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  1. An advanced E-learning concept: Mindmap

    SCHREURS, Jeanne; MOREAU, Rachel

  2. Learning styles in an e-mindmap

    SCHREURS, Jeanne; MOREAU, Rachel

  3. Estimating feed utilization matrices using a cost function approach

    In this paper a multiple-output cost function framework is proposed to construct national feed balances or feed utilisation matrices (FUMs). The framework is applied to the Belgian compound feed industry. For estimation purposes a Symmetric Generalised McFadden (SGM) cost function is selected. The cost function is estimated using readily available time-series data for the period 1962-88. Unlike previous studies based on duality theory, this study exploits the properties of nonjointness in animal feed production to establish a complete FUM. The allocation of feed ingredients among different livestock categories as well as the composition of various compound feeds are identified. Also...

  4. Farm cost allocation based on the maximum entropy methodology: the case of Saskatchewan crop farms

    PEETERS, Ludo; Surry, Y.
    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has an ongoing research program to provide information on the effect of potential agriculture policy and technology scenarios on the environment and economic conditions, behavior and performance in the agriculture sector. Included in this work program is a project to improve our farm level data on cost of production and farm management practices for economic and environmental analysis. As part of this effort to improve our data, this report evaluates an analytical method, called Maximum Entropy (ME), for its effectiveness in extracting detailed, enterprise level, cost of production information from whole-farm data. The ME method...

  5. Een diepteanalyse van fiets- en voetgangerongevallen in Antwerpen

    VAN HOUT, Kurt

  6. Travel Time Evaluation of a U-Turn Facility Comparison with a Conventional Signalized Intersection

    Drivers on high-volume arterials with signalized intersections often face congestion during peak hours. This congestion, primarily through movement, decreases the traffic performance of the intersection. The primary delay at conventional intersections is caused by interactions between high left-turn movements and the opposing through maneuvers. Unconventional intersection designs have been proposed to decrease intersection delay and travel time, for example, by redirecting left turns from the minor approach away from the main intersection and replacing them with a right turn followed by U-turn. The U-turn intersection investigated in this study is geometrically designed with a raised island, which provides a protected...

  7. Simulation and optimisation of intermodal barge transport networks

    CARIS, An
    This is a summary of the author's PhD thesis supervised by Gerrit Janssens and Cathy Macharis and defended on 7 May 2010 at the Hasselt University, Belgium. The thesis is written in English and is available from the author upon request. This work deals with two key aspects in the competitiveness of intermodal transport making use of inland navigation. The first part of the thesis studies bundling of freight in intermodal barge transport networks. Alternative bundling strategies for container barge transport are compared by means of discrete event simulation. Cooperation between inland barge terminals to bundle freight flows is modelled...

  8. Variations in road accident counts: an explanatory time-series model

    VAN DEN BOSSCHE, Filip; BRIJS, Tom; WETS, Geert
    Monthly traffic accident counts show a yearly recurring pattern. The number of accidents for some months always seems to be higher or lower than average. We investigate a range of factors that can explain this variation in monthly accident counts. Apart from legal, economic and climatologic factors, monthly accident statistics are subject to calendar effects and seasonal variation. The number of accidents may vary with the number of days per month or with the number of times each day of the week occurs. Accident counts are also affected by seasonal variation. Factors like weather and holidays vary strongly with the...

  9. The interaction between forecasting methods and inventory management policies for intermittent demand

    RAMAEKERS, Katrien
    Inventory systems have to cope with uncertainty in demand. The inventory control literature mostly makes use of the Normal or Gamma distributions for describing the demand in the leadtime. The Poisson distribution has been found to provide a reasonable fit when demand is very low (only a few pieces per year). Less attention has been paid to irregular demand. This type ofdemand is characterised by a high level of variability, but may be also of the intermittent type, i.e. demand peaks follow several periods of zero or low demands. In such a situation forecasting demand is considered difficult. This research investigates...

  10. Evaluation of solution generating methods for various types of pickup and delivery problems

    CARIS, An; JANSSENS, Gerrit
    The Pickup and Delivery Problem (PDP) is an extension to the classical Vehicle RoutingProblem (VRP) where customers may both receive and send goods. A fleet of vehicles is required to pickup and deliver goods at customer locations. A wide variety of commercial service companies can be modelled as a PDP. PDP appears in literature in various forms: delivery-first, pickup-second PDP, mixed pickups and deliveries and simultaneous pickups and deliveries. In the first model a vehicle can pick up goods only after its complete load has been delivered. The second model allows pickups anddeliveries in any sequence on a vehicle route. In...

  11. On the use of bounds on stop-loss premium for an inventory management decision problem

    RAMAEKERS, Katrien; JANSSENS, Gerrit
    A specific integral, which is used in insurance mathematics for the determination of a stop-loss premium, corresponds to the definition of a performance characteristic of an inventory management decision problem. It is investigated whether the operational management problem might benefit from specific results obtained in the actuarial world. In the case little information is available on the demand distribution during the lead-time, which is relevant in inventory decision-making, interesting results might be used from the actuarial problem where limited information (e.g., only a few moments of the claim size distribution) is known. With a limited transformation of the actuarial results,...

  12. Application of Online Regression Tree Induction to Forecast Traffic Flows

    VANHULSEL, Marlies; JANSSENS, Davy; VANHOOF, Koen; WETS, Geert
    Modelling efforts aiming at predicting traffic flows accurately should be capable of handling a continuous stream of data while being able to account for structural changes. To this end, the current research proposes three regression tree induction algorithms, including a batch, incremental and hybrid batch/incremental technique. These algorithms are discussed, implemented and evaluated based on their predictive power and coputational requirements. The incremental and batch/incremental algorithms prove to be particularly suited as on-line learning approaches, whereas the batch algorithm needs to be adapted in order to handle a continuous stream of data. The outcomes of the batch/incremental and batch algorithms...

  13. Validatie van een gebiedsgericht vervoermiddelkeuzemodel


  14. Regelmaat in verplaatsingen


  15. Exploring the use of a fuzzy clustering approach within the context of "feathers"

    JANSSENS, Davy; WETS, Geert

  16. Users evaluation of transport mode characteritics with special attention to public transport

    This paper focuses on the influence of public transport use on the evaluation of transport mode characteristics. Based on stated choice data, several multinomial logit models that include parameters representing differences between users and non-users of public transport are estimated. The estimation results show that differences in evaluation between the two user-groups primarily concern travel time and travel cost attributes.

  17. Potential effects of public transport measures


  18. Travelers information requirements regarding public transport


  19. Marketing measures in the context of public transport

    This paper aims to provide some insights into the acceptability of marketing measures in public transport, in a stated choice experiment respondents were asked to evaluate three different measures: fare adjustment, seat guarantee, and extra service. All marketing measures were specified in combination with a certain time period and number of bus lines. More than 560 respondents living in the region of North-Holland participated in the experiment. The choices were analyzed using binary logit models. The results indicate that respondents are not very sensitive to differences in time period, number of bus lines, and the distinguished levels of the marketing...

  20. Regelmaat in verplaatsingen


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