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  1. Pipeline politics and energy (in)security in Central and South-Eastern Europe

    Butler, Eamonn
    This essay concerns energy security, or more specifically energy insecurity, in Central and South-Eastern Europe. Insecurity can be defined as a situation in which vulnerability from a particular danger or threat is perceived to exist. Threats generally come from external sources, but can also come from within, and usually have an existential quality. Energy is existential in that it underpins modern life—we use it to provide power, heat and light to our homes, workplaces and cities; to fuel our cars and other forms of transport; to help produce and power technology; and even to help us grow and process the...

  2. Cardiology patients' medicines management networks after hospital discharge: a mixed methods analysis of a complex adaptive system

    Fylan, Beth; Tranmer, Mark; Armitage, Gerry; Blenkinsopp, Alison
    Introduction: The complex healthcare system that provides patients with medicines places them at risk when care is transferred between healthcare organisations, for example discharge from hospital. Consequently, understanding and improving medicines management, particularly at care transfers, is a priority. Objectives: This study aimed to explore the medicines management system as patients experience it and determine differences in the patient-perceived importance of people in the system. Methods: We used a Social Network Analysis framework, collecting ego-net data about the importance of people patients had contact with concerning their medicines after hospital discharge. Single- and multi-level logistic re- gression models of patients' networks were...

  3. Long-term outcome of cryopreserved allograft for aortic valve replacement

    Nappi, Francesco; Nenna, Antonio; Petitti, Tommasangelo; Spadaccio, Cristiano; Gambardella, Ivancarmine; Lusini, Mario; Chello, Massimo; Acar, Christophe
    Objective: The most efficient surgical approach to severe aortic valve disease in the young adult is still debated: cryopreserved aortic allograft offers excellent hemodynamic and avoid anticoagulation, but long-term durability is influenced by structural valve deterioration (SVD). This study aimed to describe long-term results of aortic allografts and to identify factors influencing long-term durability. Methods: From January 1993 to August 2010, 210 patients underwent aortic allograft replacement via the free-hand subcoronary implantation technique (N = 55) or root replacement with coronary reimplantation (N = 155). Clinic and echocardiographic follow-up was updated to April 2016. Results: Overall mortality and cardiac mortality occurred in...

  4. Distortion of protein analysis in primary neuronal cultures by serum albumin from culture medium: a methodological approach to improve target protein quantification

    Willis, Ashleigh; Pratt, Judith A.; Morris, Brian J.
    Background: Primary neuronal cultures underpin diverse neuroscience experiments, including various protein analysis techniques, such as Western blotting, whereby protein extraction from cultured neurons is required. During immunoblotting experiments, we encountered problems due to a highly-abundant protein of 65-70 KDa present in the cell extracts, that interfered with total protein estimation, and immunodetection of target proteins of similar size. Previous research has suggested that serum proteins, specifically albumin, contained within commonly-used culture media, can bind to, or be adsorbed by, generic cell culture plasticware. This residual albumin may then be extracted along with cell proteins. New Method: We made simple modifications to wash...

  5. SME internationalization beyond exporting: a knowledge-based perspective across managers and advisers

    Stoian, Maria-Cristina; Dimitratos, Pavlos; Plakoyiannaki, Emmanuella
    Micromultinationals are small and medium-sized enterprises that engage in foreign market entry modes beyond exporting. The purpose of this study is to unveil the knowledge types required by micromultinationals. To this end, we conducted an interpretive interview study involving managers and advisers. We extend the SME internationalization literature by distilling the knowledge types that this unique body of small multinationals requires. Furthermore, we generate a framework that enhances the knowledge-based perspective by showing that micromultinational expansion is led by tacitly dominated knowledge of internal actors related to products, industries, and markets and facilitated by functional knowledge provided by external actors.

  6. The Oxford Handbook of European Legal History

    European law, including both civil law and common law, has gone through several major phases of expansion in the world. European legal history thus also is a history of legal transplants and cultural borrowings, which national legal histories as products of nineteenth-century historicism have until recently largely left unconsidered. The Handbook of European Legal History supplies its readers with an overview of the different phases of European legal history in the light of today's state-of-the-art research, by offering cutting-edge views on research questions currently emerging in international discussions. The Handbook takes a broad approach to its subject matter both nationally and...

  7. Sedimentary records of coastal storm surges: Evidence of the 1953 North Sea event

    Swindles, Graeme T.; Galloway, Jennifer M.; Macumber, Andrew L.; Croudace, Ian; Emery, Andy R.; Woulds, Clare; Bateman, Mark D.; Parry, Lauren; Jones, Julie M.; Selby, Katherine; Rushby, Greg T.; Baird, Andy J.; Woodroffe, Sarah A.; Barlow, Natasha L.M.
    The expression of storm events in the geological record is poorly understood; therefore, stratigraphic investigations of known events are needed. The 1953 North Sea storm surge was the largest natural disaster for countries bordering the southern North Sea during the twentieth century. We characterize the spatial distribution of a sand deposit from the 1953 storm surge in a salt marsh at Holkham, Norfolk (UK). Radionuclide measurements, core scanning X-ray fluorescence (Itrax), and particle size analyses, were used to date and characterise the deposit. The deposit occurs at the onset of detectable 137Cs - coeval with the first testing of nuclear...

  8. Prophylactic use of carvedilol to prevent ventricular dysfunction in patients with cancer treated with doxorubicin

    Abuosa, Ahmed Mohamed; Elshiekh, Ayman Hassan; Qureshi, Kahekashan; Abrar, Mohammed Burhan; Kholeif, Mona A.; Kinsara, Abdulhalim Jamal; Andejani, Abdulwahab; Ahmed, Adel H.; Cleland, John G.F.
    Objective: Deterioration in ventricular function is often observed in patients treated with anthracyclines for cancer. There is a paucity of evidence on interventions that might provide cardio-protection. We investigated whether prophylactic use of carvedilol can prevent doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity and whether any observed effect is dose related. Methods: A prospective, randomized, double-blind study in patients treated with doxorubicin, comparing placebo (n = 38) with different doses of carvedilol [6.25 mg/day (n = 41), 12.5 mg/day (n = 38) or 25 mg/day (n = 37)]. The primary endpoint was the measured change in left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) from baseline to 6 months. Results: LVEF decreased from 62 ± 5% at baseline to 58 ± 7% at 6-months (p = 0.002) in patients assigned...

  9. Inter-cluster cooperation for wireless D2D caching networks

    Amer, Ramy; Butt, Muhammad Majid; Bennis, Mehdi; Marchetti, Nicola
    No abstract available.

  10. When is enough...enough? Effective sampling protocols for estimating the survival rates of seabirds with mark-recapture techniques

    Horswill, C.; Humphreys, E.M.; Robinson, R.A.
    The ability to relate geographic differences in population trends to individual demographic processes is largely limited by the logistic and financial commitments associated with conducting long-term, population-specific studies. Consequently, many populations and species lack the empirical evidence of population change that is required to support evidence-based policy action. Lower intensity mark-recapture studies, such as those undertaken by citizen scientists, provide an opportunity to improve the spatial representation of survival estimates for birds. Colonial breeding makes seabirds particularly suited to this because, for many species, large numbers of breeding birds and chicks can be located relatively easily. We conducted a sensitivity...

  11. Evaluation of Interacting Robots in Public Spaces Through Scientific Competitions

    Iocchi, Luca; Nardi, Daniele; Foster, Mary Ellen
    No abstract available.

  12. Natural Language Generation for Public-Space Social Robots

    Foster, Mary Ellen
    No abstract available.

  13. The More I Understand it, the Less I Like it: The Relationship Between Understandability and Godspeed Scores for Robotic Gestures

    Deshmukh, Amol; Craenen, Bart; Foster, Mary Ellen; Vinciarelli, Alessandro
    This work investigates the relationship between the perception that people develop about a robot and the understandability of the gestures the latter displays. The experiments have involved 30 human observers that have rated 45 robotic gestures in terms of the Godspeed dimensions. At the same time, the observers have assigned a score to 10 possible interpretations (the same interpretations for all gestures). The results show that there is a statistically significant correlation between the understandability of the gestures — measured through an information theoretic approach — and all Godspeed scores. However, the correlation is positive in some cases (Anthropomorphism, Animacy and Perceived Intelligence), but negative in others (Perceived Safety and Likeability). In...

  14. Shaping Gestures to Shape Personality: Big-Five Traits, Godspeed Scores and the Similarity-Attraction Effect

    Craenen, Bart; Deshmukh, Amol; Foster, Mary Ellen; Vinciarelli, Alessandro
    This paper explores the role of personality as a mediation variable between observable behaviour of a robot — in this case, gestures of different energy and spatial extension — and the experience of its users according to the Godspeed questionnaire, a standard instrument for gathering subjective ratings of human-robot interaction. The results show that the personality traits that the users attribute to a robot are, to a certain extent, predictive of the subjective scores, i.e., of the quality of the interaction they have with it. Furthermore, the experiments show that 15 of the 30 observers involved in the experiments tend to like the robot more when they attribute traits to...

  15. Shaping Gestures to Shape Personalities: The Relationship Between Gesture Parameters, Attributed Personality Traits and Godspeed Scores

    Craenen, Bart; Deshmukh, Amol; Foster, Mary Ellen; Vinciarelli, Alessandro
    This work explores the role of personality as a mediation variable between the observable behaviour of a robot — gestures of different energy and spatial extension in the experiments of this work — and the subjective experience of its users as measure by the Godspeed questionnaire. The results show that, at least for some traits, the Big Five personality traits that the users attribute to a robot are predictive of the Godspeed scores, i.e., of the quality of the interaction the users have with the robot. In other words, robots that are attributed different personality traits tend to be perceived differently in relation to the quality of the interaction.

  16. Do We Really Like Robots that Match our Personality? The Case of Big-Five Traits, Godspeed Scores and Robotic Gestures

    Craenen, Bart; Deshmukh, Amol; Foster, Mary Ellen; Vinciarelli, Alessandro
    This work investigates the role of the attraction paradigm — the tendency to associate similarity and attraction in interpersonal relations — in Human-Robot Interaction. The experiment presented here involved 30 human observers who watched and rated 45 robotic gestures in terms of BigFive personality traits and Godspeed scores. The results show that, for 24 of the 30 observers, there was a statistically significant correlation between the Godspeed scores and the perceived similarity between the robot’s personality and their own. However, the association was positive for 15 subjects — meaning that for these there is a similarity-attraction effect — and negative for the other 9 — meaning that for these there is a...

  17. Central Neuropathic Pain in paraplegia alters movement related potentials

    Vuckovic, Aleksandra; Jarjees, Mohammed Sabah; Hasan, Muhammad Abul; Miyakoshi, Makoto; Fraser, Matthew
    Objectives: Spinal Cord Injured (SCI) persons with and without Central Neuropathic Pain (CNP) show different oscillatory brain activities during imagination of movement. This study investigates whether they also show differences in movement related cortical potentials (MRCP). Methods: SCI paraplegic patients with no CNP (n=8), with CNP in their lower limbs (n=8), and healthy control subjects (n=10) took part in the study. EEG clustering involved independent component analysis, equivalent current dipole fitting, and Measure Projection to define cortical domains that have functional modularity during the motor imagery task. Results: Three domains were identified: limbic system, sensory-motor cortex and visual cortex. The MRCP difference between the groups of SCI with...

  18. High intensity interval training for people with Multiple Sclerosis: a systematic review

    Campbell, Evan; Coulter, Elaine; Paul, Lorna
    Background: Aerobic High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is safe in the general population and more efficient in improving fitness than continuous moderate intensity training. The body of literature examining HIIT in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is expanding but to date a systematic review has not been conducted. The aim of this review was to investigate the efficacy and safety of HIIT in people with MS. Methods: A systematic search was carried out in September 2017 in EMBASE, MEDline, PEDro, CENTRAL and Web of Science Core collections using appropriate keywords and MeSH descriptors. Reference lists of relevant articles were also searched. Articles were...

  19. Modulating semograms: Some procedures for semantic specification and re-categorization in the Pyramid Texts and other mortuary texts

    Gracia Zamacona, Carlos

  20. The Middle Kingdom Theban Project: Preliminary report on the University of Alcalá Expedition to Deir el-Bahari, Fourth Season (2018)

    Gracia Zamacona, Carlos; Morales, Antonio
    No abstract available.

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