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  1. The role of cholecystokinin in the induction of aggressive behavior: a focus on the available experimental data (review)

    Katsouni, E.; Zarros, Apostolos; Skandali, N.; Tsakiris, Stylianos; Lappas, D.
    Cholecystokinin (CCK) is a neuropeptide that is (among others) reportedly involved in the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders. The excitatory role of CCK in negative affective emotions as well as in aversive reactions, antisocial behaviors and memories, has been indicated by numerous electrophysiological, neurochemical and behavioral methodologies on both animal models for anxiety and human studies. The current review article summarizes the existing experimental evidence with regards to the role of CCK in the induction of aggressive behavior, and: (a) synopsizes the anatomical circuits through which it could potentially mediate all types of aggressive behavior, as well as (b) highlights the...
    - 14-oct-2017

  2. Monoaxial external fixation of the calcaneus: an anatomical study assessing the safety of monoaxial pin insertion

    Thomson, Callum M.; Esparon, Tom; Rea, Paul M.; Jamal, Bilal
    The use of external fixation for intra-articular calcaneal fractures is increasing in popularity. Studies have shown fine wire and monoaxial external fixation to be a viable surgical alternative to more invasive methods of open reduction and internal fixation of the calcaneus. However, there is an absence of literature that quantifies the risk of pin insertion for monoaxial fixation. This study aimed to determine the safety of inserting monoaxial pins within the calcaneus to house the Orthofix Calcaneal Mini-Fixator. Five formalin embalmed cadaveric ankle and lower leg specimens were inserted with six monoaxial pins. Careful dissection then revealed the presence of the...
    (text) - 29-ago-2017

  3. FES cycling with electric motor assist

    Hunt, K.J.; Stone, B.; Negaard, N.-O.; Schauer, T.; Fraser, M.H.
    The aim of this study was to develop and test feedback control strategies for integration of elec- tric motor assist and functional electrical stimula- tion for paraplegic cycling. An integrated two-loop feedback control strategy is proposed, in which the electric motor is driven to provide feedback con- trol of cycling speed, and the cyclist's leg power is controlled by automatic variation of stimulation intensity. Representative experimental results are presented for one complete-lesion paraplegic sub- ject. The results show accurate feedback control of: cycle cadence; leg power; and external distur- bance rejection. We conclude that the addition of electric motor assist, with an integrated feedback control strategy, can compensate for external dis- turbances, it can greatly...
    - 20-sep-2017

  4. A pilot study of lower-limb FES cycling in paraplegia

    Hunt, K.J.; Schauer, T.; Negaard, N.-O.; Stewart, W.; Fraser, M.H.
    No abstract available.
    - 20-sep-2017

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