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  1. Amérique Latine: Culture et Communication

    No abstract available.

  2. International Media Research: A Critical Survey

    No abstract available.

  3. European Transformations: Five Decisive Years at the Turn of the Century

    No abstract available.

  4. Culture and Power: A Media, Culture & Society Reader

    No abstract available.

  5. Communicating Politics: Mass Communications and the Political Process

    No abstract available.

  6. Media, Culture and Society: A Critical Reader

    No abstract available.

  7. The Oxford Handbook of European Legal History

    European law, including both civil law and common law, has gone through several major phases of expansion in the world. European legal history thus also is a history of legal transplants and cultural borrowings, which national legal histories as products of nineteenth-century historicism have until recently largely left unconsidered. The Handbook of European Legal History supplies its readers with an overview of the different phases of European legal history in the light of today's state-of-the-art research, by offering cutting-edge views on research questions currently emerging in international discussions. The Handbook takes a broad approach to its subject matter both nationally and...

  8. Party Members and Their Importance in Non-EU Countries: A Comparative Analysis

    Although party membership has been extensively analysed in the EU Members States from Western and Eastern Europe, there is a gap in systematic data collection and analyses for the other countries in the Balkans and post-Soviet region. This book provides new and innovative insights in the area of party membership research to analyse the evolution of membership organizations in political parties from under-investigated countries. Specifically, it seeks to understand the way in which political parties and the national legislation conceptualize the notion of membership within and across countries. It provides original data and affords a first comprehensive, comparative study of party...

  9. Report on the Proceedings of the International Conference on Managing Responsible Research in the Human Sciences and Information Management 2016

    No abstract available.

  10. The Church and Empire

    ‘The Church and Empire’, the theme of Studies in Church History 54, reflects the reality that from its beginnings, the Christian Church has had close, often symbiotic, relationships with empires and imperial power. Initially the Church engaged with the Roman empire, subsequently in Europe with the Carolingian empire, the Anglo-Norman, Genoese, Venetian and Holy Roman empires, and later – through the Church’s global expansion with European empires in the Americas, Africa and Asia – the Spanish empire, the Dutch empire, the French empire and the British empire, and the imperial structures they encountered there. Under the presidency of Professor Stewart...

  11. Political Silence(s): Investigations at the Nexus of Silence, Power and Agency

    No abstract available.

  12. La Mamma: Interrogating a National Stereotype

    The idea of the “mamma italiana” is one of the most widespread and recognizable stereotypes in perceptions of Italian national character both within and beyond Italy. This figure makes frequent appearances in jokes and other forms of popular culture, but it has also been seen as shaping the lived experience of modern-day Italians of both sexes, as well as influencing perceptions of Italy in the wider world. This interdisciplinary collection examines the invented tradition of mammismo but also contextualizes it by discussing other, often contrasting, ways in which the role of mothers, and the mother-son relationship, have been understood and...

  13. Time, Science and the Critique of Technological Reason: Essays in Honour of Hermínio Martins

    This festschrift commemorates the legacy of UK-based Portuguese sociologist Hermínio Martins (1934-2015). It introduces Martins’ wide-ranging contributions to the social sciences, encompassing seminal works in the fields of philosophy and social theory, historical and political sociology, studies of science and technology, and Luso-Brazilian studies, among others. The book features an in-depth interview with Martins, short memoirs, and twelve chapters addressing topics that were central to his intellectual and political interests. Among those that stand out are his critique of Thomas Kuhn’s theory of scientific revolutions, his work on the significance of time in social theory and the interweaving of techno-scientific...

  14. Organized Worlds: Explorations in Technology and Organization with Robert Cooper

    Organized Worlds locates the study of organization within the wider area of social theory. It explores in detail the intricate relationships that exist between technology, representation and organization. The collection includes a chapter from the leading expert in the field, Robert Cooper, as well as an interview with him. Other contributors build upon and extend the findings of Cooper. This is a companion volume to In the Realm of Organization.

  15. In the Realm of Organization: Essays for Robert Cooper

    This book breaks new ground, departing from an emphasis on 'organisations' as social objects and moving towards a position of analysis which situates itself in the wider context of the late modernity. The contributors of this book acknowledge the impact of Robert Cooper on their own work and develop further his insistence that organisational analysis must be understood in terms of the rationalization of society as a whole.

  16. Shared Representations: Sensorimotor Foundations of Social Life

    No abstract available.

  17. Rent and its Discontents: A Century of Housing Struggle

    The 1915 Rent Strikes in Glasgow, along with similar campaigns across the UK, catalysed rent restrictions and eventually public housing as a right, with a legacy of progressive improvement in UK housing through the central decades of the 20th century. With the decimation of social housing and the resurgence of a profoundly exploitative private housing market, the contemporary political economy of housing now shares many distressing features with the situation one hundred years ago. Starting with a re-appraisal of the Rent Strikes, this book asks what housing campaigners can learn today from a proven organisational victory for the working class....

  18. Anarchism and Moral Philosophy

    No abstract available.

  19. Anarchism: A Conceptual Approach

    Utilising Michael Freeden's morphological (or conceptual) approach to the study of ideologies, this book applies this approach too the study of anarchist ideology. The volume comprising 15 (chapters) and an introduction – authored by a handpicked group of established and rising scholars – investigates how anarchists often seek to sharpen their message and struggle to determine what ideas and actions are central to their identity. This book examines the meanings of its key concepts, which have been divided into three categories: Core, Adjacent, and Peripheral concepts. Each chapter focuses on one important concept, shows how anarchists have understood the concept,...

  20. The Philosophy of Suffering: Metaphysics, Value, and Normativity

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