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  1. Towards inclusive careers: Reimagining, rethinking and reshaping careers from the perspective of disadvantaged groups

    VAN LAER, Koen; Verbruggen, Marijke; Janssens, Maddy
    In recent decades, we have seen the emergence of the ???new??? career discourse, describing the rise of ???new??? careers, characterized by increased career mobility driven by personal initiative and marketable skills and networks. The goal of this article is bringing the voice of disadvantaged groups in the conversations about ???new??? careers, which currently mainly seem to reflect the experiences of relatively privileged individuals on the labour market. Drawing on the literature on the careers and organizational experiences of historically disadvantaged groups, on the diversity literature, and on qualitative material about the careers of individuals from disadvantaged groups, this article explores...

  2. Developing a Sustainable Nutrition Research Agenda in Sub-Saharan Africa-Findings from the SUNRAY Project

    Lachat, Carl; Nago, Eunice; Roberfroid, Dominique; Holdsworth, Michelle; Smit, Karlien; Kinabo, Joyce; PINXTEN, Wim; Kruger, Annamarie; Kolsteren, Patrick
    SUNRAY was funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme Grant Agreement nr. 266080. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

  3. Ethical issues raised by whole genome sequencing

    PINXTEN, Wim; Howard, Heidi Carmen
    While there is ongoing discussion about the details of implementation of whole genome sequencing (WGS) and whole exome sequencing (WES), there appears to be a consensus amongst geneticists that the widespread use of these approaches is not only inevitable, but will also be beneficial [1]. However, at the present time, we are unable to anticipate the full range of uses, consequences and impact of implementing WGS and WES. Nevertheless, the already known ethical issues, both in research and in clinical practice are diverse and complex and should be addressed properly presently. Herein, we discuss the ethical aspects of WGS and...

  4. In between competing discourses: the disabled employee as a productive agent

    JAMMAERS, Eline; Zanoni, Patrizia; Hardonk, Stefan
    This article explores how workers with disabilities in one Flemish organization deal with societal and organizational discourses that contradict one another. On the one hand, the move from welfare to work and its strong emphasize on labour market activation of minorities brings along a discourse of participation through paid employment. On the other hand employers are reluctant to hire or promote people with disabilities because they have been historically burdened by a discourse of unproductiveness. Performance is key in organizations, yet disabled people are by definition defined by what they cannot perform. How individuals themselves engage with these colliding discourses...

  5. Werk-priv?? maatregelen, een oplossing om het beroep van verpleegkundige aantrekkelijker te maken?

    Lembrechts, Lieve; Dekocker, Vicky; Zanoni, Patrizia; Pulignano, Valeria
    De vergrijzing veroorzaakt de laatste decennia een steeds grotere vraag naar verpleegkundigen. Tot op vandaag is in Vlaanderen de job van verpleegkundige nog steeds een knelpuntberoep (VDAB, 2014). Als gevolg hiervan hebben ziekenhuizen moeite om voldoende personeel aan te trekken en in dienst te houden. Gezien onderzoek uitwijst dat verpleegkundigen vaak een onevenwicht tussen werk en priv?? ervaren ??? wat in de wetenschappelijke literatuur ???work-family conflict??? genoemd wordt (Kovner, Brewer, Wu, Cheng, & Suzuki, 2006; Pal & Saksvik, 2008; Simon, Kummerling, & Hasselhorn, 2004) ??? , lijkt het van groot belang om hier op in te grijpen. Daarom is het...

  6. A study of the determinants of work-to-family conflict among hospital nurses in Belgium

    Lembrechts, Lieve; Dekocker, Vickie; Zanoni, Patrizia; Pulignano, Valeria
    Aims: This study examines the relative impact of three sources of work-to-family conflict among hospital nurses: work–family policy use (childcare assistance, schedule flexibility, part-time work),job dimensions (work overload, job autonomy, overtime hours, night shifts, regularity in type of shift, weekend work, hierarchical position, variation in tasks) and organisational support(physician/coworker support). Background: Many studies claim that organisational support and job dimensions are more important sources of work-to-family conflict than work–family policy use, a relation that has not been fully investigated. This study attempts to fill this gap by empirically assessing the relative impact of these sources on nurses’ workto- family conflict. Methods: Four hundred...

  7. Managing Muslim employees and Islamic practices at work. Exploring elements shaping policies on religious practices in Belgian organizations

    Van Laer, Koen

  8. Between the devil and the deep blue sea: Exploring the hybrid identity narratives of ethnic minority professionals

    VAN LAER, Koen; Janssens, Maddy
    Drawing on a narrative approach to identity, this paper explores how ethnic minority employees attempt to craft coherent self-narratives while faced with the challenge of reconciling their work experiences in organizations dominated by the ethnic majority with their non-work affiliations, experiences and audiences. Our findings show that, in dealing with this challenge, individuals construct hybrid identities combining different cultural traditions, yet continue to experience identity tensions because of others??? contestation of their identity claims. This highlights how social and political processes, through maintaining traditional notions of difference, can limit the ability of hybrid identities to allow individuals to successfully reconcile different affiliations,...

  9. Alternative Diversity Management: Organizational Practices Fostering Ethnic Equality at Work

    Janssens, Maddy; ZANONI, Patrizia
    Taking a critical, performative stance, this study aims to advance our understanding of diversity management enhancing ethnic equality at work. Relying on a multiple-case study, we inductively identify organizational practices that foster the valuing of multiple competencies and the ability to express multiple identities, two key organizational markers of ethnic equality advanced in the gender and diversity literature. Our analysis indicates that ethnic equality is fostered by practices that broaden dominant norms on competencies and cultural identities, and avoid reducing ethnic minority employees to mere representatives of a stigmatized social group. In contrast to ???classical diversity management practices which focus...

  10. Analyzing language practices in mother–child interaction against the background of maternal construction of deafness

    Mouvet, Kimberley; Hardonk, Stefan; Matthijs, Liesbeth; Van Puyvelde, Martine; Loots, Gerrit; Van Herreweghe, Mieke
    This paper explores what mothers think about language, what they plan to do in language and what they actually do within the context of interaction with their deaf child. Through the concept of construction of deafness, developed to understand how parents view deafness, we attempted to capture mothers’ language ideology and planning by analyzing interview data. The findings of the interview analyses were confronted with analyses of language practices with their deaf child. As such we were able to gain insight into the interplay between construction of deafness and language ideology on one hand, and language practices on the other...

  11. Towards inclusive careers: New careers models from the perspective of disadvantaged groups

    VAN LAER, Koen; Verbruggen, Marijke; Janssens, Maddy

  12. De wondere wereld van 'ongewone' ondernemers. Vlaamse allochtone ondernemers succesvol in de creatieve industrieën

    THOELEN, Annelies

  13. Managing legitimacy in the educational quasi-market: a study of ethnically diverse, inclusive schools in Flanders

    MAMPAEY, Jelle; ZANONI, Patrizia
    In this paper, we examine how ethnically diverse, inclusive schools manage their legitimacy in an educational quasi-market. These schools are often threatened with a loss of legitimacy as ethnic majority parents perceive an ethnically diverse student population and radical pedagogical practices as signs of lower quality education. However, precisely legitimacy in the eyes of ethnic majority parents is crucial to acquire resources, motivate staff members and maintain their ability to offer quality education, necessary to minimize the majority???minority educational attainment gap in the long run. Drawing on a theoretical approach combining neo-institutional and impression management theories, we empirically investigate how four ethnically diverse, inclusive secondary schools embedded in...

  14. Ondernemerschap van Bulgaarse, Poolse en Roemeense immigranten in Vlaanderen

    MAMPAEY, Jelle


    Meulders, Ann; MAMPAEY, Jelle; Boddez, Yannick; Blanco, Fernando; Vansteenwegen, Debora; Baeyens, Frank
    We investigated whether offset-control of the unconditioned stimulus (US) reduces context conditioning induced by US-unpredictability within a human conditioned suppression preparation. We also examined lack of control vs. loss of control. Three groups (No Controllability, NC; Controllability, C; Loss of Controllability, LC) received unsignaled USs during two learning phases (ACQ 1-2). The NC group, never had offset-control, whereas the C group, always had offset-control. The LC group, had offset-control during ACQ I, but not during ACQ2. Results indicated that US-unpredictability led to contextual conditioned suppression during ACQ I, only when participants did not have offset-control; when they did, no context...

  16. "Kansen krijgen" of "kansen grijpen"? De publieke opinie over arbeidsmarktkansen van mensen van vreemde afkomst

    Valgaeren, Elke; Zanoni, Patrizia
    Allochtonen doen het niet goed op de arbeidsmarkt. Dat betekent echter niet automatisch dat het brede publiek er - net zoals de beleidsmakers - van overtuigd is dat allochtonen het omwille van hun afkomst moeilijker hebben in onze samenleving, laat staan dat ze vinden dat etnische herkomst in de ideale samenleving geen rol zou mogen spelen. Op basis van een grootschalige schriftelijke enqu??te brengen we voor het eerst in Vlaanderen de perceptie ten aanzien van gelijke kansen op de arbeidsmarkt in kaart: wat denkt men in Vlaanderen over de kansen van allochtonen op de arbeidsmarkt? Het is niet de bedoeling...

  17. De publieke opinie over de kansen van vrouwen en mannen in de Vlaamse samenleving.

    Valgaeren, Elke
    Volgens het principe van de meritocratische samenleving is iedereen in staat om succesvol te zijn in het leven. Of je nu de dochter van een mijnwerker of de zoon van een professor bent, met een beetje geluk en hard werken kan je zelf je dromen waarmaken. Vanuit een gelijke kansenperspectief betekent dit dat bijvoorbeeld herkomst, geslacht en seksuele identiteit geen invloed uitoefenen op het bereiken van ???de goede dingen in het leven??? (Mason, 2006) zoals het behalen van een diploma of het verwerven van een betaalde job. Wanneer ze dat wel doen, moet er een knipperlicht gaan branden en moeten...

  18. Ethnic Minority Professionals??? Resistance: Workplace Struggles Over Discourses of Ethnicity

    Van Laer, Koen; Janssens, Maddy
    This paper aims to understand how ethnic minority employees engage with discourses of ethnicity in the workplace. We draw on the notion of struggle, considering individuals??? workplace experiences to be characterized by a dialectical interplay between power and resistance. Based on interviews, we identify three types of struggles over discourses of ethnicity: struggles over the economic value of ethnic difference, over the social, cultural or religious values tied to ethnic difference, and over the nature of sameness. These findings contribute to the diversity literature by showing the ambiguous ways in which ethnic minority employees are constructed, which go beyond traditional group-based...

  19. Entrepreneurial stories as corporate branding resources. A strategy-as-discourse perspective for ethnic minority identities in the creative industries.

    Thoelen, Annelies; Zanoni, Patrizia

  20. You look for diversity management, you find CSR: Practices aligning business goals and minorities’ needs in Flemish SMEs

    Vermaut, Hannah; Zanoni, Patrizia
    This explorative multiple-case study investigates a wide array of formal and informal organizational practices used by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to employ an ethnically diverse personnel. Empirically, we examine the practices used by five Flemish SMEs which have been able to attract and retain a substantial share of ethnic minority employees, an exceptional achievement in the Flemish labor market dominated by monocultural organizations. Relying on corporate social responsibility (CSR) theory, we argue their practices enable the employment of a more ethnically diverse personnel by redefining work arrangements in ways that align an ethnically diverse personnel's needs and business goals....

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