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  1. Experimental evolution, genetic analysis and genome re-sequencing reveal the mutation conferring artemisinin resistance in an isogenic lineage of malaria parasites

    Hunt, Paul; Martinelli, Axel; Modrzynska, Katarzyna; Borges, Sofia; Creasey, Alison; Rodrigues, Louise; Beraldi, Dario; Loewe, Laurence; Fawcett, Richard; Kumar, Sujai; Thomson, Marian; Trivedi, Urmi; Otto, Thomas D.; Pain, Arnab; Blaxter, Mark; Cravo, Pedro
    Background: Classical and quantitative linkage analyses of genetic crosses have traditionally been used to map genes of interest, such as those conferring chloroquine or quinine resistance in malaria parasites. Next-generation sequencing technologies now present the possibility of determining genome-wide genetic variation at single base-pair resolution. Here, we combine in vivo experimental evolution, a rapid genetic strategy and whole genome re-sequencing to identify the precise genetic basis of artemisinin resistance in a lineage of the rodent malaria parasite, Plasmodium chabaudi. Such genetic markers will further the investigation of resistance and its control in natural infections of the human malaria, P. falciparum. Results: A lineage...

  2. Improving draft assemblies by iterative mapping and assembly of short reads to eliminate gaps

    Tsai, Isheng J.; Otto, Thomas D.; Berriman, Matthew
    Advances in sequencing technology allow genomes to be sequenced at vastly decreased costs. However, the assembled data frequently are highly fragmented with many gaps. We present a practical approach that uses Illumina sequences to improve draft genome assemblies by aligning sequences against contig ends and performing local assemblies to produce gap-spanning contigs. The continuity of a draft genome can thus be substantially improved, often without the need to generate new data.

  3. Structural modelling and comparative analysis of homologous, analogous and specific proteins from Trypanosoma cruzi versus Homo sapiens: putative drug targets for chagas' disease treatment

    Capriles, Priscila V.S.Z.; Guimarães, Ana C.R.; Otto, Thomas D.; Miranda, Antonio B.; Dardenne, Laurent E.; Degrave, Wim M.
    Background: Trypanosoma cruzi is the etiological agent of Chagas' disease, an endemic infection that causes thousands of deaths every year in Latin America. Therapeutic options remain inefficient, demanding the search for new drugs and/or new molecular targets. Such efforts can focus on proteins that are specific to the parasite, but analogous enzymes and enzymes with a three-dimensional (3D) structure sufficiently different from the corresponding host proteins may represent equally interesting targets. In order to find these targets we used the workflows MHOLline and AnEnΠ obtaining 3D models from homologous, analogous and specific proteins of Trypanosoma cruzi versus Homo sapiens. Results: We applied genome...

  4. ABACAS: algorithm-based automatic contiguation of assembled sequences

    Assefa, Samuel; Keane, Thomas M.; Otto, Thomas D.; Newbold, Chris; Berriman, Matthew
    ABACAS: algorithm-based automatic contiguation of assembled sequences

  5. AnEnPi: Identification and annotation of analogous enzymes

    Otto, Thomas D.; Guimaraes, Ana Carolina R.; Degrave, Wim M.; de Miranda, Antonio B.
    Enzymes are responsible for the catalysis of the biochemical reactions in metabolic pathways. Analogous enzymes are able to catalyze the same reactions, but they present no significant sequence similarity at the primary level, and possibly different tertiary structures as well. They are thought to have arisen as the result of independent evolutionary events. A detailed study of analogous enzymes may reveal new catalytic mechanisms, add information about the origin and evolution of biochemical pathways and disclose potential targets for drug development. Results: In this work, we have constructed and implemented a new approach, AnEnPi (the Analogous Enzyme Pipeline), using a combination...

  6. pfk13 -Independent treatment failure in four imported cases of Plasmodium falciparum malaria treated with artemether-lumefantrine in the United Kingdom

    Sutherland, Colin J.; Lansdell, Paul; Sanders, Mandy; Muwanguzi, Julian; van Schalkwyk, Donelly A.; Kaur, Harparkash; Nolder, Debbie; Tucker, Julie; Bennett, Hayley M.; Otto, Thomas D.; Berriman, Matthew; Patel, Trupti A.; Lynn, Roderick; Gkrania-Klotsas, Effrossyni; Chiodini, Peter L.
    We present case histories of four patients treated with artemether-lumefantrine for falciparum malaria in UK hospitals in 2015 to 2016. Each subsequently presented with recurrent symptoms and Plasmodium falciparum parasitemia within 6 weeks of treatment with no intervening travel to countries where malaria is endemic. Parasite isolates, all of African origin, harbored variants at some candidate resistance loci. No evidence of pfk13-mediated artemisinin resistance was found. Vigilance for signs of unsatisfactory antimalarial efficacy among imported cases of malaria is recommended.

  7. Human vaccination against Plasmodium vivax Duffy-binding protein induces strain-transcending antibodies

    Payne, Ruth O.; Silk, Sarah E.; Elias, Sean C.; Milne, Kathryn H.; Rawlinson, Thomas A.; Llewellyn, David; Shakri, A. Rushdi; Jin, Jing; Labbé, Geneviève M.; Edwards, Nick J.; Poulton, Ian D.; Roberts, Rachel; Farid, Ryan; Jørgensen, Thomas; Alanine, Daniel G.W.; de Cassan, Simone C.; Higgins, Matthew K.; Otto, Thomas D.; McCarthy, James S.; de Jongh, Willem A.; Nicosia, Alfredo; Moyle, Sarah; Hill, Adrian V.S.; Berrie, Eleanor; Chitnis, Chetan E.; Lawrie, Alison M.; Draper, Simon J.
    BACKGROUND. Plasmodium vivax is the most widespread human malaria geographically; however, no effective vaccine exists. Red blood cell invasion by the P. vivax merozoite depends on an interaction between the Duffy antigen receptor for chemokines (DARC) and region II of the parasite’s Duffy-binding protein (PvDBP_RII). Naturally acquired binding-inhibitory antibodies against this interaction associate with clinical immunity, but it is unknown whether these responses can be induced by human vaccination. METHODS. Safety and immunogenicity of replication-deficient chimpanzee adenovirus serotype 63 (ChAd63) and modified vaccinia virus Ankara (MVA) viral vectored vaccines targeting PvDBP_RII (Salvador I strain) were assessed in an open-label dose-escalation phase...

  8. Hierarchical data-driven approach to fitting numerical relativity data for nonprecessing binary black holes with an application to final spin and radiated energy

    Jiménez-Forteza, Xisco; Keitel, David; Husa, Sascha; Hannam, Mark; Khan, Sebastian; Pürrer, Michael
    Numerical relativity is an essential tool in studying the coalescence of binary black holes (BBHs). It is still computationally prohibitive to cover the BBH parameter space exhaustively, making phenomenological fitting formulas for BBH waveforms and final-state properties important for practical applications. We describe a general hierarchical bottom-up fitting methodology to design and calibrate fits to numerical relativity simulations for the three-dimensional parameter space of quasicircular nonprecessing merging BBHs, spanned by mass ratio and by the individual spin components orthogonal to the orbital plane. Particular attention is paid to incorporating the extreme-mass-ratio limit and to the subdominant unequal-spin effects. As an...

  9. The governance of smart mobility

    Docherty, Iain; Marsden, Greg; Anable, Jillian
    No abstract available.

  10. ChromaPipe: a pipeline for analysis, quality control and management for a DNA sequencing facility

    Otto, T.D.; Vasconcellos, E.A.; Gomes, L.H.F.; Moreira, A.S.; Degrave, W.M.; Mendonca-Lima, L.; Alves-Ferreira, M.
    Optimizing and monitoring the data flow in high-throughput sequencing facilities is important for data input and output, for tracking the status of results for the users of the facility, and to guar-antee a good, high-quality service. In a multi-user system environment with different hroughputs, each user wants to access his/her data easily, track his/her sequencing history, analyze sequences and their quality, and apply some basic post-sequencing analysis, without the necessity of installing further software. Recently, Fiocruz established such a core facility as a technological platform”. Infrastructure includes a 48-capil-lary 3730 DNA Sequence Analyzer (Applied Biosystems) and support-ing equipment. The service...

  11. Introduction: magazines and/as media: periodical studies and the question of disciplinarity

    Hammill, Faye; Hjartarson, Paul; McGregor, Hannah
    No abstract available.

  12. In silico reconstruction of the amino acid metabolic pathways of Trypanosoma cruzi

    Guimares, A.C.; Otto, T.D.; Alves-Ferreira, M.; Miranda, A.B.; Degrave, W.M.
    Trypanosoma cruzi is the epidemiological agent of Chagas' disease, affecting most of Central and South America, constituting a significant health and socio-economic problem. The parasite has a metabolism largely based on the consumption of amino acids, which participate in a diversity of metabolic pathways, leading to many crucial compounds for the survival of this parasite. Study of its enzymes has the potential to disclose new therapeutic targets and foster the development of new drugs. In this study, we employed computational approaches to reconstruct in silico the amino acid metabolic pathways of T. cruzi, aiming to link genomic information with functional...

  13. Introducing magazines and/as media: the aesthetics and politics of serial form

    Hammill, Faye; Hjartarson, Paul; McGregor, Hannah
    No abstract available.

  14. Noël Coward and the Sitwells: enmity, celebrity, popularity

    Hammill, Faye
    In 1923, the year of the first public performance of Edith Sitwell and William Walton's Façade, Noël Coward satirized the Sitwell siblings in his sketch “The Swiss Family Whittlebot.” The result was an enduring feud between Coward and the Sitwells that shaped their celebrity personae and inflected responses to their work in the periodical press. They confronted each other across a class divide, and also across the perceived barrier between difficult modernism and accessible popular entertainment. Yet, in spite of these oppositional stances, certain convergences in their styles of writing and performance suggest a possible appeal to a shared audience....

  15. Inequalities in the dental health needs and access to dental services among looked after children in Scotland: a population data linkage study

    McMahon, Alex D.; Elliott, Lawrie; Macpherson, Lorna M.D.; Sharpe, Katharine H.; Connelly, Graham; Milligan, Ian; Wilson, Philip; Clark, David; King, Albert; Wood, Rachael; Conway, David I.
    Background: There is limited evidence on the health needs and service access among children and young people who are looked after by the state. The aim of this study was to compare dental treatment needs and access to dental services (as an exemplar of wider health and well-being concerns) among children and young people who are looked after with the general child population. Methods: Population data linkage study utilising national datasets of social work referrals for ‘looked after’ placements, the Scottish census of children in local authority schools, and national health service’s dental health and service datasets. Results: 633 204 children in publicly...

  16. Genomic characterization of recrudescent Plasmodium malariae after treatment with artemether/lumefantrine

    Rutledge, Gavin G.; Marr, Ian; Huang, G. Khai Lin; Auburn, Sarah; Marfurt, Jutta; Sanders, Mandy; White, Nicholas J.; Berriman, Matthew; Newbold, Chris I.; Anstey, Nicholas M.; Otto, Thomas D.; Price, Ric N.
    Plasmodium malariae is the only human malaria parasite species with a 72-hour intraerythrocytic cycle and the ability to persist in the host for life. We present a case of a P. malariae infection with clinical recrudescence after directly observed administration of artemether/lumefantrine. By using whole-genome sequencing, we show that the initial infection was polyclonal and the recrudescent isolate was a single clone present at low density in the initial infection. Haplotypic analysis of the clones in the initial infection revealed that they were all closely related and were presumably recombinant progeny originating from the same infective mosquito bite. We review...

  17. Noël Coward, Rebecca West, and the modernist scene

    Hammill, Faye
    Noël Coward and Rebecca West shared a long friendship, and often met each other at theatrical openings, on transatlantic liners, and at parties hosted by the ‘international set’. Their wary negotiation with one another’s celebrity and cultural value played out not only at these social events but also in print, through reviews, gossip columns, and memoirs. Using the relationship between Coward and West as a case study, this essay explores the social scene of modernism, paying particular attention to the suggestion of theatricality in the word ‘scene’. It takes up the notion of the ‘modernist party’ as, on the one hand, a kind of stage on which celebrities...

  18. Reading projects

    Hammill, Faye
    "By reading only six hours a day", says Marianne Dashwood, outlining her plan of future application to her sister Elinor in Sense and Sensibility, "I shall gain in the course of a twelve-month a great deal of instruction which I now feel myself to want." She adds: "Our own library is too well known to me, to be resorted to for any thing beyond mere amusement. But there are many works well worth reading at the Park; and there are others of more modern production which I know I can borrow of Colonel Brandon" (301). We know, to some extent,...

  19. Polarisation structuring of broadband light

    Mitchell, Kevin J.; Radwell, Neal; Franke-Arnold, Sonja; Padgett, Miles J.; Phillips, David B.
    No abstract available.

  20. Spatial intensity distribution analysis: studies of GPCR oligomerization

    Pediani, John D.; Ward, Richard J.; Marsango, Sara; Milligan, Graeme
    No abstract available.

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