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  1. Implementing an electronic medication overview in Belgium.

    Storms, Hannelore; Marquet, Kristel; Nelissen, Katherine; Hulshagen, Leen; Lenie, Jan; Remmen, Roy; Claes, Neree
    Background: An accurate medication overview is essential to reduce medication errors. Therefore, it is essential to keep the medication overview up-to-date and to exchange healthcare information between healthcare professionals and patients. Digitally shared information yields possibilities to improve communication. However, implementing a digitally shared medication overview is challenging. This articles describes the development process of a secured, electronic platform designed for exchanging medication information as executed in a pilot study in Belgium, called “Vitalink”. Findings: The goal of “Vitalink” is to improve the exchange of medication information between professionals working in healthcare and patients in order to achieve a more efficient...

  2. Bevindingen van zorgverleners bij de implementatie van een papieren medicatieschema.

    Storms, Hannelore; Claes, Neree; Hulshagen, Leen; Conings, Stefanie; Nelissen, Katherine
    Achtergrond Medicatiemanagement vereist een goede communicatie tussen zorgverleners intra- en transmuraal. Doelstelling In deze studie wordt nagegaan of een papieren medicatieschema de communicatie tussen zorgverleners van de eerste en tweede lijn in Zuidoost-Limburg verbetert. Methode In deze regio werd een papieren medicatieschema geïmplementeerd. Via een voor- en na-bevraging bij deelnemende zorgverleners werd het potentieel van het papieren medicatieschema nagegaan. De verwachtingen, de bevindingen en het gebruik van dit schema werden bevraagd. Resultaten Als belangrijkste valkuilen worden tijdsinvestering van zorgverleners en de medewerking van patiënten genoteerd. Een papieren medicatieschema blijkt voornamelijk te worden gebruikt om medicatiefouten te reduceren. Daarnaast zien slechts enkele zorgverleners het potentieel van een papieren medicatieschema als instrument...

  3. Towards inclusive careers: Reimagining, rethinking and reshaping careers from the perspective of disadvantaged groups

    VAN LAER, Koen; Verbruggen, Marijke; Janssens, Maddy
    In recent decades, we have seen the emergence of the ???new??? career discourse, describing the rise of ???new??? careers, characterized by increased career mobility driven by personal initiative and marketable skills and networks. The goal of this article is bringing the voice of disadvantaged groups in the conversations about ???new??? careers, which currently mainly seem to reflect the experiences of relatively privileged individuals on the labour market. Drawing on the literature on the careers and organizational experiences of historically disadvantaged groups, on the diversity literature, and on qualitative material about the careers of individuals from disadvantaged groups, this article explores...

  4. Implementing an electronic medication overview in Belgium.

    STORMS, Hannelore; MARQUET, Kristel; CLAES, Neree
    Objectives: Digitally sharing information enables improved communication, consequently increasing accuracy of a medication overview, resulting in reduced medication errors [1]. The aim of this study is to evaluate implementation of an electronic medication overview, particularly its accessibility and usability. Methods: In Belgium a project called ???Vitalink??? was implemented. Main objective of this project was to improve the exchange of health information between healthcare professionals as well as towards patients. Software packages generating an electronic medication overview out of patients??? health records, were developed. The generated medication overview listed all prescribed medication with name, dose, frequency, way of administration and moment of intake. Because data...

  5. Oral presentation: Risicomanagement door retrospectieve risicoanalyse

    MARQUET, Kristel; CLAES, Neree; DE TROY, Elke; KOX, Gaby; DROOGMANS, Martijn; SCHROOTEN, Ward; WEEKERS; VLAYEN, Annemie; VANDERSTEEN, Marjan; VLEUGELS, Arthur

  6. Oral presentation:Multicentre medical record review on Adverse Drugs Events requiring a higher level of care

    MARQUET, Kristel; CLAES, Neree; DE TROY, Elke; KOX, Gaby; DROOGMANS, Martijn; VLEUGELS, Arthur

  7. In between competing discourses: the disabled employee as a productive agent

    JAMMAERS, Eline; Zanoni, Patrizia; Hardonk, Stefan
    This article explores how workers with disabilities in one Flemish organization deal with societal and organizational discourses that contradict one another. On the one hand, the move from welfare to work and its strong emphasize on labour market activation of minorities brings along a discourse of participation through paid employment. On the other hand employers are reluctant to hire or promote people with disabilities because they have been historically burdened by a discourse of unproductiveness. Performance is key in organizations, yet disabled people are by definition defined by what they cannot perform. How individuals themselves engage with these colliding discourses...

  8. Werk-priv?? maatregelen, een oplossing om het beroep van verpleegkundige aantrekkelijker te maken?

    Lembrechts, Lieve; Dekocker, Vicky; Zanoni, Patrizia; Pulignano, Valeria
    De vergrijzing veroorzaakt de laatste decennia een steeds grotere vraag naar verpleegkundigen. Tot op vandaag is in Vlaanderen de job van verpleegkundige nog steeds een knelpuntberoep (VDAB, 2014). Als gevolg hiervan hebben ziekenhuizen moeite om voldoende personeel aan te trekken en in dienst te houden. Gezien onderzoek uitwijst dat verpleegkundigen vaak een onevenwicht tussen werk en priv?? ervaren ??? wat in de wetenschappelijke literatuur ???work-family conflict??? genoemd wordt (Kovner, Brewer, Wu, Cheng, & Suzuki, 2006; Pal & Saksvik, 2008; Simon, Kummerling, & Hasselhorn, 2004) ??? , lijkt het van groot belang om hier op in te grijpen. Daarom is het...

  9. Process evaluation outcomes from a global child obesity prevention intervention

    Pettigrew, Simone; Borys, Jean Michel; du Plessis, Hugues Ruault; Walter, Lea; Huang, Terry T-K; Levi, Jeffrey; VINCK, Jan
    Background: While it is acknowledged that child obesity interventions should cover multiple ecological levels (downstream, midstream and upstream) to maximize their effectiveness, there is a lack of evaluation data to guide the development and implementation of such efforts. To commence addressing this knowledge gap, the present study provides process evaluation data relating to the experiences of groups implementing the EPODE approach to child obesity prevention in various locations around the world. The aim of this exploratory study was to investigate the barriers and facilitators to program implementation in program sites around the world to assist in developing strategies to enhance...

  10. Hydration and Obesity Prevention

    Borys, Jean-Michel; de Ruyter, Janne C.; Finch, Hannah; Harper, Pauline; Levy, Emile; Mayer, Julie; Richard, Pierre; du Plessis, Hugues Ruault; Seidell, Jacob C.; VINCK, Jan
    DG SanCO; Ferrero; Mars; Orangina-Schweppes; Danone

  11. Incidence And Outcome Of Inappropriate In Hospital Empiric Antibiotic Therapy For Severe Infection: A Systematic Review.


  12. A study of the determinants of work-to-family conflict among hospital nurses in Belgium

    Lembrechts, Lieve; Dekocker, Vickie; Zanoni, Patrizia; Pulignano, Valeria
    Aims: This study examines the relative impact of three sources of work-to-family conflict among hospital nurses: work–family policy use (childcare assistance, schedule flexibility, part-time work),job dimensions (work overload, job autonomy, overtime hours, night shifts, regularity in type of shift, weekend work, hierarchical position, variation in tasks) and organisational support(physician/coworker support). Background: Many studies claim that organisational support and job dimensions are more important sources of work-to-family conflict than work–family policy use, a relation that has not been fully investigated. This study attempts to fill this gap by empirically assessing the relative impact of these sources on nurses’ workto- family conflict. Methods: Four hundred...

  13. Managing Muslim employees and Islamic practices at work. Exploring elements shaping policies on religious practices in Belgian organizations

    Van Laer, Koen

  14. Between the devil and the deep blue sea: Exploring the hybrid identity narratives of ethnic minority professionals

    VAN LAER, Koen; Janssens, Maddy
    Drawing on a narrative approach to identity, this paper explores how ethnic minority employees attempt to craft coherent self-narratives while faced with the challenge of reconciling their work experiences in organizations dominated by the ethnic majority with their non-work affiliations, experiences and audiences. Our findings show that, in dealing with this challenge, individuals construct hybrid identities combining different cultural traditions, yet continue to experience identity tensions because of others??? contestation of their identity claims. This highlights how social and political processes, through maintaining traditional notions of difference, can limit the ability of hybrid identities to allow individuals to successfully reconcile different affiliations,...

  15. Snelle detectie van sepsis redt mensenlevens


  16. Prevalence of atrial fibrillation from a large-scale screening population: results from the Belgian heart rhytm week

    Mairesse, Georges H.; Scavée, C; CLAES, Neree; Goethals, P; Vandekerckhove, Y; Vijgen, J; Blankoff, I; Goethals, M

  17. PiCCO guided fluid management in early phase in patients with severe sepsis and septic shock at the ED

    LIESENBORGS, An; MARQUET, Kristel; WEEKERS, Frank; VANDIJCK, Dominique; CLAES, Neree

  18. Alternative Diversity Management: Organizational Practices Fostering Ethnic Equality at Work

    Janssens, Maddy; ZANONI, Patrizia
    Taking a critical, performative stance, this study aims to advance our understanding of diversity management enhancing ethnic equality at work. Relying on a multiple-case study, we inductively identify organizational practices that foster the valuing of multiple competencies and the ability to express multiple identities, two key organizational markers of ethnic equality advanced in the gender and diversity literature. Our analysis indicates that ethnic equality is fostered by practices that broaden dominant norms on competencies and cultural identities, and avoid reducing ethnic minority employees to mere representatives of a stigmatized social group. In contrast to ???classical diversity management practices which focus...

  19. ENT One Day Surgery: critical analysis with the HFMEA method

    MARQUET, Kristel; CLAES, Neree; Postelmans, T.; LEMKENS, Peter; Rosseel, M.; Torfs, A.; VLEUGELS, Arthur
    Objectives: Research shows that 51.4% of adverse events in hospitals occur in surgery(1) and that 3-22% of surgical patients experience adverse events? The risk may be even higher when turnover is high and when patients are children, as is often the case in ear, nose and throat surgery. This quality project therefore started in response to requests from physicians in two hospitals in the Flemish part of Belgium. The aim of this study is to use the Healthcare Failure Mode & Effect Analysis method to evaluate the process flow for ear, nose and throat patients, and to redesign the process...

  20. Prevalence of Atrial Fibrillation from a Large-Scale Screening Population: Results from The Belgian Heart Rhythm Week.

    Mairesse, G. H.; Scavee, C.; CLAES, Neree; Goethals, P.; Vandekerckhove, Y.; Vijgen, J.; Blankoff, I.; Goethals, M.

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