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  1. Magazines, Travel, and Middlebrow Culture: Canadian Periodicals in English and French, 1925-1960

    Hammill, Faye; Smith, Michelle
    No abstract available.

  2. Modernism's Print Cultures

    Hammill, Faye; Hussey, Mark
    No abstract available.

  3. Frank Quitely: The Art of Comics

    Nazir, Sha; Hunter, Kirsty; Grove, Laurence
    Catalogue to accompany the exhibition of the same name.

  4. Die Diphtherie in medizinisch-geographischer Perspektive

    Baur, Nicole-Kerstin
    No abstract available.

  5. CfE Higher Spanish

    Valdera Gil, Francisco
    Exemplar material, grammar points and a guide to revision of exam topics.

  6. Click and Collect

    Herd, Colin
    CLICK & COLLECT is a sequence of poems that explores the shape and shaping of consumerism, internet culture, queerness and emotion. How do we brand the world around us and how does it brand us? Across lyrics and half-story-poems, CLICK & COLLECT gives advice on how to frighten your friends, weighs up the pros and cons of cream jeans, questions the efficacy of algae as a face mask, gives dental hygiene tips and ideas for floral arrangements. There’s even a poem from the perspective of the crocodile on Lacoste-branded clothing. If click & collect is the new cause & effect,...

  7. Teacher 2020. On the Road to Entrepreneurial Fluency in Teacher Education

    Sutherland, Margaret; Head, George; Fagan, Catherine; Masgrau, Mariona
    No abstract available.

  8. De Río y Roca. De Amor y De Olvido = [Of River and Stone. Of Love and Oblivion]

    Frias, María Eualalia; Gardner, Nathanial
    This collection of poetry is the winner of the Alma Máter international poetry prize.

  9. Behavioural Types: from Theory to Tools

    This book presents research produced by members of COST Action IC1201: Behavioural Types for Reliable Large-Scale Software Systems (BETTY), a European research network that was funded from October 2012 to October 2016. The technical theme of BETTY was the use of behavioural type systems in programming languages, to specify and verify properties of programs beyond the traditional use of type systems to describe data processing. A significant area within behavioural types is session types, which concerns the use of type-theoretic techniques to describe communication protocols so that static typechecking or dynamic monitoring can verify that protocols are implemented correctly. This...

  10. Our Story From 1962 and Onwards: A Memoire of My Academic Curriculum Vitae The Tale of Me and My Family and Reflections on My Philosophy with Picture Stories

    Murray, Maxwell
    No abstract available.

  11. Theatre in Europe under German Occupation

    Heinrich, Anselm
    The Second World War went beyond previous military conflicts. It was not only about specific geographical gains or economic goals, but also about the brutal and lasting reshaping of Europe as a whole. Theatre in Europe Under German Occupation explores the part that theatre played in the Nazi war effort. Using a case-study approach, it illustrates the crucial and heavily subsidised role of theatre as a cultural extension of the military machine, key to Nazi Germany’s total- war effort. Covering theatres in Oslo, Riga, Lille, Łódź, Cracow, Warsaw, Prague, The Hague and Kiev. Anselm Heinrich looks at the history and context...

  12. Middle Scots Inflectional System in the South-West of Scotland

    Bugaj, Joanna
    No abstract available.

  13. The Legal Language of Scottish Burghs: Standardization and Lexical Bundles (1380-1560)

    Kopaczyk, Joanna
    The book offers an innovative, corpus-driven approach to historical legal discourse. It is the first monograph to examine textual standardization patterns in legal and administrative texts on the basis of lexical bundles, drawn from a comprehensive corpus of medieval and early modern legal texts. The focus is on Scotland, where Scots law, with its own nomenclature and its own repertoire of discourse features, was being shaped and marked by the concomitant standardizing of the vernacular language, Scots, a sister language to the English of the day. The study offers a unique combination of two methodological frameworks: a rigorous corpus-driven data...

  14. Human Rights Implications of the Usage of Drones and Unmanned Robots in Warfare

    Melzer, Nils

  15. Negotiating Genocide in Rwanda: the Politics of History

    Jessee, Erin

  16. Display and Disguise

    No abstract available.

  17. Vision in the Novels of George Sand

    Mathias, Manon
    This book considers the pull between the visual and the visionary in nineteenth-century France through an examination of George Sand’s novels. With an extensive corpus ranging from Sand’s early texts through to her later, less familiar works, it repositions Sand’s œuvre alongside that of the major realist authors and demonstrates her distinctive understanding of the novel as a combination of the concrete and the abstract. By studying Sand’s engagement with visual models associated with realism—the mirror, the visual arts, and the scientific gaze—the book proposes a more sustained dialogue between Sand’s work and realism than has hitherto been acknowledged, but...

  18. International Humanitarian Law : A Comprehensive Introduction

    Melzer, Nils

  19. Humanitäres Völkerrecht: Eine Einführung

    Gasser, Hans-Peter; Melzer, Nils

  20. Cyberwarfare and International Law

    Melzer, Nils

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