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  1. Planning and Profits: The Military-Industrial Complex and British Naval Arms Manufacture, 1918-41

    Miller, Christopher
    In a time of great need for Britain, a small coterie of infl uential businessmen gained access to secret information on industrial mobilisation as advisers to the Principal Supply Offi cers Committee. They provided the state with priceless advice, but, as ‘insiders’ utilised their access to information to build a business empire at a fraction of the normal costs. Outsiders, in contrast, lacked infl uence and were forced together into a defensive ‘ring’ – or cartel – which eff ectively fi xed prices for British warships. By the 1930s, the cartel grew into one of the most sophisticated profiteering groups of its day. This book examines the relationship...

  2. Scribes and Royal Authority. Early Charters from the National Records of Scotland

    Broun, Dauvit; Tucker, Joanna
    No abstract available.

  3. Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Environment

    Hanley, Nick; Spash, Clive L.
    No abstract available.

  4. Introduction to Environmental Economics [2nd ed.]

    Hanley, Nick; Shogren, Jason F.; White, Ben
    No abstract available.

  5. Measuring and Modelling Sustainable Development

    Moffatt, Ian; Hanley, Nick; Wilson, Mike D.
    No abstract available.

  6. Jurisprudence. Themes and Concepts [3rd ed.]

    Veitch, Scott; Christodoulidis, Emilios; Goldoni, Marco

  7. Swamp Kiss

    Herd, Colin
    Lyric poems channeling water forms and metaphors through horror films and gore. “Here’s a reason to celebrate: a fresh batch of poems by Colin Herd. I don’t know anyone else who can make zing the unexpected proximity of danger and corn on the cob, or for that matter castles and bottoms. Swamp Kiss is a delight to read, a lyric bustle of double understandings, jingles, neologisms, jokes, and bathside musings. Tracing ebullient arcs of thought, these poems revel in the language of everyday stuff, sometimes doleful, other times joyous.” - Lila Matsumoto

  8. Art and Modern Copyright: The Contested Image

    Cooper, Elena

  9. Nuclear Refrain

    Askins, Kye

  10. Educación y Desarrollo: Pisa 2009 y el Sistema Educativo Español

    Villar, Antonio; de la Rica Goiricelaya, Sara; García Pérez, José Ignacio; González de San Román, Ainara; HIdalgo Hidalgo, Marixa; Robles-Zurita, Jose Antonio; Martinez, Lorenzo Serrano; Guillen, Angel Soler
    No abstract available.

  11. Race and Religion: postcolonial formations of power and difference

    Nye, Malory
    The focal question of Race and Religion is this: when we talk of religion are we in fact talking about race? That is, are discourses on religion and religions a means of expressing discourses of difference based on race and racialization? After all, racial imagery is a central element of the modern world. Conventionally, religion and race are considered distinct discourses: in particular, religion is framed as a matter of individual choice, whilst race is ‘inherited’ genetically. However, the two discourses often overlap, particularly on a popular level – for example, in American culture Islam is constructed in many ways...

  12. 走向新的社会主义 = Towards a New Socialism [Chinese Translation]

    Cockshott, W.P.; Cottrell, Allin
    No abstract available.

  13. Kongo in the Age of Empire, 1860-1913: The Breakdown of a Moral Order

    Vos, Jelmer

  14. The Teeger That Cam for his Tea

    Rennie, Susan; Kerr, Judith
    Scots translation of Judith Kerr's classic children's book, 'The Tiger that Came to Tea'.

  15. What Is This Thing Called Philosophy of Language? [2nd Edition]

    Kemp, Gary
    Philosophy of language explores some of the most abstract yet most fundamental questions in philosophy. The ideas of some of the subject's great founding figures, such as Gottlob Frege, Ludwig Wittgenstein and Bertrand Russell, as well as of more recent figures such as Saul Kripke and Hilary Putnam, are central to a great many philosophical debates to this day.

  16. Awhad al-Din Kirmani and the Controversy of the Sufi Gaze

    Ridgeon, Lloyd
    No abstract available.

  17. Sinbad : Tionndadh Gàidhlig

    MacMillan, Gilbert
    A Gaelic translation of an abridged version of the classic novel 'Sinbad'.

  18. Celestial Empire: Life in China, 1644–1911

    Woolley, Nathan
    No abstract available.

  19. Economic Valuation with Stated Preference Techniques

    Batemen, Ian J.; Carson, Richard T.; Day, Brett; Hanemann, Michael; Hanley, Nick; Hett, Tannis; Jones-Lee, Michael; Loomes, Graham; Mourato, Susana; Ozdemiroglu, Ece; Pearce, David W.; Sugden, Robert; Swanson, John
    No abstract available.

  20. Pricing Nature: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Environmental Policy

    Hanley, Nick; Barbier, Edward B.
    No abstract available.

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