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  1. Developing Measures for Valuing Changes in Biodiversity: Phase 1: a review of relevant ecological and economic literature

    Christie, M.; Warren, J.; Hanley, N.; Murphy, K.; Wright, R.

  2. Misallocation, Education Expansion and Wage Inequality

    Koutmeridis, Theodore
    This study offers a unified explanation for the perplexing fact that the education premium rises more for low-experienced workers, while the experience premium increases mainly for low-educated labor. The interaction of signaling, employer learning and credit constraints resolves this puzzle. When higher education expands, talented individuals acquire skills and abandon the uneducated pool. This decreases unskilled-inexperienced wages and boosts inequality, highlighting that talent misallocation compresses wage dispersion. This explanation fits US data, indicating that for three decades the rise in the education and the experience premium coincided with falling unskilled-inexperienced wages, while skilled or experienced wages remained relatively flat.

  3. The Potential of Market Mechanisms for the Control of Pollution. Report, June 1991

    Hanley, N.D.; Hallett, S.; Moffatt, I.; Farley, D.; Pezzey, J.

  4. Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development in Nature Conservation. Report to NCC, March 1991

    Hanley, N.D; Munro, A.; Ghosh, D.; Jamieson, D.

  5. The Valuation of Environmental Effects: Stage Two

    Hanley, N.D.

  6. The Valuation of Environmental Effects: Stage One

    Hanley, N.D.

  7. UK National Ecosystems Assessment, June 2011

    Hanley, Nick

  8. Arm Mbed – AWS IoT System Integration [Open access]

    Martin, Sergio; Heidari, Hadi; Tousimojarad, Ashkan; Cochran, Sandy
    This project explores the different Internet of Things (IoT) architectures and the available platforms to define a general IoT Architecture to connect Arm microcontrollers to Amazon Web Services. In order to accommodate the wide range of IoT applications, the architecture was defined with different routes that an Arm microcontroller can take to reach AWS. Once this Architecture was defined, a performance analysis on the different routes was performed in terms of communication speed and bandwidth. Finally, a Smart Home use case scenario is implemented to show the basic functionalities of an IoT system such as sending data to the device and data storage in the Cloud....

  9. Enhancing the Experience of International Doctoral Researchers - Key Messages

    Elliot, Dely L.; Houston, Muir; Makara, Kara; Reid, Kate; Lido, Catherine
    No abstract available.

  10. Rethinking Energy Policy in Central and Eastern Europe

    Butler, Eamonn; Ostrowski, Wojciech
    This paper provides an overview of an upcoming book which seeks to do just this by asking the questions, what role does Russia play in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) energy sector and how did the Russian-CEE energy relationship develop since the early 1990s? One of the central thesis outlined here argues that in order to fully understand Russian involvement in the regional CEE energy complex, the RussianCEE energy relationship should be analysed in the context of the political and economic transition that both Russia and the CEE states underwent following 1989. It is asserted that questions on which energy security analysis normally center—such as a country’s...

  11. The Social Impact of the 2017-18 Local Government Budget

    Gannon, Maria; Burn-Murdoch, Ailsa; Aiton, Andrew; Bailey, Nick; Bramley, Glen; Campbell, Allan; Finnigan, Kayleigh; Gilman, Laura; Hastings, Annette
    This briefing assesses the "social impact" of the 2017-18 local government budget by analysing how council savings plans are distributed between "Pro-Poor", "Neutral" and "Pro-Rich" services. It is the result of a joint project between SPICe, the University of Glasgow and Heriot Watt University, funded by SPICe and the University of Glasgow Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Impact Acceleration Account.

  12. Time for Change: Report on the Future of the Study of Islam and Muslims in Universities and Colleges in Multiculturalism Britain

    El-Awaisi, Abd al-Fattah; Nye, Malory

  13. High Rise Bakers: Working Towards a Social Enterprise

    Askins, Kye
    No abstract available.

  14. The Nonstraddling Lemma and a new look at the Heine-Borel Theorem

    Spain, Philip G.
    Any family of intervals in the real line determines a linking equivalence relation on its union. The equivalence classes are order convex so are therefore themselves intervals, partitioning the union of the original family. If one starts from a cover of a bounded closed interval by open intervals one can then apply the Nonstraddling Lemma, a result of the utmost simplicity, to clinch the proof of the Heine-Borel Theorem. The Structure Theorem for Open Sets emerges naturally from this discussion. The natural setting for this scheme of proof is in the wider context of complete linearly ordered spaces where the generalisation of the...

  15. The NC property for Banach algebras, and C^*-equivalence

    Spain, Philip G.
    Consider a unital Banach algebra A having the NC property: that 1 − A + 1 ⊆ A + 1 . Then | h | σ = ||h|| (h ∈ A+). Any unital hermitian Banach ∗-algebra with this property is therefore C ∗ -equivalent.

  16. Ultrahermitian Projections on Banach Spaces

    Spain, Philip G.
    I introduce a new class of projections on Banach spaces and analyse some of their prop- erties. I also present improvements on known results for hermitian projections (in Theorem 2.6) and on their order properties (see Theorem 3.3). This leads to results on the compression and patching of hermitian operators: see Theorem 3.1 & Theorem 4.6 and its corollaries.

  17. How far is (1 + a/n)^n from e^a ?

    Lampret, Vito; Spain, Philip G.
    We present effective upper and lower bounds for the distance from (1 +a/n)^n to e^a for an element a of a complex unital Banach algebra and positive integer n.

  18. Archives and Copyright: Developing and Agenda for Reform

    Deazley, Ronan; Stobo, Victoria

  19. Copying, Creativity and Copyright

    Deazley, Ronan; Meletti, Bartolomeo
    This Working Paper by Professor Ronan Deazley (Queen’s University Belfast) and CREATe researcher Bartolomeo Meletti – offers insights into the creative process behind their award-winning film The Adventure of the Girl with the Light Blue Hair, and makes the case for understanding copying as a positive phenomenon in helping us learn and innovate, develop and engage with others. Copying plays a crucial role at all stages of our development as human beings, from DNA replication to the way in which physical synchronicity helps us establish connections and relationships with friends and family, and beyond. Copying can also facilitate freedom of...

  20. Measuring the Impacts of Government ICT Strategies

    Bongiovanni, Ivano; Townson, P.; Kowalkiewicz, M.; Radford, M.
    No abstract available.

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