helen; Nicholls, Natalie

  18. How much do we know about notice-and-takedown? New study tracks YouTube removals

    Kretschmer, Martin; Erickson, Kristofer
    No abstract available.

  19. Making progress on the global crisis of obesity and weight management

    Lean, Michael E.J.; Astrup, Arne; Roberts, Susan B.
    No abstract available.

  20. The "champagne tower" of science publishing

    Siebert, Sabina
    This article discusses the hierarchical nature of science publishing, whereby journals are organized in tiers with the most prestigious elite journals at the top (Cell, Nature, Science), and lowest-ranked journals at the bottom. When rejected from the top-tier journals, authors usually aim for a lower tier of journals, with some choosing smaller, specialist journals for the outlet of their work. Recently, however, a different mechanism of cascading the papers down the hierarchy of journals has become popular, i.e., editors arrange to pass the rejected papers, with the authors’ permission, to their “sister journals” bearing the same brand. These transfer arrangements may...

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