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  1. Desistance and cognitive transformations

    Anderson, Sarah; McNeill, Fergus
    No abstract available.

  2. National cultural autonomy in Central and Eastern Europe: Challenges and possibilities

    Prina, Federica; Smith, David; Molnar Sansum, Judit
    No abstract available.

  3. Introduction

    Lochard, G.; Schlesinger, P.
    No abstract available.

  4. Intercultural encounters: Intertwined complexities and opportunities in international students’ experience

    Elliot, Dely
    International students who study overseas for a finite period (regarded as learners in ‘mainstream’ international education) constitute the largest group of students engaged in international education. This chapter discusses the opportunities and challenges inherent in the educational sojourn experience of these learners. The discussion, underpinned by a theoretical framework based upon a developmental theory promulgated by Urie Bronfenbrenner, offers a psychological perspective on the distinctive processes entailed in an educational sojourn. Likewise, Jin Li’s mind-virtue orientation dichotomy illuminates the likely consequential effects of moving from one academic culture to another. A focus on the less explored perspective of academic acculturation...

  5. Pipeline politics and energy (in)security in Central and South-Eastern Europe

    Butler, Eamonn
    This essay concerns energy security, or more specifically energy insecurity, in Central and South-Eastern Europe. Insecurity can be defined as a situation in which vulnerability from a particular danger or threat is perceived to exist. Threats generally come from external sources, but can also come from within, and usually have an existential quality. Energy is existential in that it underpins modern life—we use it to provide power, heat and light to our homes, workplaces and cities; to fuel our cars and other forms of transport; to help produce and power technology; and even to help us grow and process the...

  6. Emerging issues

    Schlesinger, Philip R.; Silj, Alessandro; Tannenbaum, Percy H.; Zerdick, Axel
    The centrality of communication technologies in our everyday lives can hardly be doubted. Nor can their crucial importance in the continuous renewal and reinvention of how our societies work. However, while claims about what the “information society” can offer us in terms of prosperity, abundance, pleasure and democracy abound, we need to take a hard look and try to distinguish between the feasible and the fantastic.

  7. Introduction

    Corner, John R.; Schlesinger, Philip; Silverstone, Roger
    No abstract available.

  8. The "Pagans" of Late Antiquity

    Stenger, Jan
    No abstract available.

  9. Nature on the margins: parks, gardens, and coasts in Whistler’s work of the 1880s and 90s

    Willsdon, Clare
    No abstract available.

  10. Introduction

    Scannell, Paddy; Schlesinger, Philip; Sparks, Colin
    No abstract available.

  11. Introduction

    Golding, Peter; Murdock, Graham; Schlesinger, Philip
    No abstract available.

  12. Introduction

    Schlesinger, P.
    No abstract available.

  13. Randolph, John (1727-1784)

    Struan, Andrew
    No abstract available.

  14. Biogelx: cell culture on self-assembling peptide gels

    Harper, Mhairi M.; Connolly, Michael L.; Goldie, Laura; Irvine, Eleanore J.; Shaw, Joshua E.; Jayawarna, Vineetha; Richardson, Stephen M.; Dalby, Matthew J.; Lightbody, David; Ulijn, Rein V.
    Aromatic peptide amphiphiles can form self-supporting nanostructured hydrogels with tunable mechanical properties and chemical compositions. These hydrogels are increasingly applied in two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) cell culture, where there is a rapidly growing need to store, grow, proliferate, and manipulate naturally derived cells within a hydrated, 3D matrix. Biogelx Limited is a biomaterials company, created to commercialize these bio-inspired hydrogels to cell biologists for a range of cell culture applications. This chapter describes methods of various characterization and cell culture techniques specifically optimized for compatibility with Biogelx products.

  15. Design of sensor system for air pollution monitoring

    Fan, Hua; Li, Junru; Qin, Yulin; Feng, Quanyuan; Li, Dagang; Hu, Daqian; Cen, Yuanjun; Heidari, Hadi
    In this work, we present the design of sensor platform for air pollution monitoring. During the design process, we took into account a lot of problems such as system architecture, power consumption and linearity consideration. ADC plays a vital important role in high-linearity sensor micro system, several practical techniques which can improve the performance and decrease power consumption of ADC are discussed in this paper.

  16. Theory of histological staining: why and how staining happens

    Horobin, R.W.
    No abstract available.

  17. Gangliosides and autoimmune peripheral nerve diseases

    Goodfellow, John A.; Willison, Hugh J.
    A wide range of neuroimmunological diseases, referred to as autoimmune neuropathies, affect the peripheral nervous systems (PNS). The PNS is structurally diverse with complex anatomical compartments enriched in many different myelin and neuronal glycolipids, notably gangliosides. Autoimmune neuropathies are a proportion of autoimmune neuropathies mediated by autoimmune attack due to antibodies reactive with these compartmentally localized gangliosides. Antiganglioside antibodies are principally associated with the acute paralytic disease, Guillain-Barré syndrome, and are also found in several chronic autoimmune neuropathy syndromes. These antibodies may arise spontaneously from the natural autoantibody repertoire, or be induced by infections that share structurally similar glycans to...

  18. ‘Subaltern victims’ or ‘useful resources’? Migrant women in the Lega Nord ideology and politics

    Farris, Sara R.; Scrinzi, Francesca
    No abstract available.

  19. Dynastic monarchy and the consolidation of aristocracy during Europe's long Seventeenth Century

    Scott, Hamish
    No abstract available.

  20. Financialisation, media and social change

    Happer, Catherine
    No abstract available.

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