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  1. Cold War Conversations: 17. Eyewitness to Prague Spring

    Sanders, Ian; Čulík, Jan
    In this podcast, created for the website Cold War Conversations, Ian Sanders talks to Jan Culik about his experiences of life in communist Czechoslovakia in the 1960s and 1970s and about what he witnessed as a 15-year-old during the 1968 Prague Spring.

  2. Rozhovor Britských listů 171. Karlovy Vary: Obhajoba lidskosti [Britské listy Interview 171. The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival: A defence of humanity]

    Čulík, Jan; Svecova, Dominika
    In this discussion, broadcast directly from the annual Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, which takes place in the Czech Republic in the first week of July each year, Jan Culik and Czech documentary film maker Dominika Svecova talk about this year's salient festival themes. They highlight the fact that although Europe in general and Central and Eastern Europe in particular seem to be succuming to populist, alt-right views, the films screened at Karlovy Vary passionately defend humanity, liberalism and civilisation. What is also remarkable is how many of this year's films feature strong and intelligent women. The interview was broadcast...

  3. Un congreso en el Campus de Soria analiza la gesta de Numancia y su huella en la cultura hispana

    Perez De Leon, Vicente
    No abstract available.

  4. Rozhovor Britských listů 168. Škodí to všem, když v učebnicích nemáme příslušníky jiných kultur [Britsé listy interview 168. It harms everyone if representatives of other cultures are not featured in our school textbooks]

    Čulík, Jan; McMullan, Kirsten
    Jan Čulík talks to Kirsten McMullan, a Glasgow University graduate and a teacher of English language and literature about her PhD thesis which deals with aspects of nationalism in the Czech school curriculum and Czech school practice. (The interview is conducted in English, with Czech subtitles.) It was broadcast on the Czech cable TV station from 8th June 2018.

  5. Rozhovor Britských listů 167. Stejně jako Češi, každý cizinec je jiný [Britské listy interview 167. Just like the Czechs, every foreigner is different]

    Čulík, Jan; McCulloch-Tomšů, Hana
    Jan Čulík interviews Hana McCulloch-Tomšů, a former Czech language lektor at the University of Glasgow who now teaches Czech language to foreign students at Charles University, Prague about the motivation of students who study Czech language and culture. While working in Scotland, Hana McCulloch-Tomšů has married a Scotsman with whom she now lives in the Czech Republic. What is her experience from an international marriage? What is it like to live between two cultures? The interview was broadcast on the Czech cable TV station from 1st June 2018.

  6. Rozhovor Britských listů 165. Byl jsem v uprchlickém táboře v Kurdistánu [Britské listy Interview 165. I have been to a refugee camp in Kurdistan]

    Čulik, Jan; Vesely, Daniel
    Jan Čulík interviews Daniel Veselý, a foreign affairs analyst working for Czech public service radio and for Britské listy, about his recent stay in Kurdistan in Turkey and in Iraq.

  7. Mantrāṅkam: Excerpts from the Puṟappāṭә (Malayalam and Sanskrit, with English subtitles)

    Gamliel, Ophira; Amin, Edo
    Creating English captions for a dance performance seems like a mere technical detail – but can get complicated when the translated language is a highly formalised gesture language, when the video accompanies an academic project by renowned scholars and translation needs to be scientifically robust, and when the syntax of the dance movement itself has little in common with English syntax. Is it possible to preserve the delight and suspense in the original narration while respecting those limitations? You be the judge – after watching minute 27:00 and on. This video presents the sequence of performative events that constitute the first...

  8. Best Snack Ever (with English subtitles)

    Gamliel, Ophira; Amin, Edo
    Video excerpts from the first day of the Mantrāṅkam, the third act of the drama The Ministers' Vow (pratijñāyaugandharāyaṇam) performed by Kalamandalam Rama Chakyar in Kerala in September, 2013, under the auspices of Tübingen University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. David Shulman (Hebrew University) and Heike Moser (Tuebingen University) collaborated in the documentation and study of Koodiyattam theater since 2009. The 2013-2013 project involving students and artists from Kerala, Germany and Israel, was funded by the German Israeli Fund. Ophira Gamliel (Hebrew University) conducts her research on Kerala culture and Malayalam language since 2003. Camera: Aviv Nave Translation and selection: Ophira Gamliel Animation Art...

  9. Rozhovor Britských listů 164. Ničí sociální sítě demokracii? [Britské listy interview 164. Are the social networks destroying democracy?]

    Čulik, Jan; Pehe, Jiri
    Has the existence of social networks contributed to the fact that politics in many countries of the world has been taken over by populists? And what can be done against this? Jan Čulík talks to Jiří Pehe, the director of the Prague branch of New York University and a well-known international political commentator about these themes.

  10. Rozhovor Britských listů 163. Vládnou nám nekvalitní politikové [Britské listy interview 163. We are being governed by low quality politicians]

    Čulík, Jan; Kartous, Bohumil
    "If we’re very lucky we’ll soon wake up to discover the past two years has been like the series finale of Dallas in which everything that had happened in previous episodes had merely been a bad dream. But until then we have to assume that the political leaders we have are real and treat them as such. Something that is getting harder by the day as they find new ways of redefining mediocrity. Each week the bar seems to get lower and still Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are unable to clear it," wrote John Crace in the Guardian on...

  11. Rozhovor Britských listů 162. Povede ožebračení v důsledku automatizace znovu k pokusům zavést komunismus? [Britské listy Interview 162. Will the impoverishment of society due to AI lead to renewed attempts to introduce communism?]

    Culik, Jan; Kartous, Bohumil
    In a recent lecture in Canada, Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, has warned that cataclysmic economic development caused by the introduction of AI will lead to renewed attempts to introduce communism. Are Central European countries, including the Czech Republic, making any preparations for the fact that according to OECD estimates some 50 per cent of jobs will disappear in these countries over the next few years? Due to all this, the Czech Republic should be heavily investing into innovative educational structures. It is doing no such thing. These issues are discussed by Jan Čulík and Bohumil...

  12. Rozhovor Britských listů 161. Kdy bude mít konečně ČR vládu s mandátem parlamentu? [Britské listy interview 161. When will the Czech Republic finally have a government which has been approved by Parliament?]

    Čulík, Jan; Pehe, Jiri
    It has been impossible, since the Czech general election which took place in October 2017, to create a government which would have been approved by Parliament. Should not the country be still governed by the government of the Social Democratic PM Bohuslav Sobotka, as before the election? At the moment, the Czech Republic has a government of oligarch Andrej Babiš, which is making major decisions, although it has not been approved by Parliament, Jan Čulík is debating this and other issues of contemporary Czech politics with Jiří Pehe, a globally recognised political commentator and head of the Prague branch of New...

  13. Good English [video]

    Sithole, Tawona
    No abstract available.

  14. A Guide to the Traveller [video]

    Sithole, Tawona
    No abstract available.

  15. Rozhovor Britských listů 159. Na Západě je daleko větší konkurence [Britské listy interview 159. There is much stronger competition in the West]

    Culik, Jan; Raska, Francis
    Czechoslovak emigrants who left their country for the West after the 1948 communist takeover mostly failed in their careers there, while Czechoslovak emigrants who left their country for the West after the Soviet invasion of 1968 were mostly spectacularly successful in their careers there, ending up with top university jobs, not only in Europe but also in the US and particularly in Canada. In this TV interview, broadcast by the Czech cable TV from 6th April, 2018, Jan Čulík talks to Francis Raška, a specialist in the history of Czechoslovak emigration to the West in the 20th century, discussing...

  16. Rozhovor Britských listů 158. "Indové mají daleko vyšší IQ než Češi" [Britské listy interview 158. "The IQ of the Indians is much higher than the IQ of the Czechs"]

    Culik, Jan; Jadav, Pria; Svecova, Dominika
    This is of course not true. Nevertheless, the interview reveals a series of interesting views about the Czech Republic held by a young Indian student Pria Jadav who has spent a year living in a Czech family and attending a Czech (Catholic, denominational) secondary school in the Moravian town of Zlín. In this Britské listy interview, Jan Culik interviews Pria Jadav about her views of the Czech Republic and the Czech documentary film maker Dominika Svecová about her views of India. The interview was broadcast by the Czech cable TV station from 30th March 2018.

  17. STV Scotland Tonight (broadcast 28 March 2018)

    Perez De Leon, Vicente
    No abstract available.

  18. STV Scotland Tonight (broadcast 26 March 2018)

    Perez De Leon, Vicente
    No abstract available.

  19. Rozhovor Britských listů 156. Proč lidi milují lživé zprávy? [Britské listy interview 156. Why do people love fake news?]

    Culik, Jan; Maca, Roman
    Jan Čulík talks to Roman Máca, from the Prague based think tank Evropské hodnoty (European Values) about why so many people so avidly follow and disseminate fake news and what to do about it.

  20. Rozhovor Britských listů 152. Čeho dosáhl Donald Trump za první rok svého prezidentství [Britské listy Interview 152. What has Donald Trump achieved during the first year of his presidency?]

    Čulík, Jan; Veselý, Daniel
    Jan Čulík and Britské listy foreign affairs analyst Daniel Veselý discuss the achievements of US President Donald Trump since his inauguration in January 2017. The interview was broadcast by the Czech cable TV station from 16th February 2018.

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