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  1. Art and Analysis: Two Stranger Painters in Jacobean Scotland

    Rae, Caroline; Anderson, Kate; Stevenson, Lesley
    In the last year I have co-curated, with Lesley Stevenson (Senior Painting Conservator, National Galleries of Scotland) and Kate Anderson (Senior Curator, Scottish National Portrait Gallery), an exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery which opened to the public in October 2017. This exhibition showcased highlights from my Caroline Villers Research Fellowship (hosted jointly by the Courtauld Institute of Art and the National Galleries of Scotland). This research represents the first systematic and rigorous technical examination of works by either artist and the first attempt to reassess their oeuvres since the 1970s. This exhibition, particularly my uncovering of an overpainted portrait...

  2. The Language of Silence

    Li, Lin; Majali, Sulaïman; Sithole, Tawona
    The Language of Silence highlights the potential of silence as an active agent through which political exigencies may be explored. Through understated, sometimes deliberately obscured works, the exhibition presents poetic commentaries on current contexts which hold personal significance for the artists. Hong-Kong born artist Lin Li entwines autobiography with broader concerns, questioning the possibility of attaining a free voice. London born Sulaïman Majali works with sculpture, film and performance to negotiate the challenge of translating across cultures and envision a mythology of an imagined community. Zimbabwean writer Tawona Sithole extends an invitation to reveal what might be contained within silence.

  3. Maybe It Is

    Sithole, Tawona
    Poem about Chapungo Man.

  4. From Life: Contemporary Scottish Painting

    Hamilton, Laura; Boyd, Ailsa

  5. Waving the Red Flag: Chinese Posters 1949-76

    Woolley, Nathan
    No abstract available.

  6. Hardy Wilson's Peking

    Woolley, Nathan
    No abstract available.

  7. Celestial Empire: Life in China, 1644-1911

    Woolley, Nathan
    No abstract available.

  8. Letters from Russia. Monochrome Photography Exhibition. Lecture: On the semiotics of photography in the USSR and after: some notes from within

    Khairov, Shamil
    Centre for Russian Studies of KU Leuven presents an exhibition of monochrome photography and a lecture by Dr. Shamil Khairov (University of Glasgow).

  9. Letters from Russia. Monochrome Photography Exhibition. Lecture: On the semiotics of photography in the USSR and after: some notes from within

    Khairov, Shamil
    Centre for Russian Studies of KU Leuven presents an exhibition of monochrome photography and a lecture by Dr. Shamil Khairov (University of Glasgow).

  10. Comic Invention

    Robins, Trisha; Grove, Laurence
    Exhibition held at Clydebank Museum and Art Gallery, 26 May - 29 July 2017

  11. Frank Quitely: The Art of Comics. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow. 1 April-1 October 2017

    Craig, Martin; Grove, Laurence

  12. Auroculis

    Harris, Louise
    Alchemy Film & Arts is delighted to present Auroculis by Scottish artist Louise Harris, as part of our 2017 exhibition programme at our new Hawick High Street venue. These three pieces, for Expanded Audiovisual Format (EAF), investigate relationships between sonic form, through time and visual form, through space. Presenting these works in dual screen, quad speaker format facilitates a democratization of the visual and sonic space, and allows the audience to engage with the works as both audiovisual and spatial entities.

  13. Spatial Segregation and Variation in Life Expectancy in Glasgow: A Data Sculpture

    Minton, Jonathan
    A 3D printed data sculpture showing variation in male life expectancy in Glasgow city as a series of columns of differing heights. High definition shapefiles are used to show the spatial morphology of variation in life expectancy, with the Clyde river visible to aid orientation. The Glasgow road network has been added as a series of indentations to the columns to further aid orientation and add texture to the sculpture. The sculpture has an approximately A4 footprint. A more conventional choropleth map is provided as a companion, displayed alongside the 3D data sculpture.

  14. Melting Species: River Kelvin

    Donald, M.; Millar, N.
    An installation at the Only Human? Festival of the Arts and Humanities, Glasgow, November 2015. Melting Species was a re-configuration of a previous work devised and realised by Minty Donald and Nick Millar in Calgary, Alberta, in October 2013 — the first iteration of an evolving practice-based research project, Guddling About. Guddling About explores human-water interrelations in specific cultural and material contexts through performances and actions that are often modest in scale and playful in character. In Melting Species (Glasgow) measured quantities of water from the River Kelvin were frozen in drinking water containers. The different quantities of water corresponded...

  15. 3D Visualisations of changes in the Scottish Age-Crime Curve Over Time

    Minton, Jonathan; Matthews, Ben; McVie, Susan
    3D printed visualisations showing differences in the age-crime curve over time in Scotland, between the ages of 16 and 60, and showing gender differences. Three data sculptures were produced: two eight cm cubes, showing the change in the age-crime curve over time for males and females separately, and a smaller, 4cm by 4cm by 8cm cube showing male and female conviction rates on the same scale.

  16. Demography as Sculpture

    Minton, Jonathan
    Demography is the science of human populations. This stall will look at how two twenty-first century technologies, computer graphics and 3D printing, can be applied to a nineteenth century demographic method, Lexis surfaces, which turn time into space, and thousands of numbers into a virtual landscape.

  17. Za siedmoma rzekami = Over Seven Rivers

    Khairov, Shamil
    An exhibiton of 40 monochrome photographs. Russian rural and urban landscapers; portraits, still life taken between 1995 and 2013. Gelatin silver prints - 20. Digital prints - 20 (Medium - Ultra Chrome Ink on Epson Archival Matte paper).

  18. Alastair Reid Exhibition, University of Glasgow Library, June - December 2011

    Reid, A.; Peña, K.

    Alastair Reid (b. 1926, Whithorn, Galloway) is one of Scotland’s foremost literary figures in poetry, prose and translation. To mark his award by the UniversityAlastair Reid of an honorary degree, the Library is mounting a small exhibition of his life and work in the display area of Library Level 3.

    After war service in the Navy and graduation from the University of St Andrews, Reid went on to have a long, distinguished and varied career working throughout the world as poet, translator and champion of South American literature, including such luminaries as Jorge Luis Borges, Mario Vargas Llosa and Pablo Neruda....

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