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  1. A Cross Cultural Model of e-Commerce Acceptance

    Lacka, Ewelina; Chan, Hing Kai; Yip, Nick K. T.
    No abstract available.

  2. Using Social Media Data for Operations Management Research: An Example of Product Development

    Lacka, Ewelina; Chan, Hing Kai
    No abstract available.

  3. The Effect of Acculturation Process on Consumers in Their Acceptance of e-Commerce Platform

    Lacka, Ewelina
    No abstract available.

  4. The Effect of Non-Native Culture on Consumers' Attitudes Towards Online Shopping

    Lacka, Ewelina; Wang, Xiaojun; Chan, Hing Kai
    No abstract available.

  5. Extracting Social Media Data for Analysing Operations Management Performance

    Chan, Hing Kai; Lacka, Ewelina
    The aim of this study is to explore a proper approach to analyse social media data for operations management applications. The main objective is to help identify the factors/themes/issues from the social media data through content and cluster analysis. Applications could be linked to product development, process design, and also supply chain management. This can then associate to and facilitate decision-making research, which is the main concern of operations management research. The focus of this paper is put on product innovation management, as a demonstration, with respect to different operations management performance indicators in order to demonstrate the concept. Product...

  6. Facilitating E-Commerce Operations Improvement : Guidance for Reducing the Effect of Cultural Indicators on Consumers Attitudes Towards E-Commerce Acceptance

    Lacka, Ewelina; Chan, H.; Yip, N.
    The rapid expansion of the Internet and development of e-commerce results in business operations being increasingly performed in virtual markets, which due to current economic climate change continuously. This continuous change of virtual markets in turn appears to be a push factor for constant improvement of e-business operations. Many studies have revealed that the facilitation of such an improvement is enabled by a number of factors that prevent consumers from full acceptance of e-commerce. Due to aforementioned trend there is a need to develop new e-strategy which will allow to reduce the effect of those factors on consumers attitudes towards...

  7. Some Reflections on European and Digital Culture

    Schlesinger, Philip
    No abstract available.

  8. Social Media Data in Technology Acceptance Research

    Lacka, Ewelina
    Nowadays, social media sites are not only used for social interaction, but they are increasingly utilized as platforms on which consumers express their opinions about products and the way they use them. As such, social media sites are rich source of data concerning consumers? attitudes, beliefs and values towards products as well as their intentions to use and actual use of those products. Consequently social media sites are source of data that can be used to test a range of intention-based models, which are build on attitudes-intention-actual behaviour paradigm. Until now however, this data was not used to test such...

  9. Does Change of Cultural Environment Change Attitudes toward e-Commerce? New Research Method Investigating the Effect of Culture on e-Commerce Acceptance

    Lacka, Ewelina; Chan, Hing Kai; Yip, Nick K. T.
    Nowadays it seems that businesses have no other choice but to incorporate the e-commerce platform into their business operations if they wish to have unrestricted access to beyond national borders markets. Before they will do so they have to be careful as researchers revealed that due to culture and its effect on attitudes towards e-commerce some consumers willingly participate in online shopping environment while others seem to reject this convenient form of shopping. In the present-day global economy however, world researchers cannot follow traditional approaches and definitions of culture; instead they have to recognise many new multicultural aspects and dimensions...

  10. Using Social Media in an Educational Context to Enhance Brand Loyalty: An Exploratory Case Study

    Lacka, Ewelina; Stevens, Lorna; Henderson, Eileen; Tzanidis, Theofilos
    Drawing on Urde's (2003) business model of corporate brand value creation, this exploratory study considers whether or not the use of social media for educational rather than marketing purposes can enhance student perceptions of the University corporate brand and thus increase brand loyalty. Based on focus groups with new students through to final year students at a Business School in a Scottish University, the paper examines elements of the external corporate brand building process, such as brand interest and sensitivity, brand awareness, brand associations, and the extent to which social media creates added value in terms of student perceptions. It...

  11. Balancing service productivity by the means of digital technologies

    Lacka, Ewelina; Wong, T. C.; He, Hongwei
    This research builds on the theory of service productivity by Rust and Huang (2012). Specifically, this two-phase research assesses internal and external service productivity and evaluates how the use of digital technologies would impact the optimal productivity levels. This conference paper presents the results of the first research phase where through the course of qualitative investigation a range service producer and service consumer inputs/ outputs as well as technologies used during inputs/outputs transformation processes were identified. The study reveals the need to balance the use of technologies in service provision as they may have negative impact on external productivity outputs.

  12. The Many Dimensions of University-Industry Knowledge Transfer Impact : the Case Study of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships in the United Kingdom

    Rosli, Ainurul; Rossi, Federica; Yip, Nick K.T.; Lacka, Ewelina

  13. Historical Re-creation of 19th c. Turkey Red [Oral Presentation]

    Shahid, Mohammad; Quye, Anita
    Turkey red (TR) textiles, bright red cotton produced through a complex multi-step process highly admired for its brilliancy and superior colourfastness, were major economic commodities in 19th c Scotland. A unique illustration of 19th c. dyeing technology and chemical complexity, the TR dyeing process has remained mysterious throughout. TR is built on cotton through a series of treatments using oil, alum, dung, blood, tannins, anthraquinone dyes and variety of other stuffs. The process was complex, repetitive and expensive; however, the product enjoyed huge commercial success in 19th c. Samples of these highly durable textiles can be seen in many collections...

  14. Lost in Translation: Randomised Controlled Trial and Systematic Review Evidence of Intracoronary Versus Intravenous Abciximab in St-Elevation Myocardial Infarction

    Wu, O.; McMeekin, N.; Hawkins, N.
    Objectives: In the evaluation of healthcare interventions, systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) has been regarded as the highest level of evidence. However, these methodologies have limitations that are inherent to potential bias and heterogeneity that may be present in the source data. In addition, meta-analyses can constitute a form of sequential analysis as in principle a new systematic review can be conducted each time trial is conducted. This study seeks to demonstrate the implications for the consideration of findings of statistical significance from meta-analysis via an examination of RCT and meta-analyses findings of intracoronary with intravenous abciximab in ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) patients. Methods: A systematic review...

  15. Novel Non-contact Deformation Health Monitoring of Towers and Rotating Composite Based Wind Turbine Blades Using Interferometric Ground Based Radar

    Ochieng, Francis Xavier; Hancock, Craig Mathew; Roberts, Gethin Wyn; Le Kernec, Julien; Tang, Xu
    No abstract available.

  16. Developing A Conceptual Modelling Framework For Economic Evaluation

    McMeekin, N.; Briggs, A.; Wu, O.
    Objectives: Conceptual modelling (CM) is a key initial step in developing a mathematical model. Whilst there are established CM frameworks in other disciplines there has been little research in the field of economic evaluation, and no generic standardised frameworks exist. The objective of this research was to identify CM frameworks in non-economic evaluation fields, and to analyse these frameworks for common steps that would inform the development of a CM framework for economic evaluation. Methods: After an initial scoping exercise using pearl growing techniques, a qualitative critical interpretive synthesis (CIS) approach was used to identify frameworks and synthesize results. CIS uses an iterative approach to search a range...

  17. Peer to Peer Secure Update for Heterogeneous Edge Devices (Extended Abstract)

    Band, Emily; Herry, Herry; Perkins, Colin; Singer, Jeremy
    No abstract available.

  18. Dilemmas in Practically Engaged Scholarship: Too Much of a Risk or a Matter of Safeguards?

    Beirne, Martin
    Arguments for an applied academic activism on work are capturing serious attention. After a period of evident neglect across the academy, social scientists are rediscovering principled traditions of scholarship that connect research with practical efforts to anticipate and promote genuinely enriching and empowering ways of managing and organizing work. Rebalancing scholarship along these lines will be less than straightforward, however. Personal and professional dilemmas are attached to practical projects, and these range beyond the issues and concerns that exercised academics in the past. Anxieties previously centred on academic freedom and independence from commercial pressures. There were fears about managerializing debates...

  19. Northwest Africa 11522: A New Paired Stone of Martian Polymict Regolith Breccia Northwest Africa 7034

    Cohen, B.E.; Smith, C.L.; Lee, M.R.; Mark, D.F.; Almeida, N.; Cassata, W.S.; Hallis, L.; Smith, A.; Daly, L.
    No abstract available.

  20. Experimental Study of Fibre Optic Photon Counting Application: Real Time-free Calibration Distributed Temperature Measurement and Enthalpy Estimation for Geothermal Well

    Wisaksono, Anggoro
    Temperature, pressure and enthalpy data is very important and valuable, both during geothermal drilling and in well operation. The study will research the possibility of direct downhole measurement of temperature and free calibration, which will result in a real time pressure and enthalpy reporting model. The research will report on the development of a downhole geothermal brine pressure and enthalpy model, applied to the state-space T-p-X delineations and density (ρ) correlations in flowing gas, liquid and two-phase systems, using the H2O–NaCl geothermal brine thermodynamic formulation. The model was implemented in C programming, running in the NI Lab Windows/CVI user interface....

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