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  1. 'Filial ingratitude': Marina Carr's bond with Shakespeare

    Maley, Willy; Van der Ziel, Stanley

  2. Brexit and the Scottish economy: risks, opportunities and the revenge of the disadvantaged

    Koutmeridis, Theodore
    No abstract available.

  3. Kingdom and identity: a Scottish perspective

    Broun, Dauvit
    No abstract available.

  4. Martin Bucer: No to a council of chief priests – Yes to church unity

    Hazlett, Ian
    No abstract available.

  5. Swift guanxi data analysis and its application to e-commerce retail strategies improvement

    Lacka, Ewelina
    E-commerce has changed retail, offering an opportunity to sell products online. Before retailers can take advantage from e-commerce however, they need to understand the factors driving consumers' intentions to purchase online as well as the factors motivating product re-purchase. To date, a number of studies have been commissioned with an aim to support e-retailers in those efforts. These studies show the key role of trust in consumers' initial and continuous use of e-commerce sites. E-retailers however find online trust difficult to establish due to buyer-seller social and temporal separation online. Recent studies argue that this limitation of online channels can...

  6. Culture dependent benefits of e-commerce : a consumer perspective

    Lacka, Ewelina

  7. Control of single-phase and three-phase DC/AC converters

    Sangwongwanich, Ariya; Abdelhakim, Ahmed; Yang, Yongheng; Zhou, Keliang
    In many applications of power converters, an AC voltage with a controllable/variable frequency and voltage amplitude is desired (e.g., in motor-drive applications). By contrast, in the case of grid-connected applications (e.g., photovoltaic systems), the output AC voltage should be “constant” in terms of frequency and amplitude. In all, a power electronic interface is required to link the DC source with the load and to make the output AC voltage compatible in terms of phase, frequency, and amplitude. This power processing is called DC/AC conversion, and the power converters are referred to as DC/AC converters, also known as DC/AC inverters. Depending...

  8. Modeling and control of single-phase AC/DC converters

    Yang, Yongheng; Zhou, Keliang
    Power electronic converters as the intermediate stage connect various loads to power sources. In many cases, the power source is directly from the utility grid, which is an AC sinusoidal voltage. However, in various applications (e.g., adjustable speed motor drives), the AC power should first be converted into DC power. This conversion is called rectification and this chapter models single-phase AC/DC converters from the simplest diode rectifiers to controllable AC/DC converters. Then, the control strategies will be discussed with a focus on improving the power quality at the AC side, e.g., using a single-phase power factor correction control. Additionally, this...

  9. Knowledge discovery and data mining

    Krochmal, Magdalena; Husi, Holger
    Data mining is an interdisciplinary area of computer science combining database systems, statistical and machine learning approaches, and artificial intelligence focused on extraction of patterns and implicit relationships from data. In the era of high-throughput -omics technologies, the amount of scientific data that needs to be analyzed becomes problematic if not supported by powerful computers and sophisticated data mining algorithms, and thus, data mining techniques become increasingly popular among the scientific community. This chapter describes in detail the data mining process with special emphasis on its application in the field of -omics research.

  10. Molecular model for CKD

    Fernandes, Marco; Cisek, Katryna; Husi, Holger
    In this chapter, we give emphasis on the databases, tools, and current methods used for modeling chronic kidney disease (CKD) based on the integration of the molecular features determined by several omic technologies. Merging and integrating large datasets derived from several discovery platforms used in genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, presents a huge challenge within the field of bioinformatics and Systems Biology. One of the main hurdles is the lack of uniformization and connectivity between the different types of molecular data; for example, integration of datasets containing genes or proteins with metabolite data is not straightforward as initially we could...

  11. Russian modernisation: a new paradigm

    Kivinen, Markku; Cox, Terry
    No abstract available.

  12. Fear and the corpse: cholera and plague riots compared

    Cohn, Samuel

  13. An inconvenient growth: watching child actors, growing up, sideways and backwards in contemporary British film and television

    Lury, Karen
    This chapter has three linked aims. its primary aim is to explore, through a discussion of contemporary British film and television texts, the apparently inevitable and neutral topic of growth, or growing, in childhood. Second, it addresses questions of agency and identity in relation to that growth and, third, it considers the question of the child's growing body and its interdependence with his or her closest kin, peers and environment.

  14. Database creation and utility

    Krochmal, Magdalena; Cisek, Katryna; Husi, Holger
    Data storage is an essential task in research data management allowing for efficient data utilization and analysis. Due to an exponential increase in data generation (primarily owing to employment of new high-throughput -omics technologies), databases became a crucial element in everyday scientific practice and an important tool to support the discovery process. This chapter introduces basic technical aspects of database systems, data models, and database development. In particular, relational databases are discussed. Moreover, biological databases and their application in research are presented.

  15. Conclusion: CEE energy security - more than Russia

    Butler, Eamonn
    No abstract available.

  16. Hungary

    Butler, Eamonn
    No abstract available.

  17. Bayesian analysis

    Krus, Anthony

  18. The Dun Deardail Project

    Cook, Martin; Heald, Andy; Krus, Anthony; McLaren, Dawn; Ritchie, Matt; Roper, Katie
    No abstract available.

  19. Introduction: The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the development of international humanitarian law

    Haumer, Stefanie; Geiss, Robin; Zimmermann, Andreas

  20. Introduction

    Adams, Sean A.; Ehorn, Seth M.
    No abstract available.

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