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  1. Workshops as a useful tool to better understand care professionals’ Views of a Lean change program

    SIMONS, Pascale; Benders, Jos; Marneffe, Wim; Pijls-Johannesma, Madelon; Vandijck, Dominique
    Purpose For change programs to succeed, it is vital to have a detailed understanding of employees’ views regarding the program, especially when the proposed changes are potentially contested. Gaining insight into employee perceptions helps managers to decide how to proceed. We conducted two workshops in a radiotherapy institute to assess the benefits and drawbacks, as well as their underlying causes, of a proposed lean change program. Managers’ views on the workshops’ usefulness were charted. Design/methodology/approach Two workshops were organized in which employees predicted positive and negative effects of a lean program. The workshops combined a structured brainstorm (KJ-technique) and an evaluation of the...

  2. Risk perception, attitudes towards risk and risk management: evidence and implications

    Wauters, Erwin; van Winsen, Frankwin; DE MEY, Yann; Lauwers, Ludwig
    The comprehensive risk analysis of a business such as farming entails questions on what is at stake, how important is the risk concern and how to deal with it. We performed a sequential mixed method, with the in-depth interviews in the first stage (n = 35), followed by a survey on the Flemish FADN (n = 614) in the second, to investigate the farmers' risk perception, the attitudes towards risk and the perceived usefulness of the risk management strategies. We find that, rather than the short-term volatility in prices, the longer term co-evolution of expenses versus receipts is of a...

  3. The impact of effective patents on future innovations in nanomedicine

    Bosetti, Rita; Vereeck, Lode
    The success of nanomedicine is dependent upon an effective protection of IP rights. Unfortunately, the US nanomedicine patent system is dysfunctional because long R&D procedures as well as the patent pendency are insufficiently taken into account. This could be solved by changing the patent-protection starting point and increasing the capacity of the US PTO. The nanotechnology industry also suffers from overlapping patents. This could be avoided by improving the expertise of the PTO, using a more accurate definition of nanotechnology and devising a generally accepted nomenclature that enhances prior-art searches. To avoid disputes, inference practices and strategic patenting can be...

  4. Evaluating implementation of the emergency severity index in a Belgian hospital

    BERGS, Jochen; Verelst, Sandra; Gillet, Jean-Bernard; VANDIJCK, Dominique
    Introduction: Triage aims to categorize patients based on their clinical need and the available departmental resources. To accomplish this goal, one needs to ensure that the implemented triage system is reliable and that staff use it correctly. Therefore this study assessed the ability of Belgium nurses to apply the Emergency Severity Index (ESI), version 4, to hypothetical case scenarios after an educational intervention. Methods: An ESI educational intervention was implemented in accordance with the ESI manual. Using paper case scenarios, nurses' interrater agreement was assessed by comparing triage nurse ESI levels with the reference answers noted in the implementation manual....

  5. The shape of the plasma glucose curve during an oral glucose tolerance test as an indicator of beta-cell function and insulin sensitivity in end-pubertal obese girls

    BERVOETS, Liene; MEWIS, Alex; MASSA, Guy
    It is hypothesized that the shape of the glucose curve during an oral glucose tolerance test is an early indicator of the risk for developing type 2 diabetes mellitus. In this study, we aimed to examine the shape of plasma glucose response curves and study their relationship with insulin sensitivity, insulin secretion and components of the metabolic syndrome in end-pubertal obese girls. Eighty one end-pubertal obese girls (median (range) age: 14.4 (11.2 ??? 18.0) years; BMI: 34.6 (25.4???50.8) kg/m??) who underwent a 2-hour oral glucose tolerance test were classified according to the shape of the glucose curve. Four shape types...

  6. Innovation, competition and firm performance: An econometric analysis on the Dutch pharmaceutical sector

    Sanyal, Shreosi
    This study mainly deals with the contemporaneous relation between innovation, competition and firm performance, conditioned by various firm-level determinants, for the Dutch pharmaceutical industry. Our analysis encompasses R&D investment and patents as the essential indicators of innovation; and investigates on their plausible linkage with competition, firm size, firm age, capital intensity and other variables, that eventually affect the productivity and growth in this knowledgeintensive industry. In addition to a comprehensive theoretical exploration, a number of empirical investigations are performed on a firm-level panel database for the Netherlands’ pharmaceuticals. In this PhD dissertation, chapter 1 deals with the theoretical overview and...

  7. Evaluating a lean healthcare transition in a radiotherapy clinic

    SIMONS, Pascale
    Effects of a lean management transition were extensively evaluated in a radiotherapy setting, with a special focus on quality, safety and efficiency of care. A radiotherapy institute was followed from 2010 to 2014 in their journey towards a lean healthcare organization. The studied organization combined specific interventions (lean tools), which addressed the clinical processes with a generic approach focusing on the organizations' structure and cultural elements. Effects were evaluated using a mixed method approach. Quantitative results were interpreted with qualitative data from structured interviews. Positive effects on waiting (process) times, reported safety incidents, safety & improvement culture, job satisfaction, absenteeism,...

  8. Mr. and Mrs. Patient Speaking: Patients' Preferences on Psychosocial Screening and their Impression of the CARES

    SCHOUTEN, Bojoura; HELLINGS, Johan; Vankrunkelsven, Patrick; VAN HOOF, Elke

  9. Potential of life cycle assessment to support environmental decision making at commercial dairy farms

    Meul, Marijke; Van Middelaar, Corina E.; de Boer, Imke J. M.; VAN PASSEL, Steven; Fremaut, Dirk; Haesaert, Geert
    In this paper, we evaluate the potential of life cycle assessment (LCA) to support environmental decision making at commercial dairy farms. To achieve this, we follow a four-step method that allows converting environmental assessment results using LCA into case-specific advice for farmers. This is illustrated in a case-study involving 20 specialized Flemish dairy farms. Calculated LCA indicators are normalized into scores between 0 and 100, whereby a score of 100 is assumed optimal, to allow for a mutual comparison of indicators for different environmental impact categories. Next, major farm and management characteristics affecting environmental performance are identified using multiple regression...

  10. Biomass: hot or not? Extended techno-economic assessment of Energy Conversion Parks

    VAN DAEL, Miet
    Biomass is one of the most versatile sources of renewable energy and essential in attaining the 20-20-20 targets imposed by Europe. Biomass allows producing biofuels, electricity and heat. Besides, one can produce high value products from biomass, such as chemicals. However, for these purposes it is important to use biomass residue streams which are nowadays not or inefficiently used. As such, it is possible to avoid competition with food or feed. Next to the advantages such as versatility, biomass also has some disadvantages: it is often geographically dispersed, waste streams have a high moisture content, low energy density, and biomass...

  11. Ruimtelijke specialisatie en clustering van industriegroepen en de productiviteitsgroei in sectoren in Limburg in kaart gebracht


  12. Identifying local determinants of destination choices of international immigrants to the Madrid metropolitan area

    Peeters, Ludo; Chasco, Coro
    We examine the local determinants of destination choices of foreign immigrants to the Madrid metro area using data for 2005 and 2009 from the Spanish annual municipal-level registers of inhabitants. Taking advantage of the equivalence relation between conditional logit and Poisson, we estimate a location-choice model using the Poisson fixed-effects estimator. Origin-destination fixed effects are incorporated to account for the persistent spatial structure of the immigrants’ settlement patterns and to control for potential violations of the independence of irrelevant alternatives (IIA) assumption. The Poisson regression model is estimated for seven different groups of immigrants according to world regions or countries...

  13. Elektronische facturatie in Belgi??: een kans of bedreiging volgens de cijferberoepen

    Poel, Kevin; Marneffe, Wim; Steyaert, Jo

  14. Cost-effectiveness of gemcitabine versus PEGylated liposomal doxorubicin for recurrent or progressive ovarian cancer: comparing chemotherapy with nanotherapy

    BOSETTI, Rita; Ferrandina, Gabriella; MARNEFFE, Wim; Scambia, Giovanni; VEREECK, Lode
    This article examines the cost-effectiveness of chemotherapy (gemcitabine) versus nanotherapy (PEGylated liposomal doxorubicin) in the treatment of ovarian cancer. Significant differences in costs were mainly due to the initial drug costs, which were €1285.28 in favor of chemotherapy. These costs were more than offset by hospitalization costs, which were €2670.21 in favor of the nanotherapy. The cost per quality-adjusted life week (QALW) for the nanotherapy was estimated to be €220.92/QALW for the base case and ranged from €170-318/QALW based on model assumptions. The clinical benefit associated with nanotherapy was achieved, yielding not only positive cost-effectiveness results, but also, surprisingly, financial...

  15. Techno-economic Assessment Methodology for Ultrasonic Production of Biofuels

    VAN DAEL, Miet; KUPPENS, Tom; LIZIN, Sebastien; VAN PASSEL, Steven
    Many market introductions fail due to economic reasons and not because of process performance. A techno-economic assessment (TEA) tool can help in making good choices during process development and raise the success rate of market introduction. In this chapter, the advantages of performing a TEA in early development stage of an innovative technology are highlighted. Seeing the current state of ultrasound technology, a TEA can help to steer further research into the most interesting pathway. The chapter, therefore, elaborates on the methodology that can be used to perform such a TEA and on the specific components which should be taken...

  16. Sluiten van CO2-kringlopen in de provincie Antwerpen: Een eerste techno-economische verkenning

    KUPPENS, Tom; Van Walsem, Jeroen; Hauchecorne, Birger; Lenaerts, Silvia; VAN PASSEL, Steven
    POM Antwerpen; Interreg

  17. Valorisatie van varkensmest door pyrolyse - Cleantech business case in Limburg

    i-Cleantech Vlaanderen

  18. Does lean management improve patient safety culture? An extensive evaluation of safety culture in a radiotherapy institute.

    SIMONS, Pascale; Houben, Ruud; Vlayen, Annemie; Hellings, Johan; Pijls-Johannesma, Madelon; Marneffe, Wim; Vandijck, Dominique
    PURPOSE: The importance of a safety culture to maximize safety is no longer questioned. However, achieving sustainable culture improvements are less evident. Evidence is growing for a multifaceted approach, where multiple safety interventions are combined. Lean management is such an integral approach to improve safety, quality and efficiency and therefore, could be expected to improve the safety culture. This paper presents the effects of lean management activities on the patient safety culture in a radiotherapy institute. METHODS: Patient safety culture was evaluated over a three year period using triangulation of methodologies. Two surveys were distributed three times, workshops were performed twice, data from...

  19. A cross-country analysis of the impact of regulatory quality on commercial case disposition time

    BIELEN, Samantha; MARNEFFE, Wim; VEREECK, Lode
    Commercial courts around the world encounter prolonged legal procedures, which harms businesses that require dispute resolution through the legal system. This paper, for the first time, tests whether a country’s quality of business regulation impacts the average commercial case disposition time. Panel regression analyses of 133 countries from 2006 to 2011 substantiate the negative association between the perceived regulatory quality and the average duration of commercial legal disputes. Surprisingly, the actual regulatory quality does not affect the average duration of a trial.

  20. Reforming Land-Tenure Systems in South Africa: Routes to Socio-Economic and Agricultural Sustainability

    Hoeks, Celine; AZADI, Hossein; Khachak, Parisa Rafiaani; Troyo-Dieguez, Enrique; VAN PASSEL, Steven; WITLOX, Frank
    Given the historical development of land tenure in South Africa, the aim of this article is to examine the best routes to alleviate poverty and retain sustainable agriculture in the country. First, a theoretical framework is presented that relates land tenure to sustainability, and three historical periods (pre-colonial, colonial, and apartheid) are then considered to explain the changes in land tenure and their consequences. The progress and main limitations of post-apartheid land reform to approach agricultural sustainability and alleviate poverty are discussed. Based on the analysis, different possibilities for future land reform are elaborated, followed by some recommendations for future...

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