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  1. Risk perception, attitudes towards risk and risk management: evidence and implications

    Wauters, Erwin; van Winsen, Frankwin; DE MEY, Yann; Lauwers, Ludwig
    The comprehensive risk analysis of a business such as farming entails questions on what is at stake, how important is the risk concern and how to deal with it. We performed a sequential mixed method, with the in-depth interviews in the first stage (n = 35), followed by a survey on the Flemish FADN (n = 614) in the second, to investigate the farmers' risk perception, the attitudes towards risk and the perceived usefulness of the risk management strategies. We find that, rather than the short-term volatility in prices, the longer term co-evolution of expenses versus receipts is of a...

  2. Innovation, competition and firm performance: An econometric analysis on the Dutch pharmaceutical sector

    Sanyal, Shreosi
    This study mainly deals with the contemporaneous relation between innovation, competition and firm performance, conditioned by various firm-level determinants, for the Dutch pharmaceutical industry. Our analysis encompasses R&D investment and patents as the essential indicators of innovation; and investigates on their plausible linkage with competition, firm size, firm age, capital intensity and other variables, that eventually affect the productivity and growth in this knowledgeintensive industry. In addition to a comprehensive theoretical exploration, a number of empirical investigations are performed on a firm-level panel database for the Netherlands’ pharmaceuticals. In this PhD dissertation, chapter 1 deals with the theoretical overview and...

  3. Potential of life cycle assessment to support environmental decision making at commercial dairy farms

    Meul, Marijke; Van Middelaar, Corina E.; de Boer, Imke J. M.; VAN PASSEL, Steven; Fremaut, Dirk; Haesaert, Geert
    In this paper, we evaluate the potential of life cycle assessment (LCA) to support environmental decision making at commercial dairy farms. To achieve this, we follow a four-step method that allows converting environmental assessment results using LCA into case-specific advice for farmers. This is illustrated in a case-study involving 20 specialized Flemish dairy farms. Calculated LCA indicators are normalized into scores between 0 and 100, whereby a score of 100 is assumed optimal, to allow for a mutual comparison of indicators for different environmental impact categories. Next, major farm and management characteristics affecting environmental performance are identified using multiple regression...

  4. Biomass: hot or not? Extended techno-economic assessment of Energy Conversion Parks

    VAN DAEL, Miet
    Biomass is one of the most versatile sources of renewable energy and essential in attaining the 20-20-20 targets imposed by Europe. Biomass allows producing biofuels, electricity and heat. Besides, one can produce high value products from biomass, such as chemicals. However, for these purposes it is important to use biomass residue streams which are nowadays not or inefficiently used. As such, it is possible to avoid competition with food or feed. Next to the advantages such as versatility, biomass also has some disadvantages: it is often geographically dispersed, waste streams have a high moisture content, low energy density, and biomass...

  5. Techno-economic Assessment Methodology for Ultrasonic Production of Biofuels

    VAN DAEL, Miet; KUPPENS, Tom; LIZIN, Sebastien; VAN PASSEL, Steven
    Many market introductions fail due to economic reasons and not because of process performance. A techno-economic assessment (TEA) tool can help in making good choices during process development and raise the success rate of market introduction. In this chapter, the advantages of performing a TEA in early development stage of an innovative technology are highlighted. Seeing the current state of ultrasound technology, a TEA can help to steer further research into the most interesting pathway. The chapter, therefore, elaborates on the methodology that can be used to perform such a TEA and on the specific components which should be taken...

  6. Sluiten van CO2-kringlopen in de provincie Antwerpen: Een eerste techno-economische verkenning

    KUPPENS, Tom; Van Walsem, Jeroen; Hauchecorne, Birger; Lenaerts, Silvia; VAN PASSEL, Steven
    POM Antwerpen; Interreg

  7. Valorisatie van varkensmest door pyrolyse - Cleantech business case in Limburg

    i-Cleantech Vlaanderen

  8. Reforming Land-Tenure Systems in South Africa: Routes to Socio-Economic and Agricultural Sustainability

    Hoeks, Celine; AZADI, Hossein; Khachak, Parisa Rafiaani; Troyo-Dieguez, Enrique; VAN PASSEL, Steven; WITLOX, Frank
    Given the historical development of land tenure in South Africa, the aim of this article is to examine the best routes to alleviate poverty and retain sustainable agriculture in the country. First, a theoretical framework is presented that relates land tenure to sustainability, and three historical periods (pre-colonial, colonial, and apartheid) are then considered to explain the changes in land tenure and their consequences. The progress and main limitations of post-apartheid land reform to approach agricultural sustainability and alleviate poverty are discussed. Based on the analysis, different possibilities for future land reform are elaborated, followed by some recommendations for future...

  9. Valuing the external effects of soil contamination: An empirical analysis of a polluted area in Belgium

    SCHREURS, Eloi

  10. The option to abandon: Stimulating innovative groundwater remediation technologies characterized by technological uncertainty

    COMPERNOLLE, Tine; VAN PASSEL, Steven; Huisman, K.; Kort, P.
    Many studies on technology adoption demonstrate that uncertainty leads to a postponement of investments by integrating a wait option in the economic analysis. The aim of this study however is to demonstrate how the investment in new technologies can be stimulated by integrating an option to abandon. Furthermore, this real option analysis not only considers the ex ante decision analysis of the investment in a new technology under uncertainty, but also allows for an ex post evaluation of the investment. Based on a case study regarding the adoption of an innovative groundwater remediation strategy, it is demonstrated that when the...

  11. Geological uncertainty and investment risk in CO2-enhanced oil recovery

    Welkenhuysen, Kris; COMPERNOLLE, Tine; Piessens, Kris; Ramirez, A.; Rupert, J.; Swennen, R.
    CO2-enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR) has the potential to combine the environmental benefits of greenhouse gas emission reduction and the optimal use of natural resources. In economic simulations, CO2-EOR is generally approached in a classical way, with fixed parameters and limited flexibility. We propose a more realistic approach that combines realistic investment decision making with geological and techno-economic uncertainties. A cluster of seven active oil fields in the North Sea is simulated using a newly developed software tool, allowing to assess when EOR technology replaces primary production. CO2 can be delivered from different onshore locations via ship or pipeline. The introduction of...

  12. Developing a practical decision support tool (DST) for the application of gentle remediation options

    Cundy, A.; Onwubuya, K.; Bardos, P.; Puschenreiter, M.; Witters, Nele; Vangronsveld, Jaco; Mench, M.; Mueller, I.

  13. Developing a practical decision support tool (DST) for the application of phytotechnologies

    Cundy, A.; Onwubuya, K.; Bardos, P.; Puschenreiter, M.; Witters, Nele; Vangronsveld, Jaco; Mench, M.; Mueller, I.

  14. European and national legislation with regards to the different steps in a phytoremediation approach for metal-contaminated land

    Hoppenbrouwers, Marianne; Witters, Nele; Vangronsveld, Jaco; Mench, M.; Bert, V.; Gaucher, R.; Vanheusden, Bernard

  15. The consequences of biodiversity losses on population dynamics in agro-ecosystems: a case study of stochastic ecological modeling in low strain pear production in Belgium

    DANIELS, Silvie; Beli??n, T.; Witters, Nele; Vangronsveld, Jaco; Van Passel, Steven

  16. Towards a novel approach for the management of ecosystem services

    Witters, Nele

  17. Sustainable cases in phytoremediation: organic and inorganic contamination

    Witters, Nele; Weyens, Nele; Van Slycken, S.; Janssen, J.O.; Vangronsveld, Jaco

  18. The Gentle Touch: supporting practical plant-based remediation solutions for contaminated sites

    Cundy, A.; Bardos, P.; Witters, Nele; Janssen, J.O.; Vangronsveld, Jaco

  19. Farm household risk balancing: empirical evidence from Switzerland

    de Mey, Yann; Wauters, E.; Smid, D.; Lips, M.; Vancauteren, M.; Van Passel, S.
    This paper presents empirical evidence on household risk balancing behavior, i.e. farm households making strategic off-farm decisions in response to changes in expected business risk. Using Swiss FADN data, we estimate a fixed effects seemingly unrelated regression model to analyse how farm households jointly alter their levels of debt, off-farm income and consumption. The evidence suggests that farm households not only make strategic changes in debt levels (original risk balancing), but also strategic off-farm decisions (household risk balancing). Our results demonstrate that part of the behavioral risk response of farm households is ignored when focusing solely on farm-level analyses.

  20. R&D and its determinants: A study of the pharmaceutical firms in the Netherlands

    Sanyal, Shreosi; Vancauteren, Mark

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