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  1. Diversity in the lean automobile factory: Re-doing class along socio-demographic identities

    ZANONI, Patrizia
    The study investigates how diversity is discursively constructed in an automobile factory as 1) the inability of specific socio-demographically ‘different’ groups of workers to function within the lean production system and 2) individual workers’ resistant strategy to contain exploitation drawing on alleged inability. In both constructions, workers’ difference is systematically associated with lower surplus value. These discursive constructions are, on the one hand, firmly anchored in the material and discursive productive structure of the factory. On the other, they are deployed to legitimize the elimination of 1) phases of the production process that can be carried out by ‘different’ workers...

  2. Predictors of effectiveness of a tailored behaviour change programme with multiple delivery modes

    Background. The aim of the present study was to determine the predictors of surfing depth and changes in weekly physical activity and daily fat intake after 6 months. Methods. 208 highly educated adults received access to a website (with tailored feedback) and individual coaching. Website logs and linear regression analyses were used. Results. Positive changes were found for physical activity and fat intake. Surfing depth (visiting deeper laying pages of the website) was predicted by individual coaching and not being in line with the norm for sports (p<.001;p<.05). An increase of physical activity and a decrease of fat intake were...

  3. Evaluatie van ACT in de praktijk: geschikte procesmaten

    JACOBS, Nele; Beckers, Jaak; RAES, Filip
    De zogenaamde derde generatie gedragstherapieën zijn aan een stevige opmars bezig; zowel binnen de gedragstherapie in het bijzonder, als binnen de psychotherapie in het algemeen. Waar in de cognitieve gedragstherapie de focus lag op(het wijzigen van) de inhoud van cognities, wordt in de derde generatie gedragstherapieën de nadruk gelegd op de functie, de vorm en het statuut van belevingen. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) tracht de verhouding die mensen aannemen ten opzichte van hun eigen belevingen te veranderen en ervoor te zorgen dat mensen er niet meer mee samenvallen. Gedachten en gevoelens krijgen een ander statuut, niet meer dat van...

  4. Transnational activities and social-cultural integration of Turkish and Moroccan descendants in Flemish Belgium

    VANCLUYSEN, Kris; VAN CRAEN, Maarten; ACKAERT, Johan
    The two key questions that this paper seeks to address are: (1) To what extent are Moroccan and Turkish immigrants (and their descendants) living in Belgium involved in transnational activities? (2) What is the impact of transnational involvement on the social-cultural integration of people of Moroccan and Turkish descent into the country of settlement? To answer these research questions we carried out quantitative analyses on data gathered in three cities in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium: Antwerp, Genk and Ghent (618 standardized face-to-face interviews). Results show that in both communities transnational activities are common practices. Those of Turkish descent have...

  5. Beyond national identities: the discontinuous sense of identity in immigrant communities

    VAN CRAEN, Maarten; VANCLUYSEN, Kris
    In the past, the focus of migration and integration research on ethnic identity implied looking at national identity (a feeling of connection to a nation state) or at identification with the people of a nation state. The regional, provincial and local identities of members of immigrant communities were ignored, even though they too are based on territorial and/or social-cultural characteristics. Furthermore, these identities also shape the self-images of members of immigrant communities, and their process of integration. In this paper we will answer three research questions: (1) how strongly do members of Turkish and Moroccan communities in Flanders have a...

  6. Babel's AAQ-II: Do different languages result in different outcomes in Europe?

    Monestes, Jean-Louis; JACOBS, Nele; KLEEN, Marco; DE GROOT, Francis; A-tjak, Jacqueline; KAREKLA, Maria; BOND, Frank; Miselli, Giovanni; VILLATTE, Matthieu

  7. Humour that divides, Humour that unites, American Sitcoms, a Case in Point

    As globalisation has promoted cross-access to different media, local networks are flooded with programmes from all over the world. Particularly the United States are playing an important role in distributing their local products worldwide. As a result, American series are becoming increasingly popular. Starting out from the popular American sitcom Sex and the City, this paper aims to analyse the kind(s) of humour that makes the series so popular with a large, international audience. Between 1998 and 2004, SATC was a blockbuster TV series that chained large audiences (mainly women, but also men) to American, Asian, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian...

  8. Crossing Linguistic Borders: Belgium and the Netherlands, a Case in Point


  9. Het werk-priv?? en priv??-werk conflict


  10. Boekbespreking Crime Online


  11. Een onderzoek naar de fietsenstallingen in Leuven

    In dit onderzoek wordt nagegaan in welke mate de gebruikers van de Leuvense fietsenstallingen slachtoffer en/of dader zijn van fietsdiefstal. Verder wordt onderzocht hoe deze gebruikers hun fiets beveiligen tegen diefstal en in welke mate ze tevreden zijn over de Leuvense fietsenstallingen.

  12. Antecendents and effects of political participation: A behavioral epidemiological review

    von Lengerke, Thomas; VINCK, Jan
    Political participation and participation in formal social activities more generally are key links between micro and macro levels of social systems. Simultaneously, they have received mixed appraisals as to their health promoting effects and capacities, in particular regarding individual health. This paper reviews studies both on the antecedents and health effects of participation. Regarding the former, policy-related (e.g., social climate) and individual-level (educational resources, social responsibility) variables predict political participation. Regarding effects on health, in line with social psychological theories both from sociology and psychology, strong control beliefs are central preconditions for participation to be promotive of individual health.

  13. Efforts to modify health-related behaviors have been dominated by health education perspectives

    VINCK, Jan; Von Lengarke, Thomas
    Efforts to modify health-related behaviors have been dominated by health education perspectives. Recently, more ecological views have evolved stating that health-related behavior is also regulated by habitual processes and, especially in terms of behavioral prevalences, environments (meta-/macro-contingencies). Obegosenic environments are a well-known case in point, Thus, while it is evident that health psychologists (nor the populations concerned) do not have direct control over environmental variables, they have to organize collaboration with economic, political and media actors who impact environments. This is a role health psychologists are neither trained nor prepared for, and will have to learn to take up professionally.

  14. Building high quality relationships during organizational change: Transcending differences in a generative learning process.


  15. Integration, social cohesion and social capital: complex links and relations

    VAN CRAEN, Maarten; VANCLUYSEN, Kris; ACKAERT, Johan
    In the public debate about integration in Belgium, and in Europe more widely, it is often said that indigenous and immigrant communities do not know one another, and that immigrant communities withdraw into a self-made ghetto. Lack of contact between those of indigenous and of immigrant descent is said to pose dangers to social cohesion and strong relations within immigrant communities are said to hinder immigration. There are hardly any figures either to support or to disprove such assertations and assumptions, as there has been relatively little social research on this issue. Nor has much attention been given to differences...

  16. Het nieuwe cannabisbeleid in Belgi??: een verwarrend debat, een verward publiek.

    Gelders, David; VAN MIERLO, Jan

  17. Collaborative Learning: On-line Evaluating the Quality of Group Functioning

    Buelens, Herman; VAN MIERLO, Jan; Van den Bulck, Jan; Elen, Jan; Van Avermaet, Eddy

  18. Television and the perceptions and attitudes about medicine and health

    The research questions of the study are: ???How much are medicine and health represented on television???? and ???What is the impact of these images on perception of the viewers????. More specifically this research studies the frequency and types of television programmes in which the images concerning medical roles illness and death are shown by using a quantitative content analysis. Using the results of this content analysis several cultivation variables are constructed based on images that are shown disproportionally on television. These cultivation variables are used in a longitudinal panelstudy on 2500 Flemish adolescents in order to investigate the impact of...

  19. The impact of hearth failure on health care costs in Belgium

    CLAES, Neree; JACOBS, Nele; VIJGEN, Johan
    Heart failure (HF) is a serious public health problem all over the world. This chronic disease has a high prevalence, affects mainly the elderly and causes high mortality or severe disability with high economic costs. The aim of this study was to calculate the in-hospital costs due to HF in Belgium. Methods: Retrospective analysis of data from the national hospital registration system (MKG) for 2001. Cost calculations were performed using the data of the social insurance system (RIZIV). Results: In 2001, there were 19.398 admissions with HF as a primary diagnosis with a total in-hospital stay of 286.938 days, representing...

  20. Test-retest reliability of the social support questionnaire for transactions and satisfaction in multiple sclerosis

    VAN HOOF, Elke; Charliet, C.; BROEKMANS, Tom; ALDERS, Geert; MEESEN, Raf; Roelandts, M.; FEYS, Peter; OP 'T EIJNDE, Bert
    Background: Recently, a new instrument was developed to measure soical support. It consists of two parts; the Social Support Questionnaire for Transactions (SSQT) and the Social Support Questionnaire for Satisfaction with the supportive transactions (SSQS). There are, on the one hand, actual supportive transactions and, on the other hand, the perception of being supported or the satisfaction with the social support provided. Goals of study: To examine the test retest reliability and convergent validity of the SSQT and SSQS in MS. Methods: 75 patients were included in a larger multilevel and longitudinal study examining quality of life issues in MS....

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