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  1. How to Act Performance, Published Playtext and Documentation

    Eatough, Graham
    How to Act is a practice as research project in the form of a play for two actors written and directed by Graham Eatough and commissioned, developed and produced by National Theatre of Scotland. It was developed as part of Graham’s research into different modes of dramaturgical practice and in response to the following research questions: 1. Is it possible to create a contemporary drama around some of the defining forms and principles of Greek tragedy as identified by Heidegger and Hegel – specifically the idea of suffering into knowledge and the staging of two irreconcilable claims to truth respectively – and...

  2. Watermeets: Kuopio

    Donald, Minty; Millar, Nick
    Watermeets: Kuopio was the third in a series of ‘watermeets’ performances, devised by Minty Donald and Nick Millar in partnership with water management company, Kuopion Vesi, and commissioned for ANTI Festival of Contemporary Art, Kuopio, Finland, September 2017. Audience members attending Watermeets: Kuopio were asked to bring with them to the performance a sample of water from their everyday lives in a bottle provided for the purpose. The performances entailed meetings between humans, water and other nonhuman stuff in the Market Square of Kuopio, followed by a bus journey to either the local fresh water or waste water treatment plants,...

  3. Watermeets: Hamburg

    Donald, Minty; Millar, Nick
    Watermeets: Hamburg was a city-wide participatory performance and the second in a series of ‘watermeets’ works. It was devised by Minty Donald and Nick Millar, and made with the waterways of Hamburg, Germany; audiences and delegates attending Theatre der Welt festival and the Performance Studies international conference at Kampnagel Theatre, Hamburg; and human and other-than-human inhabitants of Hamburg. At points where waters meet throughout the city, many where tributaries join Hamburg’s major waterways, the Elbe and Alster Rivers, Donald and Millar borrowed samples of water and performed playful rituals of meeting and greeting: between and with the bodies of water,...

  4. Gedgem- Kuchurikuku – Resilience – the Production

    Tordzro, Gameli; Phipps, Alison; Sithole, Tawona

  5. Broken World, Broken Word - the Production

    Sithole, Tawona; Tordzro, Gameli; Phipps, Alison

  6. Among Others: 200 Years of Jewish Lives in Edinburgh

    Alexander, Philip; Galford, Ellen
    A newly-created programme of words and music exploring the history and ongoing life of Edinburgh’s 200 year old Jewish community. Featuring music by composer Phil Alexander, writing by Ellen Galford and additional oral histories.

  7. Ps[c]yched, for string quartet, bikes and electronics

    Fells, Nicolas
    This is a performance of the composition Ps[c]yched that took place at the Cheltenham Music Festival, 2016, by the Coull Quartet, produced by Third Ear Music. There was an accompanying public workshop on extracting and processing sound electronically from bicycles.

  8. Glasgow Glam Rock Dialogues: 5-1967

    Archibald, David; Lavery, Carl

    The Glasgow Glam Rock Dialogues is a collaboration between David Archibald and Carl Lavery from the School of Culture and Creative Arts at the University of Glasgow. It is an attempt to “perform thinking” in front of a live audience, and mixes Brechtian techniques with a glam rock aesthetic. During the performances, our middle-aged glam rockers channel the spirits of Marc Bolan and Suzi Quatro, Karl Marx and Peter Kropotkin, to approach pressing issues facing the world today. In the Glasgow Glam Rock Dialogues, the aim is not to teach but to provoke debate, whilst sporting spandex trousers and feather...

  9. Lanark: A Life in Three Acts

    Eatough, Graham; Greig, David
    Lanark: A Life in Three Acts was a series of performances directed by Graham Eatough for the Citizens Theatre Glasgow and the Edinburgh International Festival in 2014. The production adapted Alasdair Gray's iconic Scottish novel in a major new work for the stage. Graham collaborated with writer David Greig, composer Nick Powell, designer Laura Hopkins, video designer Simon Wainwright and lighting designer Nigel Edwards. The project forms part of Graham's ongoing practice as research into collaborative dramaturgies and dramaturgical approaches to adaptation as a part of the Theatre Studies dramaturgy research hub.

  10. Eòlas nan Ribheid

    Sweeney, William
    The title, "Eòlas nan Ribheid" could be translated as "The Wisdom of the Reeds", and might be thought of as a dream in which one of the great piobaireachd players meets Johnny Hodges in some ante-room of the after-life and they trade phrases interwoven with their memories; but the dreamer has also supplied items from his own back-catalogue of phrases from Weber, Brahms and from his own imagination.

  11. Watermeets: Dumfries and Galloway

    Donald, Minty; Millar, Nick
    A public performance and installation at the Environmental Arts Festival, Nithsdale, Dumfries and Galloway, August 2015, made as a collaboration between Minty Donald and Nick Millar. Watermeets: Dumfries and Galloway was a series of actions at/with river confluences that engaged with the human and other-than-human values of sites where waters meet. Watermeets: Dumfries and Galloway explored the practical, historical and symbolic significance of river confluences as drinking, gathering and fording places, as sites of ritual and loci for events of political significance. In Watermeets: Dumfries and Galloway, ‘meeting’ was taken as a more-than-human activity. Human and other-than-human behaviours and conventions...

  12. Guddling About: Experiments in Vital Materialism with Particular Regard to Water

    Donald, M.; Millar, N.
    A series of performances and actions exploring human-water interrelations in Alberta, Canada, around the Bow River and its catchment area. The project was undertaken during a residency in Calgary with the City’s Public Art and Utilities and Environmental Protection Departments, in April and August-September 2013. See The Guddling About project in Alberta culminated in a public event at Glenmore Dam and Water Treatment Plant on 28 September 2013. Since 2013, Guddling About has evolved as an ongoing practice-based research project which has been re-configured to explore the specific human-water relations in Glasgow, Scotland; Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland; Madrid,...

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