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  1. Paraphernalia! Victorian Objects

  2. The Romanian Political System after 1989 [Guest editor]

    No abstract available.

  3. Political Participation and Civic Engagement in Central and Eastern Europe [Guest editors]

    No abstract available.

  4. Politicization of Administrative Elites in Western Europe [Guest editors]

    No abstract available.

  5. Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Data-Driven Gamification Design co-located with 21st International Academic MindTrek Conference

    No abstract available.

  6. Philosophy of Pain

  7. American Literature in Transition: 1990-2000

    Written in the shadow of the approaching millennium, American literature in the 1990s was beset by bleak announcements of the end of books, the end of postmodernism, and even the end of literature. Yet, as conservative critics marked the century's twilight hours by launching elegies for the conventional canon, American writers proved the continuing vitality of their literature by reinvigorating inherited forms, by adopting and adapting emerging technologies to narrative ends, and by finding new voices that had remained outside that canon for too long. By reading 1990s literature in a sequence of shifting contexts - from independent presses to...

  8. The Library and Archive Collections of the University of Aberdeen: an Introduction and Description

    his volume commences with the the books and manuscripts given at the foundation of King's College in 1495, continues with the collections which accrued to Marischal College from its foundation in 1593, and comes together with the fusion of the two colleges in 1860 in the modern University of Aberdeen. From the beginning, the scope and focus of the University was international, and its developing collections represent a microcosm of the world of knowledge as it changed over the centuries. The University Colleges of Aberdeen have a distinct intellectual tradition: pragmatically tolerant in times of persecution; dissident from the religious and...

  9. Evaluation in the Crowd: Crowdsourcing and Human-Centered Experiments

    No abstract available.

  10. Installation Effects in Geotechnical Engineering

    No abstract available.

  11. Poverty and Social Exclusion in the UK, Volume 2: The Dimensions of Disadvantage

    How many people live in poverty in the UK, and how has this changed over recent decades? Are those in poverty more likely to suffer other forms of disadvantage or social exclusion? Is exclusion multi-dimensional, taking different forms for different groups or places? Based on the largest UK study of its kind ever commissioned, this fascinating book provides the most detailed national picture of these problems. Chapters consider a range of dimensions of disadvantage as well as poverty - access to local services or employment, social relations or civic participation, health and well-being. The book also explores relationships between these...

  12. Home Ground: New Writing Inspired by the Homeless World Cup in Glasgow

    The cultural legacy of the 2017 International Homeless World Cup.

  13. Boys from the Blackstuff

    No abstract available.

  14. Securing Peace in Europe, 1945-62: Thoughts for the Post-Cold War Era

    No abstract available.

  15. Haunted by History: Myths in International Realtions

    A series of studies on interpretations of history and their use in political debates. Includes: Beatrice Heuser & Cyril Buffet: ‘Michel and Marianne’ Beatrice Heuser & Cyril Buffet: ‘Of Myths and Men’, Beatrice Heuser & Cyril Buffet: ‘Historical Myths and the Denial of Change’, Beatrice Heuser: ‘Dunkirk, Dien Bien Phu, and Suez, or why France doesn't trust allies and has learned to love the bomb’.

  16. War, Peace and World Orders in European History

    Chapters contributed by experts on each period examine how world views have determined the view of war and peace, and the conduct of war, throughout European history.

  17. Small Wars and Insurgencies in Theory and Practice, 1500-1850

    In early modern times, warfare in Europe took on many diverse and overlapping forms. Our modern notions of ‘regular’ and ‘irregular’ warfare, of ‘major war’ and ‘small war’, have their roots in much greater diversity than such binary notions allow for. While insurgencies go back to time immemorial, they have become conceptually fused with ‘small wars’. This is a term first used to denote special operations, often carried out by military companies formed from special ethnic groups and then recruited into larger armies. In its Spanish form, guerrilla, the term ‘small war’ came to stand for an ideologically-motivated insurgency against...

  18. Insurgencies and Counterinsurgencies: National Styles and Strategic Cultures

    No abstract available.

  19. Cross-Chanel Modernisms

    No abstract available.

  20. The Therapeutic Implications of Muscular Dystrophy Genomics: The Transcript of a Witness Seminar Held by the History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group, Queen Mary University of London, on 27 October 2015

    With an introduction by Professor Jan Witkowski, this Witness Seminar transcript presents an account of the therapeutic implications of muscular dystrophy genomics. The participants provide insights into the clinical and genetic characterizations of muscular dystrophy, with a particular emphasis on Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and shed light on the research coordination and the recent approaches towards the treatment of this group of devastating pathological entities.

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