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  1. Salt for Svanetia (newly commissioned score)

    Alexander, Philip; Lawson, Greg; Caribe, Mario; Garnett, Pete; Nicolson, Guy
    Moishe’s Bagel bring their exhilarating blend of jazz inflected Eastern European and klezmer music to create a new score for Mikhail Kalatozov’s remarkable 1930 Soviet propaganda silent film Salt for Svanetia which recently took centre stage at the Bo’Ness Hippfest. Kalatozov’s visually striking and at times disturbing film originally promoted Soviet measures to modernise the isolated Svan people of the Caucasus Mountains in north-west Georgia and is a dramatic combination of ethnographic history and socialist realism. The evening will feature a full set from the band followed by the film screening after the interval. Moishe’s Bagel are Phil Alexander (keyboards), Greg...

  2. Rozhovor Britských listů 124. Co je podstatou terorismu? [Britské listy Interview 124. What causes terrorism?]

    Culik, Jan; Vesely, Daniel
    Jan Culik and Daniel Vesely discuss the causes of terrorism in Europe and in the Middle East now and in the past fifty years.

  3. Rozhovor Britských listů 123. Je Evropa na hraně propasti? [Britské listy interview 123. Is Europe on the edge of a chasm?]

    Culik, Jan; Kartous, Bohumil
    Jan Culik and Bohumil Kartous discuss the recent developments concerning Brexit in the United Kingdom after the June 2017 UK general election. They also debate about how and why Brexit has led to the growth of support for the European Union in the countries of Western Europe, they talk about the role of the new French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron in these developments and about the current attitudes of the Czech Republic and the other Central and East European countries to the EU.

  4. Rozhovor Britských listů 122. Vytvoření tvrdého jádra EU bude mít na ČR drsný dopad [Britské listy interview 122. The creation of a hard core of the European Union will have a strongly negative impact on the Czech Republic]

    Culik, Jan; Pehe, Jiri
    Jan Čulík interviews Jiří Pehe, the well.-known Czech political scientist and Head of New York University in Prague about the current attitudes of the Czech Republic to the European Union.

  5. Rozhovor Britských listů 121. Mám velkou příchylnost k přirozenému životu [Britské listy Interview 121] I have great affinity to natural life

    Culik, Jan; Slama, Bohdan
    At the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Jan Culik interviews the celebrated Czech film director Bohdan Slama about his five feature films, especially his latest Bába z ledu (Ice Mother, 2017).

  6. Public service reform and participatory budgeting: How can Scotland learn from international evidence?

    Brunner, Richard; Pradeau, Gil
    This short documentary film explores how community planning partners from two of What Works Scotland's case sites learnt about implementing participatory budgeting on a study trip to Paris, a European leader in mainstreaming PB. One of the goals of What Works Scotland is to understand how public services in Scotland can learn from international evidence. One approach to this is fact-finding visits by public services to international partners working on comparable policy and practice issues. Find out more on the What Works Scotland website about: - the context for participatory budgeting - the study trip to Paris - how...

  7. Burns and the fiddle

    McGuinness, David; Mcgregor, Aaron; McGillivray, Alison
    Historically-informed performances of fiddle tunes which Robert Burns subsequently made into songs, played from contemporary and earlier sources.

  8. What News

    Roberts, Alasdair; McGuinness, David; Skuse, Amble
    A collection of Scottish traditional ballads arranged for voice, historical pianos and electronics.

  9. Johann Sebastian Bach - Christmas Oratorio, with Dunedin Consort

    Butt, John
    Following the huge success of 2015's Magnificat & Christmas Cantata, Dunedin Consort releases its eagerly awaited follow up, Bach's Christmas Oratorio.

  10. Rozhovor Britských listů 120. ČR neinvestuje do inovací a není připravena na robotizaci [Britské listy interview 120. The Czech Republic is not investing into innovation and is uprepared for the AI revolution]

    Culik, Jan; Kartous, Bohumil
    Several top Czech politicians have recently made controversial remarks about the state of the Czech economy, the unreliability of the existing old age pension schemes and low income levels in the Czech Republic. These statements indicate the fragility of the economy of the Czech Republic and its lack of preparedness for the AI revolution. Since the fall of communism, the Czech Republic has turned itself into a cheap assembly hall for German businesses. It does not invest into innovation. Jan Čulík and Bohumil Kartous discuss the gloomy prospects of the Czech economy during the forthcoming AI revolution. The interview has...

  11. Rozhovor Britských listů 119. Lidem se ztratila přehlednost a srozumitelnost světa [Britské listy Interview 119. People are confused: they no longer understand the world in its complexity]

    Culik, Jan; Pehe, Jiri
    Jan Čulík interviews Jiří Pehe, the well known Czech political scientist and Director of New York University (Prague) about the reasons why a majority of Czechs are likely to vote for an authoritarian oligarch in the general election, which will take place in the Czech Republic in October 2017, and why people in the US have voted for Trump and people in the UK for Brexit. The interview was broadcast by the Czech cable TV station from 21st July 2017.

  12. Rozhovor Britských listů 118. Karlovy Vary vzdorně ruší nesmysly šířící se v České republice [Britské listy Interview 118. The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival defiantly cancels the nonsense political narrative which currently dominates in the Czech Republic]

    Culik, Jan; Svecova, Dominika
    Czech documentary film maker interviews Jan Čulík, the Britské listy editor-in-chief, about the most interesting films screened this year at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, which took place from 30th June until 8th July 2017. The main themes of the festival were horrors of war, hatred directed towards the representatives of the other and the position of women in society. The interview was broadcast by the Czech cable TV station from 14th July 2017.

  13. OrkCEmP and energy monitoring

    Galán-Díaz, Carlos Roberto; Dinnie, Elizabeth
    Interview for BBC Radio Orkney, Kirkwall, Orkney, 2nd August 2012.

  14. Rozhovor Britských listů 117: Strach plus frustrace rovná se nenávist [Britské listy interview 117: Fear plus frustration equals hate]

    Culik, Jan; Klusak, Vit
    At the 2017 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Jan Culik interviews the celebrated Czech documentary film maker Vít Klusák about his latest film Svět podle Daliborka (The White World according to Daliborek). The film is a portrait of a Czech neo-Nazi from a small town and the interview deals with various controversial aspects of the film project which the completed documentary has highlighted. - The interview was broadcast on the Czech cable TV station from 7th July 2017.

  15. A Journey to Find Myself Again: Experiences of South Asian Immigrant Women in the Canadian Labour Market

    Maitra, Srabani; Gupta, Tania Das
    No abstract available.

  16. Rozhovor Britských listů 115: Slovanská zádumčivost je překážkou úspěchu Čechů v Americe [Britské listy Interview 115: Slavonic melancholy is an obstacle preventing Czechs from becoming successful in the United States]

    Culik, Jan; Sveda, Josef
    Jan Čulík interviews Josef Švéda, the author of the monograph Země zaslíbená, země zlořečená [The Promised Land, the Accursed Land], which analyses images of the United States in Czech 19th and 20th century literature. Švéda has found that the construction of these images tells more about internal political and social problems in the Czech Lands rather than about the United States. In the 19th century, the US often functioned as an example of freedom and democracy for Czech authors, although they often assumed the generally widespread period racist attitudes to the blacks and to the indigenous American population. In the...

  17. Rozhovor Britských listů 114. V Československu byla tma [Britské listy Interview 114. There was darkness in Czechoslovakia]

    Culik, Jan; Larsson, Peter
    Jan Čulík interviews Peter Larsson, a Swedish human rights activist and co-founder, with Jiří Pallas, of the Charter 77 Foundation, about his work in support of the Czech dissidents and in support of Czech culture, which he has been disseminating in Sweden since the 1970s. After the fall of communism, Larsson founded a travel agency which has brought more than half a million Swedish citizens to the Czech Republic. The interview was broadcast on the Czech cable TV station from 16th June, 2017.

  18. Rozhovor Britských listů 113. Můj otec Jaroslav Dietl byl přesvědčený komunista [Britské listy Interview 113. My father Jaroslav Dietl sincerely believed in communism]

    Culik, Jan; Drasnarova, Helena
    Jan Čulík interviews Czech writer Helena Drašnarová about the life and work of her father, Jaroslav Dietl, who was the author of innumerable, highly popular television soap operas and TV series, which were broadcast during the two decades of the post-1968 regime in Czechoslovakia as part of official propaganda. According to Drašnarová, her father was a communist by conviction, but he sincerely believed that his TV series were "critical" of the communist regime. This was not the case amongst other things because his work was subject to extremely strict Communist Party censorship. The interview was broadcast by the Czech cable TV...

  19. Rozhovor Britských listů 112. Antisemitismus v české literatuře a při zrodu Republiky československé [Britské listy Interview 112. Antisemitism in Czech literature and during the birth of the Czechoslovak Republic]

    Culik, Jan; Holý, Jiri
    Jan Čulík interviews Jiří Holý, Professor of Czech literature at Charles University, Prague, about his new monograph Cizí a blízcí (Aliens and Friends), which traces the history of Jewish culture in the Czech lands from the second half of the 19th century until the 1930s. They discuss Professor Holý's introductory article in this publication which reveals that many classic Czech authors of the late 19th and early 20th century display features of strong antisemitism in their literary work and that the foundation of the democratic Czechoslovak Republic in 1918 was connected with anti-Jewish riots. The interview was broadcast on the...

  20. Rozhovor Britských listů 111. Proč mají režimy nepotlačitelnou touhu občany pošpinit? [Britské listy interview 111. Why do authoritarian regimes have the unsuppressible desire to drag their citizens through mud?]

    Culik, Jan; Brdeckova, Teresa
    Jan Čulík interviews Czech writer Tereza Brdečková, the author of Czech television miniseries "Bohéma" (Bohemia, 2017), which deals with the relentless political pressure applied by the Nazi and the communist authorities on the cinema celebrities of those eras. Brdečková explains why authoritarian regimes feel the need to force citizens to participate in their crimes and adds that this did not happen only in occupied Czechoslovakia, but also in other Nazi-occupied countries during World War II, such as France.

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